5 Animal stories for children – i’m a mother

Children love animal stories, so today we have 5 suggestions for you in which animals are the main characters.

Most children love animals and therefore also animal stories. So it is an excellent idea for your children animal stories to read to entertain them while promoting their desire to read.

We have some great animal stories that we’d like to recommend to you. Your kids will love them!

Animal stories for children

Classic animal stories: The very hungry caterpillar

This is a classic that you will surely know from your childhood: one of the most beautiful animal stories for children from the age of 3 years.

In the pictures we see that the caterpillar is very hungry and eats, and eats and eats … until it finally turns into a butterfly.

A colorful, wonderful book for the Smallest of the family with whom they simple Practice numbers by counting the food the caterpillar eats. Moreover children learn more about the metamorphosis of butterflies.

Do you actually know how I love you?

This simple animal story revolves around one of the most beautiful topics: love! It’s about a little rabbit’s love for his mother. Both want to show each other who loves the other the most. The little rabbit tries, but the size of the mother always makes her win.

But then the little rabbit has a wonderful idea: "What if I carry my love for my mother to the moon? Will their love go that far? ”This story is also for children aged 3 years and over a classic in children’s literature.

About the little mole who wanted to know who hit him on the head

The mole came out of his cave one day and fell with his head into a "brown thing". Angry, he started asking all the animals if they were to blame. But all the answers were negative.

The mole will probably learn the truth? This story is very funny, you and your child will laugh a lot while reading. We recommend the pop-up format. You will have a lot of fun with the movements of the mole and the "thing" on its head!

Funny animal stories: Charlie Chick

Charlie Chick is a chicken that eats so much that it never stops growing. This book should not be missing from our list of animal stories, because it is also very funny. There is also a pop-up version, which is intended for children from 1 year.

Beautiful animal stories: Elmer

Elmer is a likeable, colorful elephant. 8 million copies of this book were sold, so it is also a classic in children’s literature.

The difference between Elmer and the rest of the Horde elephants is the main theme of the story. By reading learns the child has important positive values ​​such as respect, acceptance of being different and friendship.

We wish you good entertainment with these wonderful animal stories!


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