The 10 best types of adventure travel in 2022

Editor's note: This article is part of our Meaningful Travel Forecast series and official travel report for 2022.☆ Adventure is waiting just around the corner in 2022.Very well, we still have a few months to go. but now is the ideal time to start looking for the best adventure travel in the world and narrow down your choices.

10 Best Types of Adventure Travel Tours in 2022

Fortunately, we've settled on the top ten types of adventure travel tours.If you already know what kind of adventure appeals to you, scroll down to find our best recommendations for adventure travel.If you are an eclectic soul, you like to dream about all the options we offer you and follow your intuition about which one is best for your trip this year.Grab your compass and let's explore the best types of adventure travel in 2022 that our community of adventurers, travelers, program leaders and international educators has to offer!

The best adventure tours in the world in 2022

OverseasStudy CCO Nikki Powers predicts, “People are looking for unique experiences that are sustainable – ecotours and other immersive trips like yoga allow people to find a balance between adventure and spirituality. With all the craziness in the news and in the real world, low-key trips like backpacking and trips with a peaceful or meditative element like scuba diving will grow.”


Either the thought of backpacking on the other side of the world intimidates you, or it inspires your soul like there's no tomorrow!Travel doesn't get much rougher than backpacking.Living simply with what you can carry on your back is a humbling and exotic experience that allows you to live in the present moment.The best part about the minimalist lifestyle of backpacking is that you have the freedom to hike the beautiful coastlines of Thailand or wander the narrow streets of Rome.The only thing you have to worry about is which street vendor you'll get something to eat from and where your next destination is located.Cathryn Fortuna is confident that backpacking will lead the way for adventure travelers: “It's an accessible and more affordable type of adventure travel that will become increasingly popular.”

One of the best things about traveling are the memories and special moments that you carry with you forever.With a photography adventure trip, you can capture these experiences and share them with others forever.If you simply enjoy photography, a tour operator will help you hone your skills by providing mentors and resources.If you're an aspiring travel blogger, joining a photography program is probably one of the best things you can do to develop your portfolio, hone your skills, and grow your audience.Photography adventure programs are specifically designed to give you the best opportunities to take outstanding photos or incredible videos.

A yoga travel program gives you the opportunity to combine outer and inner explorations.Yoga can be a transformative practice in its own right.Combine this with a trip around the world, and you're ready for a total metamorphosis of body, mind and spirit.Learning something abroad can push the boundaries of what you thought you knew.Doing yoga with a new teacher gives you a new perspective on a new way to learn more about yourself and the world.There's something to be said for adventures for the soul, for the mind, for overall well-being.The year 2022 is all about slow travel, and if you're anything like us, yoga adventures abroad are high on our to-do list!-Rebekah Glebe on 5 best places for yoga retreats abroad

Did you ever have a little jelly from Eliza Thornberry when you were a kid?You love to see Planet Earth and want to be out therein the wilderness?A safari program is probably right up your alley!Being in the wilderness can be a humbling experience – you are exposed to all the natural elements and natural predators that you don't normally encounter in the modern world.Of course, this can be a dangerous trip if you do it alone.But!There is one piece of good news!On a safari adventure trip, you will be guided by experienced and knowledgeable people who know the terrain you will be on.Without an adventure travel company, there is no other way to get so close to THESE wild animals and still be sure to come home safely.Literally.

Sometimes staying in one place is even the best kind of adventure travel.With a homestay, you don't stay in a hostel or hotel, but in the home of a local in the place you are traveling through or to.Host families are great in many ways.They allow us to better understand the culture of an area because we are able tolive in that place like a native.Host families offer better opportunities to learn a new language (depending on how long you stay) or brush up on an emerging second language that's still developing.Host families can also give the travelers a moment to relax.Not all travel consists of sitting on a bus all day or spending less than a day in a new place.

Just because you couldn't go to summer camp as a kid doesn't mean you can't now!Summer and summer camp are made for each other, like peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and chocolate. hmmm.Summer activities include just about anything you can imagine: Water skiing, knitting, improv and playing the banjo.Participating in camps is a great way to get out of yourself or learn that you actually like staying in a camp.Even if you didn't attend summer camp as a child, there are still ways to get involved.This time as a real camp counselor.

Plain and simple: walk the world. There are mountains of hiking trips you can sign up for. Hiking trips are ideal for outdoor lovers, animal lovers and people who can handle a fair amount of exercise most days. As diverse as ecosystems are, so are hiking adventure programs. You may find yourself on a hiking trail along the Himalayas or on a trek that winds around cliffs and leads to the Mediterranean Sea. When you're ready, the trail is waiting for you.Conquer the world on land, in the air AND on the water.Spend one day hiking, the next biking, then hop in a kayak and paddle to your heart's content.In 2022, no adventure is too big or too small for you – Erin Oppenheim, Meaningful Traveler& Intercultural Comms Graduate Student

When most think of a “round the world trip think of, then you're bound to think of a trip across theLand. But how much land is on the surface of the earth??29%!!This leaves 71% of the Earth's travel potential in the oceans.Few people ever leave the shore, but you can seize the day and make your way to a distant shore.Spending extended time at sea can be a life-changing adventure around the world for many people.Not only do you learn everything you need to sail a boat, but you can travel to places most people have never seen before.

Another place most people never get to see is the phenomenal world that lives just below the surface.Seriously, if you've never dived before, it's like seeing an underwater city.This is a whole new kind of adventure.Coral reefs rise to the surface the way buildings rise to the sky.The fish swim in all directions and depths like in a futuristic science fiction movie.It can be a comforting feeling to be underwater, embraced by the ocean in all directions with the safety of SCUBA equipment.Earn PADI certification on your SCUBA expedition, which will prepare you for another scuba adventure trip around the world on your own.If you're interested in marine conservation or oceanography, you can get hands-on experience in the field through a SCUBA adventure program.

10. Skiing& Snowboarding

One of the most common but underutilized types of adventure travel is spending much of your time skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.What a wonderful way to spend time in the sun while shredding or hiking down a mountain with nothing but miles of snow-capped peaks around you.Not only can you enjoy every day on the slopes, but you can train to be a ski instructor – e.g.GET PAID TO PLAY.Sounds good?Yes, it definitely is.

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Here are a handful of resources to get you started on your own personal journey abroad. 2022 could be YOUR year to find an adventure travel program – and we can help you make it happen!Get free program recommendations that match your destinations, or use MyOverseasStudy to bookmark and reliably compare program options.

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