8 tips to keep in mind when traveling as a couple

With these tricks, your long-term or round-the-world trip won't be a relationship trial

Finally the first longer trip as a couple or even a trip around the world is on the cards. The first time you'll spend more than a few days at a time together. Be together for several weeks, 24 hours at a time: It can get pretty exhausting. There are many situations that can cause quarrels. To be well prepared, there are a few things you should keep in mind before and also during your trip:

1. Take a short trip beforehand if you are going on a long trip

Before you plan a longer trip or even a trip around the world together, you should definitely test spending time together. And I don't mean the few hours a day you see each other in the evening after work. If you want to play it safe and still be a couple after your trip, then you should spend a little vacation or weekend together.

A short trip or a city break are good for this. Just enter the nearest major airport on Skyscanner and search for “all places”. This is how you find cheap flights and maybe even an exciting destination you didn't have on your radar before.

Traveling as a couple

In the beginning, maybe a wellness weekend with lots of relaxation is super. However, in order to know how to behave in stressful situations, you should rather take a city trip. At the beginning maybe a smaller city like Lyon or Barcelona. Later on, bigger cities like Paris or London.

If everything works out well, try a slightly longer two-week vacation to Gran Canaria, for example. In the Canary Islands you can do a lot, but also relax. This will help you see what activities you like to do as a couple and what situations cause arguments. If city trip and summer vacation worked out well, then you are certainly ready for a bigger trip. It does not always have to go directly to Australia..

2. Choose destinations that interest both of you

Surely you both have a small (or big) wish list of countries you want to travel to once in your life. If you don't have a list yet, you should definitely start with it! Then check which countries overlap with each other. Sounds simple? Well, it is! Unfortunately, many couples are quite uncompromising when it comes to planning a vacation. If you want to travel to several countries, it is best to agree on one destination at the beginning and then see how they can be combined by looking at flight routes.

Once you have decided on one or more countries, see if you can do the activities you want to do there. Do you prefer to see cities, relax on the beach or go on sporting adventures?. If you have enough time, you can of course do it all.

Traveling as a couple in Barcelona

However, if you prefer to be in the mountains and your partner prefers scuba diving, maybe Austria is not the best choice. Look for countries like New Zealand, which have mountains and the sea to offer. In Queenstown you can go hiking and in the Abel Tasman National Park you can swim and dive in the beautiful sea. You should both be happy in the end and everyone should have at least one thing to look forward to. Of course, it is best if you can look forward to a common highlight.

3. Try to plan well to avoid misunderstandings

A longer trip as a couple must be well planned. Of course, you also want to be spontaneous and not book everything in advance. That said, there are a few things you should agree on ahead of time: What do you want to do? Do you want to fly or take the bus? Do you want to sleep in a hotel or hostel or do you prefer camping?? Do you want to do everything as a couple or do you want to meet people?? By the way, this is not so easy as a traveling couple. You will be perceived as a unit and will be less likely to be approached than if you are traveling alone. Be aware of that! If you agree on all these things, the whole travel planning will be easier for you.

When you plan something, you should also always have a plan B or even plan C. Surely it has happened to you that the accommodation was terrible or your time management didn't quite work out. Try to keep your cool and don't blame the other person for the trip. It is better to have a plan B or to find a constructive solution together.

4. Set a budget beforehand

It is well known that money is easy to argue about. It is therefore important to start the trip as a couple with a mutually agreed budget. Nothing is more stupid than one person having to spend every penny while the other is doing one expensive activity after another. Agree beforehand how much you want to spend in total. You should orientate yourself on the person who earns less or has saved less.

Then divide this budget into the number of days you want to be on the road (minus airfare and a good buffer). If the daily rate stands you have a number to the orientation. This is how the argument about “money” comes up You will know what you can afford and what you cannot afford in hotels or apartments per night. It also helps to decide whether you will eat out in the evening or if you prefer to cook your own meals. This way some problems or decisions will take care of themselves.

5. Do not take more than you can carry

If you are planning a longer trip or even a trip around the world, you will want to take a lot of things with you. It's worth investing first in a really good backpack and secondly not to pack so much. There are many great backpacks for backpackers and a different backpack is good for everyone. Make sure you have good shoulder and hip harnesses so that your back does not hurt so quickly. We always use the Osprey Farpoint 40 for our trips. Marius has one, I have one. After having been on Gran Canaria for two weeks, I am convinced that I can make a trip around the world with this small space miracle.

Osprey Farpoint 40

You should also not choose a backpack that is too big, so that it does not become too heavy. In the end the partner has to carry most of the clothes of the other because he could not estimate it correctly. Therefore, before the trip, test how much you can fit in your backpack and how much weight you can carry. Keep in mind that you will certainly have to be able to carry the backpack for several hours at a time. You really should not underestimate this. Luggage frustration can quickly become travel frustration. Especially if you don't just wear your own stuff.

6. Schedule time alone or with a group

You should be aware that you will spend an incredible amount of time together. Of course, that's the beauty of traveling together. In everyday life you probably see each other only a few times a week in the evening due to job or studies. On the weekends, you will certainly do something with friends and thus naturally not spend so much time together. So when you travel, you can finally talk for hours, go on great excursions or just relax together. Everything you don't have time for in your everyday life. But besides all the beautiful experiences, you will also share the stressful moments of the trip as a couple. And believe me, there will be. Sitting tired and irritated at the airport, riding in a stuffy bus, sleeping in a noisy hostel and so on. Try not to take out your bad mood on your partner. Get excited together and try to take the situation with humor!

Travel with friends in Lyon

You should also plan to go your separate ways from time to time. Maybe one wants to go hiking and the other wants to go scuba diving. Marius for example needs his time for himself now and then. Although you should compromise, it's also okay to let your partner do things on their own. After a day spent apart, you will look forward to seeing each other again in the evening and telling each other about your experiences. Otherwise try to get to know other people. So you could do something in a group, there you won't take out your bad mood on your partner so fast.

7. Try to use the strengths of your partner

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. One person may be able to speak the language well, but the other is an organizational talent. Maybe one has a better sense of direction, the other can drive better. For example, I can't even tell right from left, so Marius usually does the navigation or guides us through the small streets of a city center.

Try to agree on each other's strengths and weaknesses so that it is always clear who is doing what. The one who speaks the language better should mainly communicate with the locals and the one who drives better should also drive. This way there will be no arguments on the way and the roles are clearly defined.

8. Try to support each other

As I said, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but everyone will be lured out of their comfort zone at some point. Because traveling means leaving the familiar environment and plunging into the completely unknown. For this you often need courage and self-confidence. Some things may not be as challenging for one as they are for the other. Therefore, try to be sensitive to each other and show respect and understanding for each other. Use your strengths and try to strengthen your partner in unpleasant situations and stick together as a team.

You should also be open to new things. Since you will certainly have to make compromises, it is good to jump over the shadow sometimes. Even if you don't have to do everything as a couple, do things you don't like for the sake of your partner.

If you follow these tips, your trip is sure to be a great adventure. You will experience many things together and as a couple you will find even better together. Because especially the many stressful situations, which you master together, make you an even better team.

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