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Did you know that around 25 percent of your customers are currently in the middle of family planning and are having children?
If you look at the younger generation not only from a demographic point of view, but as a new target group, you will see an interesting market.

Promotional items for children

Our offspring are very interesting for the advertising industry because they have a decent amount of purchasing power. According to a consumer analysis, our 6 to 13 year olds can spend around 4.5 billion euros.

Parents like companies that give away a free promotional product that their kids can play safely with, and the kids love it too, of course.

In addition to the obvious positive effects that kid-friendly freebies bring, everyone knows that a happy baby makes a happy mom (which in turn always makes a happy family).

Here are my tips for innovative promo products that are well suited for children:

1: Ingenious rubber duck

Who doesn’t love bath ducks? Ernie from Sesame Street loves her, I know that, and my children too!

We certainly have 1000 things in our house: clothes, toys, books and more – but nothing surpasses the age-old classic, the rubber duck bath toy.

In our household there is NO bathroom without our adorable yellow duck. Whether your duck likes to swim with you in warm water or monitor your bathing child from the edge of the tub, there is no better way to promote your company and see smiling children’s faces than with this classic bath time.

Rubber duck for children

Price example:
Bath duck 5 × 5.5 × 5 cm made of PVC, incl. 1-color. print
Quantity: 1,000 pieces
Unit price: € 1.12, net plus printing costs and shipping

2: Personalized piggy bank

In times like these, it is advisable to save and increase your wealth.

With this adorable piggy bank, you can start teaching your child the importance of money and financial stability as quickly as possible.

Whether the kids are trying to save for ice cream, a new toy, or a new bike, it’s an excellent way to learn about the importance of saving while improving your corporate image.

Price example:
Piggy bank, size 9x7x7 cm made of PVC in various colors, incl. 1-color. print
Quantity: 500 pieces
Unit price: € 1.98, net plus printing costs and shipping

3: Soap bubble ball

Like most children and young-at-heart adults, my daughter loves soap bubbles!

Whether in the garden or in the bathtub, she is happy as long as she has soap bubbles.

Give the children hours of fun with these tiny soap bubble containers.

They easily fit in a handbag or diaper bag, or if you’re afraid of being lost, they can be worn over a neck strap.

With your logo on the promotional item, you can smile, giggle and spread your brand across the city!

Price example:
Soap bubbles round or heart-shaped, content 30 ml with neck strap, incl. 1-color. print
Quantity: 1,000 pieces
Unit price: € 1.08, net plus printing costs and shipping

4: Plush bear

Ok, I have to admit…. I chose this particular product because I love it!

In general, teddy bears and soft toys are great promotional items that are not a safety hazard for children. You can dress them up or wear them according to a certain motto – the possibilities are endless! Print your logo on the tiny t-shirt (choose from more than 12 colors) and your company is sure to get a few awards to get.

I still have a teddy bear with a Cubs jersey in my house that was a gift from a carpet company I worked with.

My little girl still loves it today. And do you know what? Every time I see it, I think about the company’s prudence and see its name.

What more do you want for your company?

Price example:
soft plush bear with t-shirt incl. transfer print 50 × 35 mm
Quantity: 100 pieces
Unit price: € 6.95, net plus printing costs and shipping

5: Mini easel

This article is also awesome. It supports the creativity of our children, brings Fun and it is an absolute novelty in the field of promotional items for children.

With the small brush and the 3 acrylic colors, the small and large artists can realize themselves.

With this article, our little ones have to think about themselves and not let a television program or computer game drizzle them over. It is extremely important that children try out creatively during the development phase. This enables you to learn skills and abilities that will help you later when choosing a career.

Price example:
Mini canvas, with brush and 3 acrylic colors. Size 8 × 1.8 × 14.5 cm incl. 1 color. print
on the individual packaging
Quantity: 250 pieces
Unit price: € 2.30, net plus printing costs and shipping

These are just a few of my favorite items from a wide selection that concept promotional items have to offer.

Remember, just like with every purchase you make – double and triple check to see if an item finds your approval before giving it to a child!

Small items should never be given to infants or toddlers. Keyword: product safety.


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