5 Reasons why it is worth buying used children’s clothing, the father’s side

Opinions differ on the subject of second-hand clothing for children. Some are convinced that used children’s clothing is the best choice, other parents consider it inconceivable to provide their children with clothing that has already been worn. But however you stand on the topic: used baby and children’s clothing is very popular and is offered everywhere and gladly bought. Whether at children’s flea markets, in the Facebook marketplace, on eBay or in special children’s second-hand shops: There is a large supply and demand. When their own children have grown out of their clothes, many mothers and fathers pack the things in boxes for eBay, flea markets & Co. – finally leaves to earn good money with it. The items are then sold individually or in boxes.

Whole boxes with lots of boy or girl clothes for a certain age are also happy to be sold. Especially for babies and toddlers such complete packages are often offered, in which everything from a cap to an ankle can be found for a certain phase of life. So parents can save a lot of money.

In fact, it’s not just financial reasons why it’s worth buying used children’s clothing.

5 reasons why it’s worth it, used children’s clothing >Washed out toxins: most of the clothes that we buy new are contaminated. Fortunately, the chemicals wash out. The chemical load is reduced per wash cycle. And so second-hand clothes are actually healthier for the children, because they have been washed more often and therefore contain fewer chemicals.

environmentally friendly & sustainable: We produce far too much clothing and throw away clothes too quickly: a huge environmental sin. But if you buy second-hand clothes, you are doing something good for the environment, because nothing new has to be produced, no new raw materials are required, no water is used and polluted, and no environmental toxins are used. Buying second-hand goods is therefore not only environmentally friendly, but also sustainable.

Good quality because worn only for a short time: Children grow out of their clothes so quickly that the second-hand clothes offered by the children are usually in very good condition. Baby clothes in particular are only worn for a very short time, since the little babies grow at a tremendous pace. Many parents admit that some of the baby clothes were not even worn because the child had grown out too quickly.

Large selection: So many used children’s clothes are sold that the selection is really endless. There is something for every taste! Even branded clothing for children is available for attractive prices.

Unbeatable price: Used children’s clothing is many times cheaper than new children’s clothing. Sometimes second-hand children’s clothing only costs between € 0.50 and € 1.00 per item of clothing. Parents really save a lot of money. Thrown into the washing machine at home, the new garment can then be worn with a clear conscience. And especially for the small children, it is only important that the clothes fit and comfortable are. It doesn’t matter to the little ones whether they are new or have already been worn by another child.

By the way, it is always worth asking in the family or among friends for clothes for the children. Many have saved the clothes of their own children and are happy to give them away to good friends or family members.

How do you do that, dad? Do you also buy second-hand clothes for your children? Or do you only buy new clothes? Let us know in the comments.


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