Easter vacations: Travel with children – 8 sunny destinations

We haven’t really made much progress with our Easter vacation travel plans yet. So far, we have not really been able to decide where to go. Roughly in the direction of the south in Europe it should go and it may be already somewhat warmly. It should be a new destination, something where we as a family have not been yet – well and affordable…&

Family-friendly Easter vacation destinations: Warm, Europe& please not Malle!

Since I don’t really know what to do on my own, I asked some fellow travel bloggers for help and asked them what tips they have for me. So I asked the question “where to travel during the Easter vacations” and gave exactly the above task along the way and then was totally delighted to see what all came together. Et VoilA – say hello to some really cool Easter vacation travel destinations in Europe.

Easter vacation travel tips: The Alentejo Coast (Portugal)

The Alentejo coast is perfect for a vacation with children. From Troia to Cabo Sardao there are fantastic beaches. In the north of the Troia peninsula, one kilometer-long sandy beach follows the next one. If you like to stay in hotel settlements, you can do that in Troia. However, we liked our vacation apartment in Monte do Zambujeiro better. These are small vacation apartments on a former farm a few kilometers inland. Here children can romp in nature and swim in the pool, while parents enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace with a wonderful view of nature. If you want, you can even cook in your own kitchen – or enjoy homemade food in a small restaurant. The sea is only a few kilometers away by car. Besides there are excellent fish restaurants e.g. in Entrada dos Barcas or in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

The best is to follow the Rota do Peixe for 2-3 days with bathing stops at the beaches. In Monte do Zambujeiro you can easily spend several days, relax and make excursions from there. The lighthouse of Cabo Sardao as well as the hiking trail of the Rota Vicentina or the small fishing port Entrada dos Barcas are good places for that. Here’s our information about the region.

Easter Holidays Travel

Easter in Praia do Pego

This great travel tip for the Easter vacations comes from Monika& Petar from TravelWorldOnline. Portugal is also on our shortlist and has actually been on our travel list for a very, very long time. So far we have not really made it. This trip sounds in any case totally exciting…> More about TravelWorldOnline HERE. And in the GoogleMap I have marked you the different travel locations with the “blue flag”.

Easter vacation tips: Lanzarote always feels like spring (Spain)

It always feels like spring on Lanzarote. A breeze gently blows from the sea up to the deep black of the cooled lava. A dream destination for pleasure travel – especially at this time of year. And once you are there..

My 3 Top Tips:

My number 1 is the Timanfaya National Park. You can feel: people once lived their lives here – and suddenly everything is completely different. The disaster in the form of violent volcanic eruptions wiped out everything. Even today you can still perceive the elemental force that seethes in the earth. Fascinating when the guide sticks twigs into a hole in the ground and immediately flames burst out!

Number 2: The Fundacion Manrique. The architect Cesar Manrique has shaped the island with his architectural style. In the partly dark landscape the houses shine bright white. A testimony to this is the Fundacion, which has its headquarters in his home. The foundation offers artists a base for your Schaffen. Life and variety!

Number 3 is the Cueva de los Verdes. Since I visited Lanzarote, everything that concerns volcanoes does not let go of me anymore. What could be more natural than visiting a cave created by a volcanic eruption?? I am especially fascinated by the sound, because when you visit, you are greeted with Gregorian chants. You feel like you are in a natural cathedral.

Easter vacations vacation - it should be warm - How about Lanzarote

Easter vacation – it should be warm – How about Lanzarote?

This vacation tip for the easter vacations comes from Katja from the WellSPA-Portal. Lanzarote is also long on our travel list. I have already made it to the other Canary Islands, but Lanzarote is still a blank spot on our travel map. I am quite fascinated by the special landscape on Lanzarote. -> More about the trip to Lanzorte you can find HERE. In the Google Map I have marked you the individual stations with the orange flags.

Travel tip easter vacations – Ever heard of Euboea? (Greece)

Unknown Euboea – perfect for families

Almost still an insider tip is the Greek island of Euboea. It is perfect for Easter vacation – especially with the family. I was there last year with my two children and it was one of our most beautiful vacations. We were in the north of the island in Agios Nikolaus, and had a small bay all to ourselves, even with sandy beach.

The journey to Euboea is already relaxed, because the island is only about an hour’s drive from Athens airport, and a narrow spit of land connects the island with the mainland. Chalkida is the name of the main town where you land now. Here it is very touristy with harbor promenade, stores and urban flair. We shopped here and then went to the silent north. There Greece is like in the 1980s, completely untouristic and original with small villages and no souvenir shops. Here are not only great waterfalls and dense forests, but also hot natural springs in Edipsos. If the sea is still too cold, you can lie in the hot natural pools. And if you get bored with nature, you can take the ferry from here back to the mainland and as we did, you can even make a side trip to Delphi.

Easter vacation destinations - how about Euboea - Chalkida in the morning

Easter vacation destinations – how about Euboea – Chalkida morning

On the search for Easter vacation travel destinations – which are also perhaps still more unknown and could be perhaps thereby also still genuine insider tips – suggested to me Andrea of Indigoblau Euboa. I confess, I had to look first, where that is exactly…&> You want to read more about Andrea’s trip to Euboea, then also check HERE. On the map I have marked you Euboea with bright yellow flags.

Easter vacation sun& Flair – In Florence cars explode at Easter (Italy)

Of course Italy in general and Tuscany in particular is worth a visit at any time of the year. But I think, in spring especially: Nature is already a bit more advanced than here, everything is in bloom, the air is warm, the sun has more power, life shifts outside again earlier than in Germany. A Tuscan April morning has nevertheless much of a German May day.

But quite apart from sunshine and warm temperatures, there is a very concrete reason not to stay away from the Tuscan capital despite the crowds of tourists that descend on Florence during the Easter vacations: The Scoppio del Carro, which means “The Explosion of the Car.”.

A tradition that has been handed down for centuries in this form, where a chariot decorated with fireworks is driven directly in front of the cathedral during the Easter mass on Easter Sunday and is connected with a wire, to the high altar. There, the bishop lights a rocket in the shape of a dove (the “Colombina”) with sacred flints, supposedly from the tomb of Christ. If the town has a good year ahead, so the legend goes, the rocket will fly along the wire and ignite the fireworks on the wagon. Which then crashes and bangs loudly for a good half hour, bringing the “blessing” of the sacred flints all over town.

Sounds crazy? It is also. But still clearly worth seeing and a real experience! You can find some impressions here.

Easter holiday vacation where to - how about Florence

Easter holiday vacation where to – how about Florence

Italy is of course always wonderful and Tuscany is totally beautiful either way. A super travel tip thus for the Easter holidays. On her blog Wandernd Ilona reports about her travels near and far, by plane, train or bike. A focus on it is not only on the previous places of residence (Bamberg, Vienna, Munich), but also on their favorite travel destination Italy. In addition, photography and literature play a big role in her life and on her blog. In the map I have marked you Florence with the red flag.

Easter vacation travel with children: Gran Canaria, where spring is especially beautiful (Spain)

We travel a lot and see a lot of this world. Especially islands have done it to us. One island that we as a family have come to love in the spring is Gran Canaria.

Some may turn up their noses, but Gran Canaria can do much more than mass tourism and bungalows. If you make the effort to leave the densely arranged rows of sunbeds at the beaches to explore the island, you will be rewarded with many surprising insights and views. In the Barranco de Guayadeque, for example, people actually still live in caves and you can visit some of these caves.

The north and the west is a paradise for mountain lovers and hikers. Rugged mountains rise here from the deep blue sea. If you hike here, you rarely meet a soul.

More lively, however, is the island capital “Las Palmas. Here market halls with a colorful offer and numerous restaurants with fresh delicacies attract. Pretty buildings in colonial style, museums and lots of shopping opportunities certainly do not let boredom arise. And if all this is too much for you, you can sit down on the city beach, Las Canteras, which by the way is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, and enjoy a few tapas bought on the market.

Another highlight is a whale and dolphin watching tour from the harbor in Puerto Rico, in the south of the island. We were lucky and actually saw pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. But also a visit to the huge dunes of Maspalomas is a must.

We were particularly impressed by the diversity that Gran Canaria has to offer. An island that wants to be discovered and shows itself from its most beautiful side.

Easter vacations 2017 - destination Gran Canaria

Easter vacation destination Gran Canaria

Travel with children and of course thereby also Easter vacations Travel with children is a specialty for the family travel blog Patotra and its author Ellen. I was already on Gran Canaria and found it also quite wonderful… even if it is already again much too long ago. The world is just too big…&> If you want to know more about Ellen’s trip to Gran Canaria, you can click HERE. In the Google Map I have marked the individual stations green for you.

Easter vacation – Where to go? How about springtime on Corsica (France)

A real rush for the senses!

Hardly any other Mediterranean island stands for so much color and flower variety, as the wild and untamed Corsica. Spring is the perfect time for nature lovers and hikers to explore and discover this still mysterious island.

The temperatures are already pleasantly mild and nature explodes into new life with the first rays of sunshine. About two thousand different flowers, shrubs and trees compete in their colorfulness with the different blue and turquoise tones of the water. A beguiling scent of rosemary, lavender, broom and the native macchia is in the air and the island is just one adventure!

Historic cities like Bonifacio await the traveler with many cultural attractions. The medieval villages of the Balagne, in the northwest of the island, take you back to long forgotten days and give you an idea of what life was like here in the old days. Through the Balagne runs also the street of the artisans, which invites and seduces with its many small studios again and again to Stippvisiten. And finally Corsica attracts with its breathtaking wild nature, which one must explore not only, but simply again and again by hiking.

My very personal Corsica highlights, which you should not miss in any case? Drive the Bavella pass in any case and plan enough time to explore this breathtaking area again and again also hiking and if you really want to arrive on Corsica, then travel in the old slow-travel manner with Corsica Ferries, and approach the island on the waterway! I promise you, both will be an unforgettable experience!

Have fun discovering!

Easter vacation where to go - Corsica the alternative

Easter vacation where to – Corsica the alternative

Monika from Entdecker(g)reise is the total nature and hiking fan. Therefore, I was already with her “hiking and pilgrimage” on the road. When it comes to southern islands, she seems to be a real pro. On Corsica, we have also long very great desire … after this great little appetizer somehow even more. -> If you want to read more about Monika’s blog Entdeckergreise, you will find it HERE. The individual stations on Corsica I have you in the map with gray flags deposited.

Easter vacations in Sardinia: sandy beaches and blooming nature (Italy)

In our experience, a really nice destination for the Easter vacations is Sardinia. The Mediterranean island is south enough for t-shirt weather at the end of March – if you’re lucky. We had some wonderful days, but also some rain and storms. We didn’t have enough time for swimming, but the wide white sandy beaches of Villasimius in the south of the island were still very nice for our boys – and around Easter we had the beach almost to ourselves!

In addition, Sardinia also has a lot to offer away from the coast. The Macchia, a scrubland up to three meters high, covers large parts of the island interior. Here it is greening and blooming just around Easter like crazy. We had a great walking guide for families who steered us along beautiful paths through the landscape, which is only inaccessible at first glance, between rocks and exploding nature. In this way we have encountered, among other things, free-ranging pigs and donkeys. Also historically Sardinia is totally interesting. The island is littered with stone evidence of prehistoric nuragic culture. Cagliari, the island’s capital, is also worth an extended exploration tour, just like the small towns along the coast.

Easter vacation on Sardinia

Easter vacation in Sardinia

Lena Marie from family4travel has already travelled across Europe on a long term trip. Almost a year has lasted the trip with child and cone and there were many destinations in Europe on the itinerary. Lena Marie really knows her way around…& On the map I marked the Sardinian travel tips with a black flag. -> More about the blog of Lena Marie “family4travel” you can find HERE.

In the Easter vacations to Istanbul – an exciting review and critical outlook (Turkey)

Many parents see a city trip with small children rather critically, but we have made so far quite different experiences.
In the Easter vacations 2015 we went to Istanbul for a few days, to a country and a city that were completely new territory for us until then. Istanbul seemed to us to be an optimal destination to dive into another world, a world of the Orient, for a few days. We were also looking forward to a bit of spring after a long Swedish winter.

If you are traveling with small children, you have to adapt the daily schedule to their interests and condition. Especially for city trips you should plan well. We looked for a central hotel, which was not far from many interesting sights (small feet and short legs get tired quickly when walking in a city). The hotel also had a small swimming pool and an associated relaxation section, since the vacation should also offer a little relaxation and (bathing) fun for the whole family.

Istanbul is a fascinating city, and we were caught by its magic already on the first evening. The bustling bazaars and markets, the abundance of historic squares and buildings, not least the many mosques, the delicious food, the hustle and bustle of the city and yet without too much hustle and bustle, all this made us grow fond of Istanbul. When we left we were determined to come back soon.

Of course, we have already thought about the security situation on the spot. There had been some suicide bombings before our visit, so we always gave police stations and similar facilities a wide berth. Unfortunately, the situation has worsened drastically since then, and tourists are now direct targets of terrorist attacks, which is why a trip to Istanbul would not be out of the question for us at the moment. On the other hand, the terrorist threat also exists in other major European cities such as e.g. Berlin or Paris. Much more serious is the domestic political development of Turkey in recent months, which we follow with concern. We wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable traveling to Turkey right now. Moreover, it is hard for us to support a system that leads Turkey in a wrong direction from our personal point of view. And we are especially sorry about that, because we met only friendly and helpful people in Istanbul and have only positive memories of the city in principle.

Family vacation Istanbul?!

Family vacation Istanbul?!

If we are quite honest, Istanbul was very high on our family travel list. I’m just very fascinated by this city, on 2 continents. Currently, however, we would not take the trip, especially as a family (with the responsibility for children), for safety reasons. Even if some vacationers and travelers on the spot still report very positively about your experiences on the spot. We hope very much that the situation in Turkey will change soon…> You want to read more about the exciting family trip to Istanbul on Hartmut’s travel blog 58GradNord? Then HERE along please! In the map I have marked Istanbul with a brown flag for you.

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