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Autumn will soon be here with its love of colors. This wonderful season not only enchants with its luxurious colors, but also with the large variety of craft ideas. From the scarecrow made of ice cream sticks, to the leaf sheath made of colorful foliage, to the autumnal wind chimes with pine cones – ours team has summarized 45 nature-inspired DIY ideas for crafting with kids Fall to help you make your own At home decorate beautifully and appropriately for each season.

Handicrafts with children autumn: wonderful DIY projects for tots

The tots are the sun in our lives, but often we don’t have time to play and talk to them. Autumn offers us many beautiful natural materials with which we can create real specimens. The first group of great ideas for handicrafts with children is aimed at the little ones. In addition to the usual leaf printing crafting technique, we also present an unusual idea with "apple printing crafting technique", with which beautiful pumpkins are created on the leaf. For this you need an apple, acrylic paints – green and orange, a sheet of paper and a brush.

Step 1: Cut the apple in two. * Then apply the orange color to the apple and press it onto the leaf.

⇒ Cutting must only be done by adults!

Step 2: Let your child’s imagination run wild and create the desired arrangement of prints.

Step 3: Use a brush to paint green leaves to create a realistic pumpkin.

Step 4: Let the color dry and with the colored sheet you can fold beautiful wish cards.

Crafts with 2-year-old children: printing leaves is a lot of fun

This wonderful guide is very simple. Use the materials that Mother Nature offers you and let autumnal works of art only be created on the wings of creativity with a few leaves of leaves and a colorful palette of acrylic colors.

Crafts with leaves

The next idea in our category “Handicrafts with children in autumn” is for an application in the form of a human. For this you need different shapes, sizes and colors of leaves, leaves, craft glue, paper and a drop of imagination.

Creative craft ideas for children: let pastel pencils melt

This spectacle of colors can be created almost without effort. A pumpkin, different colors of pastel pencils, a glue and a hair dryer are needed. First, remove the cladding of the pens and glue them to the top of the pumpkin. Let the glue dry and then let the pastel sticks melt with the blow dryer.

Crafts with children autumn decoration: DIY wind chime

Windy days are all about the coming season. That is why our contribution cannot ignore great instructions for an autumnal wind chime. The wind chimes are a beautiful ornament not only in the garden, but also in the children’s room. There are many variations of wind chimes, not only to imitate, but also to buy. Take the opportunity to create beautiful autumn decorations with your children. On the next walk in the park you can find all the necessary materials and collect them for free. You can also organize a hidden object game and make the search fun.

The necessary materials:

additional decoration, such as wooden balls and autumn figures

DIY wind chime with autumnal motif

Step 1: Tie the two branches together using the X-shaped twine.

Step 2: Color the stones colorfully, but stick to the theme of "autumn decoration". The colors are yellow, red, orange, brown. Let them dry.

Step 3: Cut a few pieces of twine in different lengths and tie the elements you have along the length of the thread.

Step 4: Use a binding technique to tie the wooden balls onto the twine. First, pull the thread through the hole in the ball. Then you will find the best place for Balls and tie a fourfold knot after the ball.

Step 5: Arrange each piece of thread with the decorative elements according to your taste, so that the different elements are arranged in a line.

Step 6: Tie the pieces of thread on the wooden branches.

The end product: a wind chime you can be proud of.

Many DIY craft ideas for children:


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