3 Ways to tell if your child is an indigo child

The term "Indigo Child”Is something new that has only come to our attention in recent decades. These children are gifted with intuition, incredibly astute, and some are spiritually awakened. Indigo children bless the earth with its traces in times of great suffering. It could be argued that humanity is in trouble, that the earth is suffering, and that a new generation of leaders is desperately needed. Leaders who can guide us away from this destructive lifestyle.

The Internet is full of articles about Indigo children, especially towards parents in an effort to teach them how to recognize these children. In a world where all parents desperately cling to the idea that their child is so special and talented, some have started to redefine who Indigo children are. If your child has trouble concentrating on boring things and is hyperactive: congratulations. You have a child. But an indigo child needs more than that.

The first clear sign

An indigo-child is wise over the years for seemingly inexplicable reasons. They seem to get along better with adults than with children. They are calm and try to make the best of every situation. They are known at school because they are insightful. This insightful does not mean that they are smarter than the other children, but it is an indication that they have probably lived previous lives. They were born again to teach the world their knowledge, the sum of thousands of years of life.

Indigo children are highly sensitive

Sometimes it seems as if they are out of control with their feelings. The truth is that sometimes they are introverted personalities and have recognized how to express themselves. Even if they seem to fly off the rails, you will find that they have charm for almost everyone with wit and charisma. When people are around your child, they tend to feel good.

Artistic? Talented? Hyperactive? Sensitive?

Many people think that every talented, artistic, intensely creative or hyperactive child makes them an indigo child, but that’s not necessarily the case. If you are looking for an indigo child, you are not looking for talent. Every child who has practiced something hard enough has talent. What you really want to search for is a very emphatic child, which the emotion feels full and absorbed by the people around it.

Indigo children embody a change in humanity that is vital.


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