10 Shocking Facts About Cruise Ships You Never Thought Of

How big is the largest cruise in the world? Do they have a prison on board? Here are some fascinating facts about cruise ships.

Each year, more than 23 million people take a cruise around the world on more than 300 ships. Most passengers don’t know much about the small town they board to sail the high seas and explore foreign lands.

1. The largest cruise ship is 228.081 gross tons large/heavy

Royal Carribean Cruise Line believes that size matters and owns some of the largest and most luxurious ships in the world.

Symphony of the Seas embarked on its maiden voyage in 2018. This ship can do more than 6.Carry 600 passengers at a time.

It has taken over the title of largest cruise ship from another Royal Carribean ship, Harmony of the Seas, which had a remarkable 226.Weighs 963 tons.

Symphony of the Seas has more than 20 restaurants, more than 40 bars, lounges, stores, theaters and even a 10-story slide located aft. There are more than 20 pools, hot tubs and water slides for guests to enjoy, as well as a zipline that is more than nine stories high.

2. In North America, 233.701 people employed in the cruise industry

Nearly a quarter of all Americans have taken a cruise. They all have to be fed, cared for, cleaned up and entertained on board. This requires more than 233.700 employees in the North American cruise industry.

As cruises continue to grow in popularity as an all-in-one offering for entertainment and adventure vacations, this industry will continue to need a larger workforce to meet this growing demand.

Cruise ships are major employers for entertainers and the hospitality industry, offering a unique opportunity to see the world through their employment.

3. Florida, Alaska and Mexico have this in common

You may not think Florida, Mexico and Alaska have much in common, but they are the three capitals of the cruise industry worldwide. Only for these destinations there are more facts about cruise ships!

More than 6 million people board cruises in Florida . Alaska has 3.5 million cruise ship visitors each year.

Internationally, Cozumel is the busiest port (after Port Miami and Canaveral, Florida) with over 12.000 cruise ships per year.

The Bahamas is one of the world’s most popular destinations, comparable to Alaska with more than 3.6 million cruise ship visitors per year.

4. people living on cruise ships

Cruise ships are home to more than just staff and employees. That’s right, some people have found that living by the sea suits their taste more than a traditional home.

There are several options for this. Some people actually buy a “condo by the sea” and pay nearly 100.000 U.S. dollars per year for a home on one of the luxury cruise ships that sell their permanent residence on board.

Others simply book back-to-back cruises and take advantage of sales, long-term and senior discounts to find a more economical option than a land-based assisted living facility.

5. Most ships have a jail, a medical unit and a morgue

While you always hope for the best, you have to prepare for the worst, and that doesn’t change when you’re at sea. This can be especially true when thousands of people are celebrating with unlimited alcohol packages.

While most cruise vacations are the trip of a lifetime and people love their trip, there are a few people on every trip who drink a little too much or face a medical emergency.

One of the most shocking facts about cruise ships is a jail cell hiding at the bottom of the ship in the crew areas. Let’s hope you never see one!

Thousands of elderly retired vacationers will eventually lead to the need for a morgue to discreetly store a body without unduly inconveniencing other guests. Most ships have a morgue that can hold one to three bodies.

6. Say cheese

It takes a lot of food to feed thousands of passengers in dozens of restaurants, buffets and bars. Each must be stocked with supplies to last the duration of a trip.

An average cruise ship loads more than 7.000 pounds of cheese , 2.000 pounds of coffee, more than 14.000 pounds of potatoes and more than 21.000 Ice cream cones with enough ice cream to fill them all. This is all loaded with precision before a ship can set sail.

And of course, don’t forget the alcohol: There are more than 3000 bottles of white wine, 2500 bottles of red wine and thousands of bottles of liquor to get the party started.

7. More than buffets, state of the art fun

Many people have the misconception that cruises are only for retirees in their golden years, but there are cruises that cover all ages, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent. There are cruise ships for every age group and interest.

From state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced game rooms to zip lines and waterslides, you’ll find fun and challenging activities for just about everyone.

Some Royal Carribean ships have robot bartenders for those who prefer to be spectators of the more adventurous activities on board. There are ships with activities like virtual reality, surfing and even skydiving simulators.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers ships with activities like bungee trampolines, go-karts, miniature golf, ropes courses, water parks, waterslides and climbing walls.

Carnival offers many of these activities and a SkyRide that resembles biking in the sky. It is a bike ride you will never forget. The Carnival Mardi Gras also has the first cruise roller coaster, the Bolt, which is popular with theme park fans and thrill seekers from around the world.

Most cruises also have art shows, comedians, dance clubs, limbo contests, cooking classes or wine tastings. You’ll never have an excuse to be bored, yet always have plenty of options to keep you from feeling rushed.

8. More than 5.000 sprinklers

Even though you’re on the water, the ship needs to be prepared in case of fire. An average ship with 2.700 passengers will be more than 5.000 have sprinkler heads that go off when needed.

There are also about 500 fire extinguishers, 4.000 smoke detectors and a handful of firefighters ready to face unexpected flames.

9. No drones, pets or BYOB parties at sea

While a cruise is all about having fun, there are a few things you can’t use on a cruise ship.

You should not bring any open flames or heating devices such as irons, coffee makers, incense or candles with you. You are allowed to bring a curling iron or hair dryer and use matches or regular lighters in designated smoking areas aboard ship.

As amazing as it would be to capture drone footage from the middle of the ocean and hopefully catch some viral shots of whales swimming nearby, you are not allowed to use drones at sea. You should check with all cruise lines for their policies on drones and other devices on board, as you may still be able to use them during a port of call.

Unless your pet is a service animal, there are strict rules for taking it with you. This is probably for the best, since you don’t really want Fido trying to catch a passing seagull to eventually swim with the fishes.

You also can’t bring your own alcohol for the trip. And if you do pick up at any port, you’ll have to leave it until the cruise is over. This doesn’t mean your trip has to be dry, you just have to get your alcohol from the ship…

You’re allowed a maximum of two bottles when boarding, but each cruise line has its own guidelines.

Even if you are departing from a state where the use of marijuana is legalized, you should not bring it with you. It is still a federal crime in the United States and is treated like any other illegal substance.

10. Some religions promise heaven, others offer a cruise

The Church of Scientology has a cruise ship, described on its website as “the pinnacle of a Scientologist’s spiritual journey”.

Unfortunately, this trip also included a break in quarantine and exposure to measles for some, but every trip has its challenges.