5 Great beaches in thailand for children and families

5 great beaches in Thailand for families with children – our tips!

Who writes here?

We are Victoria, Chris and Liam and would like to tell you about our life in Thailand, Germany and the rest of the world.

The tropical beaches of Thailand are famous and rightly so. We would like to present our latest discovery on the mainland and 4 other favorite beaches of ours – without any claim to completeness, there are simply too many picture-perfect beaches in Thailand.

We have now landed on Koh Phayam ourselves and it is paradise on earth. We have never been to a place that offers so much peace and energy at the same time. All information about Phayam can be found in the detailed island guide Koh Phayam!

Even though our personal focus is on the north of Thailand, we are regularly drawn to the south. Who can resist the call of the sea for a long time? So it happened that we have seen some of Thailand’s beaches over the years. Since we are not or were not full moon party supporters, the ideal beach for us is a lonely and quiet beach. With a child, it no longer has to be as isolated since we now have a little more needs regarding food, company, entertainment and so on.

In our opinion, the following 5 beaches are all suitable for families with children, they have the following in common:

  • Sandy beaches with the finest possible sand and few stones or shells
  • Access to the sea gently sloping
  • Supermarkets and self-catering markets or a reasonable choice of restaurants
  • There are shady palm trees

The ones we are presenting here do not correspond to deserted, isolated Robinson Crusoe fantasies – because they have also not proven to be ideal for our family with children.

Do you want more information about the cost of a Thailand vacation? Then click on the picture below and read our list of costs!

1. Dolphin Bay Beach – Pran Puri (south of Hua Hin)

If you do not have the time and desire for a long journey and do not want to travel so far from Bangkok, you do not have to cut corners. Hua Hin, the oldest beach resort in Thailand, is very close to Bangkok (200 km) and is easily accessible by car / bus, train and plane. The place itself is too crowded for our tastes, albeit entertaining and highly recommended as an excursion. For a longer stay, we recommend the places a little south of Hua Hin. Here are picturesque and lonely bays that invite you to relax and linger. If you want something a little more lively, stay in Cha-Am north of Hua Hin as an alternative.

Fantastic sandy beach in Pranburi

The rocky north end of the long bay

Fishing boats and endless stand

There are many crabs to watch

Above all, we really liked the Pran Buri district (30 km south). A kilometer-long sandy beach invites you to swim and walk. It is lined with palm trees and the beautiful shells are often collected by children and adults alike. There are some restaurants and hotels, but the atmosphere is very calm and relaxed. Our whole family really enjoyed their time here and was very relaxed. It is probably one of these places that relaxes your soul.

Whoever lands here is well advised to rent a car or a scooter. English and a little knowledge of Thai are highly recommended, as not everything is designed for tourism. However, you also get ahead with a smile and body language. There are many offers with houses or bungalows for rent, a lot can be found on airbnb. The all-round carefree package is available as a family at the Dolphin Bay Resort *. It is located directly on the beach and has a pool as well as a playground and children’s entertainment. Thanks to the in-house restaurant, you are completely taken care of.

Find your dream accommodation now *

We have been using the Hanse Merkur for 10 years and have always had good experiences. And the price is great too!

2. Ao Kao Beach – Koh Mak

A very long, picturesque, quiet, fine sandy beach. The palm trees bend idyllically towards the sea, which is turquoise blue here. Also from the water you have a beautiful view of the island. The whole thing is crowned with fantastic sunsets. This has been our absolute favorite beach for many years, as it reminds us of postcard feeling, almost seems kitsch. In the evening you can stroll and eat barefoot on the beach and simply enjoy life. There are almost no cars on the island and self-catering is not possible or at least very cumbersome. The entertainment program is very limited, the focus is clearly on relaxation. For families there are also hotels with a pool and those who can drive a scooter can explore the island in one day. Our hotel tip for families is the Palm Beach Resort for those who like to spend money and the Monkey Island Resort for the frugal visitors.

How to get to Ko Mak and what else you should know about the island can be read here.

Pier at dusk

Pier at dusk

The view from the Monkey Island Resort

Our favorite beach on Koh Mak

Could also appear in a Bacardi advertisement

Lots of sand to play with

Monkey Island, Koh Mak

Is it even more dreamy??

3. Klong Prao Beach – Koh Chang

The northern part of Klong Prao beach is quite calm despite many resorts, the picture is similar south of the lagoon – only the place behind is busier. The beach is snow white and wide and is lined with palm trees. The sea is beautiful for swimming, families in particular have a lot of fun here. Depending on the tide you have some waves or the sea is as smooth as a mirror. There are swings on the entire beach, which are attached to long ropes in the palm trees and allow a unique rocking experience over water. In the evening you can eat at many places on the beach. We particularly liked the Flora I Talay, because here you can smoke a shisha (as of 2016: all shishas have been finally banished, at least for now) and watch the fire show, which is really worth seeing here. Our son always wanted to come back and then replayed the fire show at home!

We can recommend the Flora I Talay * as accommodation, especially the recently added bungalows. It’s not cheap, but that’s generally a problem on Koh Chang – that’s why we always rent a house on the quieter east side.

You can find more information about Koh Chang in this article.

Klong Prao Beach

Fire show at Klong Prao

Sunset at Klong Prao

Beach in front of the Flora i Talay

Typical Koh Chang – giant swings

All-round view in the Siam Royal View

Pure idyll, behind it is a huge swimming pool

Luxurious and stylish

An insider tip of a different kind is the bay at the northern tip of the island, which was developed as a high-end residential complex under the name "Siam Royal View". A dream beach in an almost round bay combined with dream villas, the last three photos above these lines come from there.

From apartments to complete villas with 3 or 4 bedrooms, you can rent everything here. It has its price, but if that doesn’t bother you, you have a wonderful holiday ahead of you. With the Little Sunshine Boutique Resort * there is also a small resort in the complex if you don’t want to do without a hotel service. Otherwise you only have to browse airbnb, many of the houses are rented by the owners on a daily or monthly basis.

4. Baan Tai Beach – Koh Samui

Baan Tai Beach is a great tip for anyone who wants a large island and a quiet beach at the same time. There are simple but nice houses and bungalows for rent, e.g. at Hanalei Gardens. The beach itself is one of the few on the island that is calm and picturesque at the same time. However, it is quite off the beaten track, which didn’t bother us. If you want to stroll every evening, you should either rent a scooter or car or book in Mae Nam, Tongsai or Bophut. These places are beautiful too, but can no longer be described as calm and idyllic. In contrast to Lamai or Chaweng, it is dead silent there, everything is a question of relation.

Very close to the beach, we found one of the best seafood restaurants that a friend of ours ever found in Thailand. It’s called "Bang Por Seafood" and you can find it under the following link on Google Maps. Doesn’t look very appealing from the street, but just the fact that it’s mostly full of Thais in the evening is an unmistakable sign. And when you sit on the beach in the sand it’s nice anyway.

Most tourists prefer to go to where the tablecloths and cutlery are beautiful – Thais eat more, the appearance is relatively unimportant. There are also many regional specialties in the "Bang Por" that are prepared with raw seafood – but we were always told that in advance. If you dare to go there, you will not regret the taste!

5. Kao Lak

Doesn’t go through now as an insider tip, but we like to remember our time there of 9 years. A wide, beautifully fine sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers, including great sunsets and gently sloping sea. However, you do not have this beach for yourself, because it is teeming with hotels and resorts that are lined up here. This is ok if you are looking for a nice beach with entertainment and some nightlife. The advantage here is also that the journey is quite easy since it is still on the mainland and not on an island. For example, you can fly to Phuket and arrive by taxi or directly by car / bus from Bangkok. We were in Nangthong Bay and very satisfied at the time.

What we should not leave unmentioned: we were there 11 months after the tsunami and mostly had the beach to ourselves, many resorts had not yet been restored. But we know from friends who are there regularly that it is still a fairly relaxed beach outside of peak times.

Khao Lak 9 years ago

Lonely and to relax

Khao Lak – beautiful

The ultimate dream beach

A beach or an island that we haven’t been to before but have only heard good things in recent weeks is Koh Phayam on the west coast of Thailand. Friends of ours who used to be followers of Koh Phangan or even had shops there have now fled to Koh Phayam and are enthusiastic about the idyll. We will probably take a closer look next year and maybe expand this article – hopefully! If you want to go there beforehand, you will find accommodations e.g. B. at Agoda *.

These were a few of our beach highlights for families. The list is by no means exhaustive, as there are many other beautiful beaches in Thailand. However, if you want to save time doing your own research, you can’t go wrong with the above beaches.

Who writes here?

We are Victoria, Chris and Liam and would like to tell you about our life in Thailand, Germany and the rest of the world.

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