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3 things about child safety in the car, which I learned at the presentation of the new Volvo XC60

Child safety in the car

Last week I am the invitation Volvos followed and participated in the presentation of the new Volvo XC60 participated in Dresden. In addition to the technical details, I have a lot of valuable information on the subject Safety in the car can collect. A special focus was on the topic Child safety. Volvo has set itself the goal, namely, that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo by 2020.

Volvo’s focus: safety!

Already since 1970 introduces Volvo accident research team comprehensive accident analyzes, evaluates accident statistics and analyzes driving studies. The results of these studies are used to increase safety in the car. Through this consistent research Volvo has been one of the worlds for decades Pioneers in child safety in the car.

How to transport children safely in a car?

During a lecture by Dr. Lotta Jakobsson, the assistant lecturer for vehicle safety I have the Chalmers University of Technology 3 things learned the safety of children increase significantly in the car:

1. Children aged 0 – 4 years should IMPORTANTLY be carried in a Reboarder seat (ie opposite to the direction of travel). There are 2 reasons for this:

  • The baby’s head is much larger and heavier relative to the body.
  • The neck muscles are not fully developed yet.

These two points combine to make the massive power, which acts in the event of a head-on collision on the occupants, one extreme danger for the baby or toddler means. The head of the child is thrown forward with such a force that massive injuries (up to the neck break) can be the result. It is different with Reboarder: Here, the energy of the impact first pushes the entire body of the child into the seat risk of injury drops many times over. With increasing age (from about 4 years), the proportions of the child change and the musculature becomes stronger. The children can then be safely transported in a forward-facing seat. In this video, the difference becomes clear:

2. The harness should NEVER be carried under the arm!

The belt guide has a good reason: The lower strap runs along the basin, the top across the shoulder. This has the advantage that the force created by the impact on the bone is transmitted. On the other hand, if the belt is passed under the arm, the force of the impact is transmitted via the belt to the abdomen, which is too serious injuries can lead.

3. Even older children (up to a size of 1.50 m) should definitely use a seat shell.

The reason also depends on the belt guide together, because only if the belt leads over the hip and shoulder bones as explained above, the child is effectively protected in case of an accident. Without a booster seat, the child sits too low, the belt then leads over the abdomen.

Recommended rear-facing car seats (reboarders) for 0 – 4-year-old children

In my eyes is one reversed car seat according to this information the only sensible decision for children 0-4 years. I do not understand that this is not better communicated, because actually the topic has been known for years. I can not understand that organizations like that Stiftung Warentest Judge child safety seats for children in this age group with a “good” rating and thus misinform parents – because these seats are NOT safe!

The selection of rear-facing child seats / Reboardern for older children (up to 4 years) is relatively low and prices are high. This seat allows you to drive up to approximately 4 years (105 cm) Cybex Gold Sirona M2 i-Size with Base M (105 cm)-> Amazon Affiliate link). The price: From 364 € If you know a seat with a better price / performance ratio, I am pleased about a short info.

The new Volvo XC60

Now I want to give you a brief overview of mine test drive with the new Volvo XC60 to report. As you know I’m not an auto expert, but write here on my blog about my subjective impressions. If you are interested in technical details, you can read them here on the Volvo website.

My first impression

To be honest, I have not been a big Volvo fan so far. The older models did not appeal to me visually (they were too edgy for me). The new XC60 is different: I think he looks really great!

During my about 1-hour test drive through Dresden I was able to both from driving experience as well as from the technical equipment to convince. The Overview is increased by the seating position in this middle class SUV also very good.

The ausparken thanks to the built-in camera worked out of the very tight parking space without me had to wave someone out &# 128521;

That’s how it looks backseat XC60: It offers enough space for up to 3 children!

And that’s how big trunk of the XC 60: There should be room for the luggage for a 2 week family vacation.

Only with the Touchscreen Navi In between I had a little problem, which led to an extra round through Dresden. But that does not necessarily have to be s.Navi &# 128521;

My conclusion:

At a price of just under € 50,000, the new XC 60 is not a bargain, but a highly recommended family car, that safety, comfort & Design connects together.

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