52 hours in new york

52 hours in New York

Last year, when I reported to a friend of my Stopover Tour Island – New York, she looked at me incredulously. “You want to go to New York for a weekend?” She could not believe that I could experience such a city in such a short time without stress. And yes – New York is huge. However, anyone who makes sure in advance what he wants to see, can also stroll through New York quite relaxed. I spent only two full days in “Big Apple” and discovered so much. Do you want to go on my journey with me? Let’s go!

Arrived in New Jersey

It’s 5pm local time when I arrive at Newark Airport on my Wow Air flight. New environment and darkness – not so easy to find your way around here. After a good hour I am sitting in the train direction Penn Station – good that I clarified in advance with the accommodation the later arrival. The trains from Newark Airport to Manhattan go every half hour and so it takes only an hour to spit in the bustle of Manhattan.

New York during the day. At night it is a little less busy.

I’m hungry – but I’m not alone with this idea and need a bit longer with really great luggage to find a suitable place. As you might expect, a burger will stand up quickly. No more than 10 minutes later I’m back at a stop – this time on the subway to Brooklyn – the last stop for this day.

Brooklyn at night

I feel some excitement as I sit in the subway direction Brooklyn. Often I’ve been traveling alone, but never in such a big city like New York. I knew – if someone would pursue me I would be an easy target with my huge backpack. And yet this fear was unfounded. Brooklyn looks much darker at night than Manhattan – but it’s pretty safe.

It is still 26 degrees and I’m glad to walk only 600 meters to my accommodation. It is located in a quiet side street. Armed with a security code, I come quickly to my key and thus in my room. Simple but clean and up to the air conditioning it is quite comfortable. The bathroom is opposite in my hallway. I am tired. I set the alarm clock to 5:30 clock. Good night Brooklyn.

Sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge

The jetlag makes it possible – I wake up without problems at 05:30 clock. It’s still dark outside and it almost seems like I’m the only one awake in this huge city. Today, I’m planning a Powertag that will start at the Brooklyn Bridge in just over an hour. After a shower, I’m about 15 minutes later at the door and try to find my way to the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s not so easy, because in the dark, I also run away promptly.

A few minutes late then I find the staircase to the bridge and a short time later I’m almost the only one who looks at this side of Manhattan in the first sunlight. I pick a bank – grab a New York bagel (I love the 24h shops!) And enjoy my first few hours in the big city.

The vibrations of the bridge, the honking of the cars and the people who are getting more and more – I like New York in the morning. After a few pictures, it’s time for me to move on. From tomorrow, a change in weather has been announced. After 13 degrees in Iceland, I enjoy the mini-summer in early October!

Walk through the “old” New York

The Brooklyn Bridge is getting fuller and I decide to move on. Just behind the bridge begins the “power center” of New York. Here in the Civic Center is the City Hall and the court as well as some other administrative buildings. Everything looks so different from what I imagined for a city like Big Apple.

Almost classic, flat and yet with a strong presence. The city hall on weekdays probably also guides – too stupid that I’m only in the weekend in New York. Before the court, I also run promptly in filming and will be scared away. I knew – that I have seen these stairs and this building more often on the screen! It’s only a stone’s throw to the Chinese Quarter of New York and yet I have to leave it alone today. Because I have a date on Union Square!

A date at Union Square

Until then I only know Petrina online – she is a journalist and has been living in the big city on the Hudson River for several years now. Her blog “Moment-NewYork.de” is not about the classic sights and must dos – rather it shows the everyday life and the life in such a world metropolis.

Petrina and I in the Grand Central Station

And so our meeting place is also a place where many New Yorkers stop by – the Fresh Market on Union Square. Here are regional fruits and vegetables, for $ 25 but I could have bought real New Yorker honey here.

I settle for a fresh juice on this beautiful day and sit down with Petrina on a bench in the shade of the trees in Union Square. We have a close relationship with each other and it is almost as if we meet regularly here. I find Petrina’s view of the city very exciting. “What are you going to do today?” She asks me. I tell her that I still want to go to Central Station. “It is not far away – I accompany you!” Is her answer.

The stories of New York Central Station

Only one stop away from Union Square, I meet a very different world. And through the stories of Petrina, this place becomes even more alive. There’s the Whispering Arch in the basement, there’s a little hole in the ceiling and the clock that seems to be found in almost every New York movie.

And Petrina tells me about some exciting discoveries that we just have to look up to. The ceiling of the Grand Central Station has so many stories to tell.

The one from the small hole that can still be seen in the sky of the station due to a misjudged rocket in the late 1950s. Or the little corner that shows how old the station once was. The subject of secrets of the Grand Central Station Petrina has covered in detail on her blog – but beware! addictive!

Petrina has to move on and I have a lot going for this day as well. That’s why I’ll take the bus back to the south to Lower Manhattan.

A walk through The Battery

I admit it – first I had really thought about hiring myself in the tourist queue to the Statue of Liberty. Price and duration of the waiting gave me enough arguments to decide against it.

So I strolled through the Battery Park and discovered not only a beautiful park and gardens in the middle of Manhattan – but also cafes and many places to relax and linger. Also off Central Park New York is quite green!

By ferry to Staten Island

From Petrina I had the recommendation to take the ferry to Staten Island. The same is free and offers not only the shortest route to Staten Island, but also some great views.

On board, I was certainly not the only tourist and yet I was very happy with the choice of my place on board. I immediately went to the bottom deck, where cars and bicycles are allowed on the ferry. There was not much going on here – only a few locals stood around waiting impatiently for the arrival.

In the about twenty-minute drive, I had not only a great view of the statue (one way) and the skyline (return), but also some nice talks. I did not want to lose a lot of time in Staten Island and got the tip on the same ferry but right back again.

And indeed – a few minutes later I was back on the ferry again. Pity for Staten Island – but I still have some plans!

From memorials and memorials in New York

Barely aboard, my way leads me straight to the One World Trade Center. From tomorrow, the weather should be worse and I hope for a not too long queue. Unfortunately, I’m unlucky – because with about an hour of waiting my whole plan is broken.

I postpone my visit to the next day and have some time. Time to take a look at the memorial on 11 September – time to discover something else around the economic center of New York. In a green area, for example, I discover a piece of the Berlin Wall and another piece of art also arouses my attention.

It’s called “The Sphere” and originally stood between the two towers of the WTC. The sculpture of 1971 survived – though badly damaged – the destruction and is now built very close to its old location. Also because today nothing is to be seen from the misfortune of 2001 – this memorial makes me realize the impact of the whole once again, what happened.

A station of a special kind

I have to get on my way slowly. In about 1 1/2 hours is sunset. I want to experience it today on Coney Island. Time to break up! Not without marveling at the most impressive subway station in the world – The Occulus. Man looks futuristic!

Salsa and Ferris wheels on Coney Island

Yes, the way from Manhattan to Coney Island is tough. But this time I catch the right connection and almost 50 minutes later I am in a completely different part of the world metropolis. And I love it. The mood – the “fun park” and especially the beach passage, which in the summer probably so a few sun-hungry New Yorkers on the Iceland lure.

I take off my shoes and socks and put them in the still warm sand. The sun – the light – the mood (in the background people dance salsa) and the impressions of the day make for an emotional confusion. I miss my friend and somehow I somehow enjoy the moment for myself all alone.

Only when the sun goes down I look around at the rides. One part has already closed or is about to close. I am so lucky that the Wonder Wheel will allow me one more lap. I do not have to queue up and have one of the lattice cabins for me alone.

Thank God, not those who move within themselves. That would have been a little too much for me then. So I enjoy a few laps on the Ferris wheel, which has been in Coney Island since 1919. A sight of a special kind.

But even so, Coney Island is special. A hot dog to go and a good 90 minutes after sunset, I’m finally back in the hotel. Nightlife? None. I’m just flat!

One World Observatory Center

The next morning I sleep out. It’s not until half past nine that I wake up in the house with noises – and look out of the window into a rather gloomy sky. I’ll slow things down a bit today – the One World Trade Center, New York’s tallest building, a visit to Soho and a visit to the Public Libary.

On Twitter, I got the recommendation but a ticket to reserve. When I booked an online ticket for just under $ 23, grabbed my backpack and set off. This time I went with the Q-Train, which does not cross the Hudsonriver underground, but over a bridge.

The trouble with the ticket I would not have had to do when I was at the gates of the entrance – I could not discover a snake. Looking up, I realized why. The top of the skyscraper was completely in the clouds. “You can come back again” offered me the service at the entrance.

However, the weather forecast promised only rain for the next 24 hours and so I chose the path despite the prospect of no view.

Time travel in the elevator of the One World Trade Center

Even the presentation of the entrance is exciting. Here I find out why New York is so ideal for skyscrapers (due to its soil condition) and walk through a small exhibition to the elevator. Hardly anyone is still on the road – and so I climb into the elevator with two young ladies. That really is really exciting – because during the driveway, I experience on monitors as New York has grown and developed. The highlight of the trip should be at the end of a look at the current skyline – but we only look in a dense mist soup.

So I look around a bit and discover many exciting things. The miniature skyline, which should prevent people from sitting in the window, the cardinal directions and screens on the ground. I’m getting hungry and treat myself to a cheesecake for $ 15.

It happens – the cloud cover tears open. And I have a view of Manhattan, New Jersey and the surrounding area. Incredibly impressive!

Book Love in Manhattan

After about 1 1/2 hours I have enough of views. Back on the ground of the facts, I look again at the St. Pauls Chapel over – which has unfortunately closed because of renovations. Alright – next time!

I’m going on a bus this time – and I am almost directly on my way to my next “Must Do”. The Public Libary. And yes – even from the outside I am a little bit in love with the building. Classical – sublime yet simple – that’s what libraries must look like. After a bag check, I’m in the middle of it all and look at pictures and exhibitions in the various floors.

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