30 ideas for handicrafts with children to carnival

After the quiet and beautiful Christmas time it goes colorfully and loudly further to the carnival! Both children and adults have fun at this celebration. And so that the carnival party becomes even more great and wild, you can do a lot with your children together. The handicrafts with children at carnival not only increase the mood, but also keep the children busy and make them a part of the organisation. We give you plenty of ideas what you can conjure up with your own hands.

Handicrafts with children are always a lot of fun

Handicrafts with children and paper plates

A great decoration can be made from paper plates and not only! From a paper plate, some coloured paper and some pipe cleaners you can make a great clown as a wall decoration. The paper plates are wonderfully suitable for the production of child face masks. Two are the possibilities here.

One is to use the whole paper plate as a mask, by attaching only one cord so that it sits firmly or you cut the plate through and stick a paper straw on one side to hold it. Even small party hats can be made out of it.

Making simple clown faces out of paper plates

It shall be funny and colourful!

You can make great face masks out of paper plates

Making original face masks

The carnival face mask should complement the costume. Therefore, ask your little ones how they would like to dress up and make the matching mask together. Make one or two more to put one in the hands of unprepared visitors. Great and creative carnival masks can be made from egg cardboard. Also the old sunglasses can quickly change into such. The handprints of your children also result in an effective face mask for carnival. These should only be glued fairly to each other, cut out two holes for the eyes and attach a ribbon or holder.

Creative masks from egg cartons

Make unicorn mask according to pattern

Make sure you have plenty of glitter

Other simple >Crafting with children to carnival can even be free. The old and scratched CD´s can be transformed into colourful clowns. These not only add colour, but also create a blinking effect. As we all know, you can make some creative things out of chlorine rolls. Together with your child you can make a clown or even a confetti cannon out of it. Use paper scraps, paper cups, unnecessary objects and use all your creativity.

Encourage your child’s imagination and have a lot of fun together while doing handicrafts and later at the carnival party!

Increase the mood with homemade confetti cannons

Great idea for handicrafts with toilet rolls to carnival

Making funny green frogs

Handicrafts with pasta for carnival

Turn the old ceramic pots into funny clowns.

The old CD´s make a great carnival decoration there

Let your child make a lion mask out of paper for him/herself

Make a creative children’s mask

A colorful garland suitable for carnival

Have fun doing handicrafts with your child

Party hut from paper plates tinker and colorfully decorate

Making glittering stars as decoration

A creative decoration idea for the children’s room door

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