30 ideas and some tips for the children's tree house

A popular playground for children is definitely the tree house. A place where a child can retreat and let its imagination run wild. Just climbing up is a challenge for the little ones! The children’s tree house can become a dream come true for little princesses, pirates or anything your child wants to be. You as parents can get inspiration from your offspring and build the dream house yourself or order a finished one. Our goal today is to give you some creative ideas and practical tips to create a great children’s tree house in the garden so you can make your children shine.

Ensure fun hours in the children’s tree house

A dream house for boys

Rocket Children Tree House

This is the dream of every little cosmonaut. When building a tree house it is important to choose a stable and suitable tree. Solid, healthy trees with a cantilevered hollow crown are well suited. There should be no dead branches or bare spots. Oak, lime, large pear and apple trees are well suited for this. You should also ask the building authorities whether you need a permit for the desired tree house.

A house, like from the fairy tale book

A fairytale house

It looks like it’s painted, but it’s real. This masterpiece is the work of the Japanese architect Fujimori. The house rests on the trunk of a cypress tree and can withstand even the strongest storms. Since no tree is the same as another, the branches have to be made of boards, frame woods, roofing felt and angles. When building, you should be careful with the tree bark so as not to damage it. It is better to place round wood on the branches rather than angular ones.

A magnet for children

Harry Poters School

This fabulous work is of course located in Great Britain. Its architecture is reminiscent of the school of the famous literary hero. But that is not the only reason why children are attracted by a magnet. The tree house is so magical that every child wants to play in it.

Furthermore one should think about the way of climbing up. Here you can choose between a rope ladder and a wooden ladder. Ropes rub on the bark and can damage the tree surface over time. Here you can use rubber or felt pads against wear.

Of course you also have to think about the precautions and make everything childproof. It is always better, in our opinion, to consult a specialist if you are not so skilled and have no knowledge.

From us you get now plentifully ideas, how the child tree house can look like. Have fun scrolling down.

Combine your and your child’s imagination

Climbing up is a challenge in itself

A place where a child can retire

A children tree house makes children’s eyes shine

Solid, healthy trees with a cantilevered hollow crown are well suited.

You should be careful with the tree bark when building it.

Building a wooden house next to the tree

Make sure your children have additional fun with swings

When building a tree house, it is important to choose a stable and suitable tree.

Build a children’s tree house that grows with your child

Security should be priority number 1

Equip children’s tree house with Holzeiter

A tree veranda for pirates

A simple construction

A staircase from the house leads into the children’s tree house.

A great climbing wall

It doesn’t have to be a whole house.

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