3 Solutions for learning german

3 Solutions for learning german

Learn German

Learning German – absolutely vital, if you want to work and live in Germany. Some already start learning German before they move to Germany. Others start once they have arrived. Some prefer to learn German in groups. Others may find it more effective to have individual private lessons or learn grammar and vocabulary online. We are all very individual when it comes to learning a new language. Especially if it is one as challenging as German.

We have collected a few practicable solutions for learning English. Whether you want to learn German for fun, for free, online, with others or a private teacher – here you can find your solution!

> For fun, For free

Ideal for anyone who wants to learn German online

√ Download the apps for free
√ All levels available
√ Learn German by yourself
√ Stay flexible – learn English whenever you have a minute!

> Individual online courses

√ Great flexibility & individual pace

√ Learn German with online
√ Personal tutor online
√ Level A1 – B2, beginner to advanced
√ RosettaStone – one of the most famous schools for learning German

> German language schools

√ Local language classes in groups or private

√ local language school
√ individual and group lessons
√ learn with real teachers and materials offline
√ VHS public German classes are very cheap

Babbel & Duolingo – Learn German For free & On-line

Learning German can be fun – with Babbel and Duolingo apps. But they are more than just fun. They actually help you learn German.

How it works

Writing, Speaking, Understanding: These apps offer you all you need. Whether beginner or advanced learner. Here you can improve your English whenever you have a minute. On your laptop or on your mobile phone.


These learning apps save your progress automatically. This way you can continue with your lessons whenever you have time – during your morning coffee, on the way to work or while you are waiting for a friend!

Learn German online

You may be skeptical first: How can I learn German online? Surely I do not master the language this way. Fair enough. Maybe you will not become proficient only by doing 10 minutes of German online every day. But in addition to learning German, it definitely helps a lot. It is proven that the more often you are exposed to a language, the easier it becomes. So just by reading some new German words on your phone everyday, this helps you! It makes sense to consider these apps as a fun addition to more conventional ways of learning English – and not to rely on them as the only sources.

Learn German the fun way. Download your German app now. For free.

RosettaStone – German Online Course

Try now and get a 30% discount!!

A German course does not fit into your schedule? There is no German language school in your area? You need more than apps and freeware? Then we have a solution. Learn German online with a German teacher.

Why not sign up for the RosettaStone online course? Here you have complete flexibility, both location and time wise. You choose when and where you learn English.

The Goethe Institute is internationally renowned. A certificate wants open doors for you. This makes it different from other online courses.

We all know it’s sometimes hard to motivate yourself. This is not a problem with this online course. A qualified German teacher takes care of you. Your teacher checks your answers, provides all your questions and provides you with regular feedback. This way you keep on track.

Sign up for the Rosetta Stone language course now. Get a free personal tutor. Start learning German today.

VHS & Private German Language Schools

Do you want to learn English in a classroom with a teacher? Most people prefer to learn English by attending a local language school. You can attend intensive German courses everyday, evening or weekend classes. This way you have a teacher and classmates. Normally you have to buy the German course books yourself.

Learning German at VHS language schools?

VHS stands for Community College, literally, people’s university. It is a network of local courses that are subsidized by the German state. As a result, they are usually lower than German courses at private language schools. The quality, as always, depends on the individual language teacher. You may be lucky or unlucky. However, it is easier to become a German teacher at the VHS schools than at a private school. Community college does not offer private lessons, only group lessons. The learning pace is usually slower than at private language schools.

Learning German at a private language school in Germany

If you want more flexibility, then a private language school may be better suited for you. They are able to adjust their courses according to demand. Here you can therefore get a private teacher, if you need intense classes. Group classes tend to be less than VHS. But again, this depends. It would be best to check out the private schools in your area and compare them. Often you may prefer the language school that is simply closest to your home or your place, and has a reasonable price. Make sure you ask your employer to pay for your German course, this is not uncommon.

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