7 Common mistakes in parenting – i’m a mother

Most parents are probably wondering whether they are doing everything right when raising children. It is important to recognize mistakes in the upbringing so that we can be better parents for our children.

If you happen to be common Child raising errors you can avoid that help, to become a better mother or a better father.

Many parents feel insecurity and fear when it comes to raising their children. This is because they are not sure how best to guide and discipline their children.

Parents often ask themselves the following questions: How do I get my child to listen to me? Am I too strict, too authoritarian or too gentle??

Common mistakes in raising children

Knowing the mistakes you shouldn’t make when raising your children can be extremely useful. This knowledge, along with the precautions you can take, will prevent you from causing emotional wounds. Remember that your children cannot grow up without guidance or a role model.

1. Imbalance in authority

One of the biggest Child raising errors is that parents don’t have the same criteria for your child divide. When children receive conflicting messages, they don’t know who to obey. As a result, they feel confused and without clear indications.

If you don’t have a clear or uniform message ready, the best thing to do is to say, "We’ll talk about it later and then give you an answer." This also helps convey that the family is a solid and reliable unit.

2. A lack of continuity is a mistake in raising children

Parents should not let moods influence how they discipline their children. In other words, you shouldn’t allow your child to behave in a certain way depending on whether you’re feeling happy, angry, or tired.

In this case, children receive a confusing message. Parents should keep in mind that raising children at all times should be fair and rational.

3. Use derogatory expressions towards children

Unfortunately, it happens very often, that parents disrespectfully speak to their children. For example, they can use expressions such as "I knew you would break it" or "You always disappoint me".

However, adults should try, to maintain their role as educators and also to control their attitudes, even if the child provokes them.

4. Unfulfilled promises

Many children feel discouraged and disappointed when parents tell them that they deserve gifts or prizes and then fail to keep their promises.

For example, parents can irritate with rewards to encourage children to meet their school commitments, do all their chores, or just behave well.

But when the child has achieved its goal, the parents do not keep their promise and the child receives no reward. Adults have to be realistic about offering rewards and then fulfill them accordingly.

5. Do not set clear limits

A common mistake in parenting is not having clear guidelines for the children. This means, Parents have no uniform criteria or set limits.

When children are small, it is easier to solve the difficulties. However, you should note that control and Authority in youth is usually lost.

This makes it difficult for them to adhere to established guidelines. Therefore, set up concrete and age-appropriate rules that can be followed.

When it comes to discipline, parents shouldn’t be influenced by their own moods.

6. Be friends with your children

It is a mistake to treat children like friends because the role of the educator has to be fulfilled. Children need the parent’s authority figure. Naturally the parent should always act within a framework that is based on fairness and mutual trust.

7. A mistake in bringing up children is to set a bad example

Generally, parents ask their children to behave and not do bad things. However, children can see how their parents do these “bad” things themselves.

Inconsistencies are harmful and adversely affect children. To lead by bad example, also reduces the legality of parental authority and reduces moral strength.

Proposals for raising children

Finally, we present some ideas that you can put into practice so that you don’t make the mistakes mentioned above when raising your children.

  • Set clear and appropriate limits.
  • Children need structure, order and firm rules.
  • Let your children feel the consequences of their actions, as this promotes their autonomy and independence.
  • Give them age-appropriate tasks that they can perform.
  • Do not tolerate undesirable behaviors, that can lead to bad behavior in the long run.

In short, the above-mentioned mistakes in raising children can lead to bad behaviors that continue into adulthood. By identifying these mistakes, you can avoid them and give your children a better upbringing.


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