5 tips for a short break in Germany with children

5 tips for a short break in Germany with children

Short vacation in Germany: The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner. The summer holidays are approaching. More and more families decide to spend their holidays in Germany. And for good reason: short distances, low prices, no language barriers.

In this article I introduce you to five interesting holiday destinations for a short break in Germany with children. That’s not enough? Then have a look at the article “When, where? The best destinations for each month” or “the most beautiful destinations for a holiday in Germany with children of travel bloggers”.

Canoeing at the Mecklenburg Lake District

The Mecklenburg Lake District is also known as the Land of 1000 Lakes. A beautiful natural landscape with rich green forests and lots of water.

When Erik was still a baby, I often went with him to the Mecklenburg Lake District. The summers in Mecklenburg are also much more beautiful, warmer and sunnier than in NRW.

The many lakes around the Müritz are connected by canals and are therefore ideal for canoe tours lasting several days. You don’t have to worry about renting a canoe here, because the Mecklenburg Lake District has them like sand on the sea. Kanatu.de is one of them. On the website you will also find concrete tour suggestions and you can decide whether you want to do a tour lasting several days or simply borrow a canoe and always sail from your holiday bungalow in the morning in another direction.

If canoeing is not for you, you can change to a bicycle, go hiking, visit the bear forest or the summer toboggan run and the monkey forest, go for a trolley ride or … At the Mecklenburg Lake District the possibilities with children seem limitless.

Where to book? On DERTOUR you will find family-friendly hotels and holiday apartments.

Visit an amusement park – Legoland, Europapark, Phantasialand and …

There are now more than 50 amusement parks in Germany. If you don’t have much time and want to spend an adventurous weekend with lots of adrenaline and action, you don’t have to drive far. The biggest amusement parks even offer overnight stays in their own hotels and resorts. With my son I tried the Tropical Islands. The Tropical Islands is an artificial island in a zeppelin hall near Berlin.

Recently the outdoor area Amazonia was opened. Now the Tropical Islands is no longer just a bad weather alternative.

The most popular amusement park is the Europapark. Located near Freiburg, the park offers an exciting program and over 100 attractions and shows. To see a lot, it is worth spending the night here. The choice of overnight accommodations would be difficult for me. In the Europapark one can stay overnight in a knight’s castle, a Colosseum or a Spanish Finca, in order to name only some overnight accomodation possibilities. When one gets out of the park, one has literally seen the whole of Europe.

Where to book? You can book offers and tickets conveniently online at DERTOUR.

Make holiday on the farm in the Bavarian forest

Vacation in the country is at the top of many families’ list. When asked where the eggs or bread come from or where the potatoes and carrots grow, many children unfortunately don’t know the answer. On a holiday on a farm, the gaps in education can be closed very practically – to touch and not far away.

The little ones can get to know rural life, watch the farmer at work or even help out, milk the cows or feed the pigs.

Where to book? You can find a list of farms in the Bavarian Forest here.

Cycling on Lake Constance

The region around Lake Constance is ideal for spending relaxing and active holidays with the whole family. With smaller children you can explore the surrounding area on a boat trip and visit the many swimming pools, leisure parks and zoos. With older children you can take advantage of the huge range of water sports on offer or go on cycling tours in the surrounding area.

Many tour operators offer special bicycle tours for families with children. True to the motto that riding alone is stupid, kids can quickly make friends with their peers. Such family bike trips usually last several days and are so well organised that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Where to book? Also here DERTOUR has a suitable offer.

Beach holiday and mudflat hiking on a North Sea island

Borkum, Baltrum, Juist are just a few of the beautiful islands our North Sea has to offer. Fresh sea air, relaxation, miles of sandy beaches. The North Sea is only a stone’s throw away and can be easily reached by train from almost every corner. If you only have a small budget for a family holiday and would still like to go to the sea, I can recommend the youth hostels of the DJH. I recently visited the island of Borkum with my son. We stayed in a youth hostel for the first time and really liked it. How the prices are and what a youth hostel has to offer for families with children, you can read in my last article.

What are you doing this summer? I am looking forward to your comments

This contribution was made with the kind support of DERTOUR.

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