5 things that have caused 14 days of minimalism! Moms blog, the practical family blog!

5 things that caused 14 days of minimalism!

Minimalism – Update: This is how I feel after 14 days

Now my runs Minimalism project already over 2 weeks and I would like to tell you today how my life has changed in the last 14 days. If you are my first be >-> Here You can read again, what minimalism means to me and how I started. In my 2nd post -> here then it’s about what I did with the sorted out things and why it was so difficult for me to give up some things.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised that I’m still sticking to this project. Usually my dwindles motivation namely after just a few days as fast as it came. This time it seems different. Maybe that’s because I realize how well the consistent mucking is doing to me. But it may also be helpful that this time I am trying to get away from mine “All or nothing” Motto to say goodbye and my goal for once with me small steps details.

5 effects of consistent mold removal

Let me start with the positive points:

1. I have more time:

Although I have devoted myself almost every day to a small project (for example, a drawer, a cupboard, or my wallet) -> Pictures you see later in this post), I have felt much more time. And not only that: for the first time in a long time, I have the feeling that I am to delete more points from my list than to get new ones at the same time. That makes me calmer and more relaxed!

2. I have a better overview!

For example, about my wardrobe, but also about the various kitchen cabinets and even in my wallet, I no longer have to look for the Payback card forever.

3. I spend a lot less money

The sentence: “Do I really need that?” Is so present in my mind that I already weigh in the store, whether I REALLY need the respective part or it soon lands in a garbage bag – what my money is then too bad for me. This miserable “stockpiling” has finally come to an end. I’m really buying wisely at the moment!

4. I feel lighter!

With every big garbage bag I throw into the container, I feel a little bit lighter! gloriously!

After 4 positive points, I must also mention a negative point:

5. I am sometimes a bit more relaxed

So far, the chaos of the children has never really bothered me. I did not think it was really nice, but it was not that bad. Well, where I am pleased about the new order, that has changed a bit: Suddenly, it annoys me, if the shoes are not on the shoe bank in the hallway and instead fly around in the living room. But that’s not the point. It should continue to be relaxed with us. Maybe it just takes a little time to get used to the new situation. &# 128521;

Now that you know how my cleanup project impacted my life, let me quickly show you what I’ve cleaned up so:

I cleaned up that:

On Instagram you can follow my clean-up actions almost live. Here are at least some impressions. For example, from my spice cupboard:

As well as my highlight of the last week: The picture of my hallway cabinet that Marie Kondo, the Japanese bestselling author of the “Cleanup Bible” Magic Cleaning ( -> Click here for the free print template of my budget / cleaning plan.

Oh yes, I have a little trick for you: I got used to it, 3 times a day (ie morning, noon and evening) my current favourite song to turn up loud and while I stop cleaning up as many things as possible. It’s amazing how much you can do in these 3-4 minutes!

Now, as always, I am looking forward to your comments. Do you have any tips for me? Or questions for me? Just write me!

More articles about Minimalism / Magic Cleaning can be found here on my blog:

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