25 Top tips for family holidays in switzerland with children

Family vacation Switzerland with children

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe for a family vacation. The journey by car is not too far and the possibilities are great. The linguistic proximity to Germany and Austria also makes many things easier on family vacations. The variety of landscapes in Switzerland and the numerous options for family vacations mean that families are spoiled for choice in summer: family vacations in the Swiss mountains? Family vacation on one of the Swiss lakes?

Where to go for a family holiday in Switzerland with children?

We present you our most beautiful family travel destinations in Switzerland. We did a short road trip through Switzerland with children. Unfortunately, a family holiday in Switzerland is not particularly cheap, but the experience in the land of mountains and lakes is great. It was worth the higher price – and we would definitely go back to the beautiful little country in the mountains.

Switzerland with children

Popular regions for one Family vacation Switzerland
Located in the north of Switzerland on the border with Austria and Germany Lake Constance – and yes, part of it even belongs to Switzerland! Not far from Lake Constance you can spend a short vacation in the old town of St. Gallen. The Toggenburg region is located in the canton of the same name.

We were there, we really liked it there. The Toggenburg is a wonderful high valley with a lot of beautiful nature for hiking and mountain biking. There are also many opportunities for children here, especially for family summer vacations. Check out the pictures of our family vacation in Toggenburg here.

Graubünden with children

Family vacation Switzerland in Graubünden

The canton of Graubünden lies further south. Anyone who takes a family vacation in the canton of Graubünden does so in a sparsely populated area: the largest canton in Switzerland has few inhabitants and therefore plenty of space for nature.

Lenzerheide with children

What many do not expect is family-friendliness in Lenzerheide in summer – most of the time, guests go there in winter. In Lenzerheide you can also spend wonderful holidays with children in summer. There are many water sports in Heidsee that you would not expect. You will find an official barbecue area on a sandy beach and a large playground. Wonderful with children.
There are also mountains for hiking and if you want you can go on many MTB tours with children. And: there are great children’s hotels in Lenzerheide!

You should also have a look at the Rhine Gorge in Graubünden. You can look down on the Rhine from a viewing platform, either as a hike or by bike. And also look at the lakes there, the Caumasee is turquoise green!
If you like to visit gorges: The Via Mala Gorge is also great with children!

Ticino with children

Family vacation Switzerland in the south: Ticino

Ticino is known in southern Switzerland for the many hours of sunshine. According to the weather, there are significantly fewer clouds here than in many other regions of Europe and the sunshine duration is above average. At Lago Maggiore you can enjoy a holiday with children in spring or extend summer again in autumn. Italy is close to Ascona and Locarno – check it out!

Here, too, all our tips for family holidays in Ticino – including recommended family hotels. There we felt like in the Caribbean at the turquoise green pool with the palm trees.

This is also Switzerland: a special family hotel in Ticino with Caribbean flair

Hiking holiday in Switzerland with children

Hiking in Switzerland with children
We shouldn’t miss hiking with children on a holiday in Switzerland. Numerous thematic paths – such as the Globiweg – also bring the kids up the mountain: with the support of the cable cars, you can quickly find beautiful panoramic hiking trails. You can often get an impression of working in the mountains on the mountain pastures and try the fresh mountain cheese. We looked at different hiking trails.

Family vacation at the lake in Switzerland

With Lake Constance, Lake Walen, Lake Zurich, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lucerne and the many other small and large lakes, Switzerland has ideal conditions for your family vacation at the lake – and that in connection with mountains! Do you want to see some nice pictures and collect ideas for a family vacation at the lake in Switzerland?

-> then have a look here in the extra article about family vacation at the lake in Switzerland.

Excursions with children Switzerland

In addition to the recommended regions and great corners in Switzerland, I have here also a separate page for the best Switzerland sights with children – we found the gorges and gorges particularly impressive! But there are many more unusual leisure activities with children.

Even more ideas for Switzerland with children:

Family vacation in St. Gallen – hike with the Churfirsten in the city or in the beautiful Toggenburg

Zurich with children: in the Zurich Zoo, the Rapperswil Children’s Zoo and the Volketswil Children’s City

Family holiday in Glarus with children: On Lake Oberblegi, in the car-free mountain village of Braunwald

Valais with children: yodelling festivals, wrestling matches or in the largest aquaparc in Switzerland?


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