7 Destinations for your autumn vacation – vacation with children, but where to?

7 destinations for your autumn vacation - vacation with children, but where to?

7 destinations for your autumn vacation – vacation with children, but where to?

The choice of travel destinations for your vacation in the autumn vacation with the children is large – inevitably the question arises: autumn vacation – vacation with children – but where to? After all, in a family all members want to be considered.

A cozy wish to relax in the fall suddenly meets children’s action and a thirst for adventure. One thing is clear in any case, if you spend your autumn vacation as a holiday in the motorhome, adventures and a sense of freedom await you every day, but maybe not enough for the little ones. We have therefore selected 7 travel destinations for your autumn holidays with children, from the German North Sea coast to Lake Garda in Italy, where you can put the last summer sunshine in autumn in your luggage.

Autumn holidays – spending holidays with children in Germany

The way is not far, the travel destinations are varied and family-friendly – Germany impresses in the autumn holidays with a vacation by the sea, in the sun and in the mountains, including child-friendly campsites.

Autumn holidays vacation with children on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany, even in autumn. Here you can collect chestnuts and use them to make funny figures, fly kites or spend an eventful day as a family in the holiday parks for children. The dinosaur land on Rügen is ideal for small children, because there you can marvel at life-size dinosaurs. In addition, the cliffs and chalk cliffs of Rügen are also an attraction in autumn with their colorful leaves. On the sandy beaches there are numerous shells or algae with which you can decorate beautiful sand castles and the bike paths are also well developed. Rügen is a great travel destination for the whole family during the autumn holidays and holidays with children on the Baltic Sea. But the mainland on the Baltic Sea is also suitable for a family-friendly trip with the motorhome. Climb one of the numerous lighthouses on the coast or take part in one of the kite festivals in autumn. The animal world also attracts with a unique autumnal natural spectacle. The cranes in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park are getting ready for their long journey south and are strengthening themselves one last time before the flight. On guided hikes you get closer to the migratory birds and can learn a lot about them.

Autumn holidays vacation with children on the North Sea

Norderney, the North Sea island in autumn, stands for relaxation, rest, fresh air and snuggling up in your camper. The paths on the island are short, so perfect for children. In the east of the island is the national park, where you can take hours of walks in the dunes and on the beach, watch birds or return to the sweet cafés for a hot chocolate. Also in the west there are sparkling white beaches where the salty floods make high waves. Incidentally, Norderney is also the perfect island for spending the autumn holidays as a vacation with children and dogs. The four-legged friends also like the numerous hiking trails through the Wadden Sea National Park, dogs are also welcome on most campsites. However, these are only partially open until the end of October, so it’s worth asking if you don’t want to stand in front of closed gates.

Holidays in the autumn holidays at Lake Constance

If the North or Baltic Sea is too unsafe for you due to the weather, then we have another answer to the question "Autumn vacation – vacation with children where should we go?". Lake Constance in the border triangle between Germany, Austria and Switzerland is one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany, not least because of the family-friendliness and the mild climate. The area can be wonderfully explored by bike from the campsite, because the roads are flat and the Lake Constance cycle path leads along the lake. You can expect the pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen, the Affenberg in Salem or you can storm the flower island of Mainau together. A visit to Lake Constance during the autumn holidays is also worthwhile, because up to 12,000 dahlias will bloom in a wide variety of colors. You don’t even know if you should find the colorful leaves or the magnificent dahlias in autumn. In addition to flowers, the island of Mainau also has a lot more to offer for families:

  • Adventure playground for all ages
  • A farm with a petting zoo, pony rides and alpacas
  • A colorful farm garden where you can admire the native vegetation

But of course you can also go on a sea cruise or relax with a good book on Lake Constance. Not far from a vacation during the autumn vacation at Lake Constance is our next travel alternative for the autumn days.

Autumn vacation with children in the mountains

If you want to experience nature in detail again and can’t get enough of fresh air, the best way is to go hiking! In contrast to the often rainy spring, autumn has the advantage that it is golden, especially in the southern regions of Germany or in Austria, and is therefore ideal for hiking. The leaves inspire you in all colors, the tree tops shine brightly, your children can collect chestnuts, which you can then prepare together in the mobile home or make fun figures out of. The ground is littered with mushrooms and the last warm rays of sun warm your back, which makes your vacation in the autumn holidays in the mountains perfect.

Now the only question is: In the autumn holidays, vacation with children – where should we go? Let us concentrate on the vacation in our neighboring country Austria.

1. Panning for gold with the kids in the Rauris Valley

Not only autumn shimmers golden, the real gold finds in the Rauris Valley also shine with a precious metal. At three gold panning sites you can try your luck and follow in the footsteps of the old gold diggers and maybe you will not only come back with your great experience from the autumn vacation with children, but also with a large lump of gold. However, the gold panning sites are only open until the end of September, so you should find out beforehand whether your travel time matches the opening hours. In addition to panning for gold, the area is ideal for hikes of all lengths and difficulties. For bad weather, the thermal spa in Bad Gastein is nearby. But there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

2. Geology easily explained in Waidring

The small town in Tyrol gives another answer to the question: “Autumn holidays – vacation with children, but where to?”. A nearly four kilometer long educational trail has tasks for young and old. The children learn new things in a playful way about geology and the different geological ages. Particularly impressive is a life-size dinosaur and the viewing platform, from which you have a wonderful view of the Hohe Tauern and the Kitzbüheler and Zillertal Alps. But what should not be missing on vacation in the autumn holidays in the mountains? Exactly, the hiking! The many high peaks invite you to mountaineering in this area in autumn and let you be active as a family.

3. Carinthia action and Heidi’s mountains

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi! The classic never gets old – especially not if you can experience Heidi up close. The Heidi-Alm is open until the end of October and invites the whole family with the children’s adventure park in Heidi’s footsteps. Admittedly, even for us adults, the alpine girl has not lost sympathy. The offer is wide, from marmot observation to wooden playgrounds, for an exciting day between Heidi figures. Not far away is the Nocky Flitzer summer toboggan run, which promises adrenaline rushes. But there is also a zoo not far, which can fill the next day of the autumn vacation with the children and your vacation in the mountains.

With so many programs in one landscape, it is clear that the answer to the question "Autumn holidays vacation with children – where should we go?" Can only be the answer "Mountains in Austria".

Aaaaber that would be too easy, because it is also worthwhile to spend the autumn holidays with children further south on Lake Garda, because there you combine hiking, mountains and the beauty of the Italian lake.

Lake Garda + autumn holidays = spending holidays with children in the sun

Honestly, you don’t have to fly into the autumn holidays, even if you want to soak up the sun again at the end of the year. Lake Garda is still the perfect travel destination for sun worshipers in autumn between September and November. Only the iron water rats dare to bathe, but it remains sunny and there are fewer thunderstorms than in summer. In addition, you no longer have to wind your way up the mountain roads in long traffic jams, but find easier parking and parking spaces in the towns around Lake Garda. The medieval small towns still invite you with delicious ice cream and in the mountain huts, instead of tourists, the locals now make themselves comfortable with new wine and hot chestnuts. How does that sound? Definitely after an autumn vacation where you spend your vacation with children in the sun – or at least on the sunny side of life.

So much choice, we are already looking forward to the autumn holidays. "Vacation with children, but where to?" Should now no longer be a question for you. If you need more inspiration, check out recommendations for top travel destinations in October. All you have to do is get into your camper and off you go.

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