Oberallgau Tips in and around Immenstadt

Oberallgau is a place with wonderful nature, sights and fun activities. Local towns like Immenstadt are historic and a true place of culture and history – it’s not for nothing that it’s the oldest town in the Oberallgau district. All around there is a wonderful nature, first of all the big Alpsee with its various bathing and water sports possibilities. The town center is historically characterized with a lovingly maintained town castle as well as wonderfully nostalgic squares and fountains.

Throughout the year, numerous leisure activities entice you in this typical vacation region, winter sports and hiking are of course also included. A two-week vacation can be arranged without any problems, but the journey is certainly also worthwhile for a weekend break. Due to the great variety, good planning and a geographic overview are essential. So in this article, The Frequent Traveller has put together a list of the best Oberallgau tips in and around Immenstadt.

Oberallgau tips on fairytale castles and hiking trails

From Immenstadt, mobile vacationers can reach exciting destinations in no time, such as the picturesque town of Fussen on Lake Forggen, very close to Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. The Nagelfluhkette Nature Park is even closer, here a lot of relaxation in free nature awaits you. Striking cliffs, ancient trees and colorful mountain flowers line the path of hikers, especially if you want to test your hiking gear. Time to take a deep breath and leave everyday life behind you! If there is also a rustic restaurant at the destination, the legs run almost by themselves.

Oberallgau tips for a cozy evening out

In the evening it can be really cozy, for example a dinner in a cozy restaurant or a nightcap in the hotel bar. If you like, you can enjoy the sunset at the Alpsee, possibly with a bottle of wine and your feet in the cool water. Game night in the hotel room or lobby can also be very tempting. If you have a classic game like “Monopoly”, “Mensch-argere-dich-nicht” or “UNO” in your luggage, you are well equipped in this regard. Maybe a few new acquaintances will join you, that makes it all the more exciting.

If you prefer to retreat to the net after an eventful day, move the game evening, for example, to the online platform Steam, where the aforementioned games are available in the form of video games. Instead, however, perhaps the visit of an online casino is on the agenda. Specialized portals offer their visitors a wide selection of online slot machines, which cater to all tastes with their diverse designs and themes. Just like the Oberallgau itself, which casts a spell over everyone who gets involved in it! Accordingly, this region also likes to get wilder from time to time.

The wild shot drive into the valley as a popular Oberallgau tip

Adventurous people can reach the year-round Alpsee Coaster toboggan run within minutes by bus. It is over 2.8 km long and reaches speeds of up to 40 km/h. More than 100 curves as well as numerous jumps and waves await all those who dare to jet down them.

Most tobogganers get right back in if the queue at the ticket office is not too long. For those who think this is too fast, the rider can regulate his own speed, so not everyone has to break all the records.

After this heated tour, it goes to cool off in the nearest lido, which is within walking distance. There, not only the cool water attracts, but also a gastronomy with outdoor terrace, which guarantees the view of the blue lake and the mighty mountains. The menu here is unfortunately rather fast-food oriented, but around Immenstadt there are many more restaurants that represent the typical Allgau cuisine in large numbers.

oberallgau tips

© Photo by Stefan Schauberger on Unsplash

Oberallgau tips for the perfect feasting time

The “Lustiger Hirsch” in Akams, only a few kilometers from Immenstadt, can no longer really be called an insider tip. This gastronomy is not considered one of the best far and wide for nothing. Akams is an idyllic place with numerous nostalgic houses, the Merry Stag has settled in one of them. Guests can sit outside and inside, everywhere is equally comfortable in good weather. The waiters and waitresses wear traditional costumes and always have a friendly smile on their faces. Particularly recommendable are the offered Obstler, mild brandies, which literally melt on the tongue.

The people of Oberallgau love hearty food, from Krautkrapfen to Speckknodel and Fladlesuppe (soup). The Kasspatzle, so popular in Swabia, can also be found on the menus, as well as the extremely nutritious Brennter, which consists mainly of oats. So Allgau vacationers will not complain about a lack of energy if they dine properly every day and follow the right Oberallgau tips. However after the meal always first a digestion break must come, in order to become ready for action again. Then it’s back to the fun!