Around the world as a Skin Care Consultant – Cream & Travel worldwide

Around the world as a Skin Care Consultant

Work and travel, it doesn’t always have to be fruit picking. As a Skin Care Consultant, you’ll experience a different kind of work and travel adventure. How I earned my money this way and have already been traveling around the world like this for five years, you can find out in this post.

Work and Travel in the beauty industry

Trembling, I stretch out my arm, with a small cream sample in my hand, to the woman walking by and say in a low voice: “For you Ma’am”. I seem to be unconvincing, because the woman does not even look up at me. Also the next attempts to stop someone willing to buy in this way still go a bit bumpy. Here I am in a shopping mall in Australia trying to sell expensive creams to the people.

That was five years ago. Since then I have traveled around the world as a Skin Care Consultant and have always combined traveling with working. Instead of earning my travel budget in Germany in advance, I worked all over the world, whether in Australia, New Zealand, or Switzerland, and thus gained additional international work experience. It all started in a shopping mall in Australia, then it went on to luxurious stores and trade fairs.

Travel around the world and work in the beauty industry

Good pay and great benefits

The typical work& travel experience? Not really! Because while many other backpackers earned their money on farms- hard physical work, not always well paid- I was able to upgrade my lifestyle by taking a job as a skin care consultant #glampacking. I lived with my colleagues in company accommodation and always had a car available, which I was allowed to use to explore the area on my days off. But I earned not only enough money to live a comfortable life, but also to finance my own travels around the country.

Working on a commission basis scared me at the beginning, because after the training phase I didn’t get a fixed salary anymore, but only what I implemented myself. But through the training I was super prepared for the job and enjoyed the daily customer contact. With the first successes came the confirmation and with it also the routine. You have to work hard, but it is worth it!

As a Skin Care Consultant in Australia

Requirements for a work and travel job in the skin care industry

As a prerequisite for the job you only need a good command of English and a basic interest in the skin care and beauty industry. You should be motivated and willing to work. An open and friendly mind is certainly an advantage, after all you will be working face-to-face with your clients all day long. Fear of contact is out of place, because you demonstrate the luxury products directly on your counterpart.

Work and travel in the beauty industry

Plenty of time to travel thanks to flexible contracts

As a traveler, you will certainly benefit from flexible contracts. This allows you to combine both traveling and working, and as a Skin Care Consultant you have the chance to work all over the world. Don’t be afraid of not finding people to travel with either. Finally, you join an international, young team consisting of travelers from all over the world who all have the same goal as you do. Another advantage is that the job is not seasonal, so you have the chance to work in the malls of the world all year round!

Travel and jobbing as a Skin Care Consultant

Secure your job before the trip

In addition, you can apply before you start your trip to start your adventure with a secure feeling and take advantage of all the benefits. Like picking you up from the airport- after a long flight you will be glad not to stand alone in a foreign country, but to have someone by your hand from minute one onwards. You are also supported in all formalities, such as opening a bank account or applying for your tax number. As a bonus, you get subsidies on your flight if you stay employed for a certain amount of time. However, you have to take care of your work permit yourself. But with the Working Holiday Visa, which you can get in many countries up to 35 years, you are on the safe side.