To- & Onward travel Hobart: The guide to easy organization

On the subject of arrival & departure onward travel to Hobart, it must be clarified in advance whether you are arriving or departing from the mainland or from Tasmania itself. With the airplane a direct arrival or departure is possible from the mainland as well as from the Australian island state. If you want to bring your own car to Tasmania or avoid the plane, you also have the option to take the ferry from Melbourne to Devonport and vice versa. From Devonport it is about 280 kilometers by car to the capital of the island. Furthermore, within Tasmania, the arrival& Continue your journey to/from Hobart by train and bus.

General Information


Hobart Airport is located about 20 kilometers east of the city center in the Cambridge district. It has an international terminal, but is mainly used for regional, national, scenic and charter flights. Skytraders provides the only regular international flights to Casey Station in Antarctica. Various Australian airlines connect Hobart for example with Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, King Island and Flinders Island. From the airport you can get to the city by car (there are several car rental agencies at the airport), by cab (see public transport Hobart) or by shuttle bus.

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Ferry / Spirit of Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania

Many travelers use a train or bus to get to & from Hobart Onward journey to/from Hobart or Tasmania the 9 to 11 hour passenger and car ferry service of the Spirit of Tasmania. In the high season, from September to April, the huge ferry crosses the wild strait called Bass Strait both day and night. Otherwise there are only night flights. The advantage of the Spirit of Tasmania is that you can take your own vehicle with you. The disadvantage is that the ferry docks at the other end of Tasmania, in Devonport. From here you have to cover the 280km again by car, bus, train or plane. But on this way you can have a look at the rest of the scenic island right away.

Buses are a very important means of transportation to and from Hobart. Through various companies, such as Tassielink Transit, O’Driscoll Coaches and Redline Coaches, the city is connected to important regional centers of Tasmania. Within the city the Metro Service is responsible for the connections.

Unfortunately, there are no train connections to/from Hobart at the moment.

Car/ Motorcycle

With your own vehicle or a rental car the journey to and from Hobart is relatively uncomplicated. The Midland Highway runs between Hobart and Launceston in the north. From Deloraine in the north, you first get on the Lake Highway and then take the Midland Highway to the capital of Tasmania. On the other hand, the Tasman Highway connects the east coast, the Huon Highway connects Southport in the south, and the Lyell Highway connects Queenstown on the west coast with the capital of Tasmania.

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