5 easy ways to improve your written English

Master your English spelling

Many people have problems in written English and this often seems to be a real challenge. Do not drive yourself crazy. With these steps you can improve your written English.

1. Expand your vocabulary

Of course you need a good active vocabulary to be able to express yourself. It’s not enough to know a lot of words – you also have to use them correctly. Do this by thinking of an example sentence for each vocabulary word and learning it along with it.

Tip: When you learn a new word, try to learn all the forms of that word and also often used prepositions related to that word. For example, instead of memorizing “depend”, make a note: “to depend on, to be dependent on, a dependant”.

2. Master the English spelling

Spelling mistakes can change the meaning of a whole sentence. For example: “bare” and “bear” sound the same, but “bare” means naked and “bear” is a large hairy animal. In addition, you make it difficult for your recipient or reader if they can’t decipher your text right away.

Tip: Practice English spelling with flashcards and test yourself in your free time.

2. Read regularly

It is often said that we can learn to write particularly well by reading. But reading regularly offers even more benefits. You’ll gain insight into different writing styles and also learn how to use certain words correctly.

Tip: Choose books on subjects you are interested in. Learning should never bore you. Read each text several times to understand expressions or unknown words.

4. Improve your grammar

Grammar is an important part of your writing, as it is the only way to improve the quality of your texts. Always use the correct tense and punctuation marks. These are important to structure your texts and make them flow smoothly.

Tip: Always reread your texts. The first time you should look for common mistakes. The second time pay special attention to grammar.

5. Just go for it

Writing takes a lot of time. But the best method is still to take a pen in your hand and just start writing. Don’t mind if it takes you several tries to get there. Even professional writers make drafts first. Practice makes perfect. So let’s go!

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