5 tips for Dubai with small children

When you travel with small children, you have your own special demands. You don’t need the best tips for going out, but maybe you’d rather know if you can find a taxi with a child seat, where you can spend the day with children or if there are sunshades on the beach! Here I have collected our worth knowing tips for Dubai with small children, which you simply MUST know for visiting Dubai with small children.

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Tip no. 1: Careem Taxi Service

You can easily order a Careem Taxi via an app on your mobile phone. You can order the taxi immediately or choose a later time when the taxi should be at a certain place. You can choose between different taxi categories, which differ in equipment and comfort: e.g. Economy, Business, First Class, Maxi and in our case: Careem Kids! The special thing about the Kids version: A child seat is ALWAYS in the taxi! But really only one. (Fortunately we had at least for Sophia this emergency solution “in the backpack”.) Normal taxis unfortunately have no child seats at all and you cannot order any (as of October 2017). The child seats we saw in the Careem cars were all installed correctly. But attention, a lot of luggage does not fit into the cars, they are not station wagons or something. So for the way from or to the airport maybe not suitable, or you need two taxis. By the way, the Careem drivers were always incredibly nice and helpful, and everyone speaks English anyway! With the app you can see exactly where the assigned driver is at the moment (and which license plate he has, as well as a photo of the driver and the rating) and the meeting worked quite well. At the Dubai Mall, for example, there are designated Careem Pick Up areas, but there are 2 quite next to each other – on 2 different levels – so we were a bit confused once. It should also be noted that Careem also pays for waiting times, and that the price is generally higher than normal taxis. But the equipment is a bit more comfortable. ;) Also to consider: If you order a taxi in the app, a driver has been assigned to you and is on your way, and you change your mind and don’t need a taxi anymore, you still have to pay a basic price (25 AED).

Tip no. 2: Kite Beach

At this public beach near the Jumeirah hotels you can rent umbrellas individually or with sunbeds and even towels. There is also a kind of beach promenade with a jogging track, and a small climbing park/playground for older people (which was too warm for us). Kite Beach offers a few restaurants and some food trucks with juices, tortillas and the like. There are also clean toilets and showers where you can change before and after your beach visit. The beach is wonderfully bright and very clean, the water warm like a bathtub. Nearby there is a bus stop where Hop-on-Hop-off buses stop, from here it is only a short walk to the beach. The “Public Beach” is a bit next to the Kite Beach, but offers neither sunshades nor restaurants or food trucks.

Tip no. 3: Dubai Mall (Dubai Fountain, Kidzania, Cheesecake Factory, Burj Khalifa)

Little tip for savers: if you want to visit the Dubai Aquarium and visit the Burj Khalifa, you can buy a cheap combination ticket via GetYourGuide (Affiliate Link).

Tip no. 4: Hotel vs. Resort

In the run-up to the trip, one has to consider whether one wants to stay relaxed in a resort that one practically does not have to leave. There you will find all activities and restaurants, a carefree package. Then one should choose one of the super resorts and enjoy it.

The other option – a hotel with a pool – is ideal if you want to get to know Dubai. Because then it is of course nonsense to choose a high-priced resort when you want to get out! Especially on the Palm, one is already quite isolated and the traffic along the “trunk” likes to clump and might spoil the trip to the city. One can also choose a centrally located hotel with a pool instead of a whole resort. Then one can also be at the pool, and otherwise simply discover the city. You have to think about something like this beforehand, both certainly have advantages and disadvantages, like everything in life.

We have chosen a good hotel with pool in a safe and beautiful environment, centrally located not far from Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa in Business Bay. This is the newly emerging financial district of Dubai, where you can also walk a bit. This was of course very child-friendly, because otherwise there is a lot going on inside because of the heat in Dubai and the city is not designed for pedestrians.

Tip no. 5: Pack indoor jackets against colds

If you think of Dubai, desert and heat come to mind immediately. In general you only need light summer clothes! Except in the mall, in the taxi, in the hotel, in the restaurant,… As soon as you are somewhere “inside”, it gets cold. There you often have 10-20 degrees temperature difference to outside! Even the bus stops are cooled down to just above freezing. Such temperature differences cause one thing in children (and parents): a bad cold. And who wants sick children on holiday?! (We had this now 1.5 weeks in Indonesia, no fun.) The rescue is quite simple: Cardigans and scarves for all pack and put on according to need. And of course in the restaurant rather take the place, which is not directly in the train of the air conditioner. And in the taxi they like to turn away the ventilation so that the little ones are not shock-frozen. In the hotel room we also always turned off the air conditioning at night, as our dwarves like to uncover each other and I didn’t pack any thick sleeping things for 18 degrees ;)

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