7 Tips for a relaxed flight with children

The time has come! The vacation is booked, the anticipation increases immeasurably, but there is still a certain unease in the back of the head. Why is that? Maybe because the coming vacation is also the first flight with your children? Such thoughts are normal, but with the right preparation, nothing stands in the way of a stress-free flight. Just stick to mine 7 tips for a relaxed flight with children!

Air travel with children

Tip number 1: stay relaxed!

The most important tip is actually obvious: no matter what happens, it always stays relaxed. Your mood is transferred directly to your child and if you exude calm and sovereignty, your offspring will also notice that. If, on the other hand, you panic on the way to the airport because you are still pondering whether supposedly important things have been forgotten at home, then your child will also feel it. This advice can also be applied to many other things in everyday life with children. But only on the side! &# 128578;

Tip number 2: choose the right luggage!

The classic suitcase has been one of your favorites for luggage? At the latest with a buggy in tow, it could now be difficult to handle! We have therefore replaced a suitcase with a large hiking backpack * and could navigate with the stroller very easily. For the kids I can recommend suitcases from TRUNKI *. Our boys are now pulling each other across the airport!

A wild ride at the airport!

Tip number 3: Hide your fellow travelers!

On our first flight with both children (they were 1 year and 2 years old at the time), we had barely arrived at our seats, when we heard the murmurs of older people behind us.

“Now these children are sitting in front of us, too scream determined throughout the flight. ”

I would have preferred to have exploded briefly at this moment, but that would not have brought me any further. So take a deep breath and ignore other people’s chatter. Small fun fact on the side: The end of the song was, by the way, that our children slept through the entire flight and didn’t give a peep. The same guests, who were previously panicking about our boys, praised us for our dear children when we got out. Typical German! ?

Tip number 4: don’t forget to eat and drink!

Even if the service of most airlines gets worse, you usually get something to drink and at least a small snack. Nevertheless, you should make provisions here and have enough food and drink for your kids. It takes an hour for the on-board service, during which time the little ones should not be left dry! Small fruit tins, in which we have prepared everything bite-sized in advance, have also proven their worth. Please also remember that your children have something to start with. For the little ones you should think of a drinking bottle, for the bigger robbers we have chewing gum, lollipops or sweets in our luggage. This should make aching ears a thing of the past.

Always drink enough before the flight!

Tip number 5: The entertainment program on board

Very important: Your children want to be entertained on the flight! Normally there is only one sandman on television for our boys, with a few exceptions, but we generously ignore this regulation during a flight. It is therefore advisable to purchase a small tablet on which you can download various series or films in advance. Fire tablets * from Amazon, for example, offer a good price-performance ratio.

It is also nice to surprise the children and to conjure up a new book or a new magazine from their hand luggage.

Tip number 6: The right flight times

In the case of package tours in particular, this tip is not always feasible in practice, but if you should have the opportunity, pay a little attention to your flight times. For example, a flight in the morning is nice because you have to get up very early here. On the day of arrival, the children are always a little cranked up due to the excitement, but shortly after the start, tiredness usually prevails. We have usually been lucky with our flight times so far, and it was not uncommon for at least one of the guys to have overslept the entire flight.

A little nap on the plane

Tip number 7: start small!

Sure, there are families who fly around the world with their 6-month-old babies and experience chilled 2-month parental leave down under. And if you want, you can of course also spend 24 hours on the plane. I would not recommend such a project to you! Especially if you think a lot about the first flight with your children in advance, there are more intra-European goals for the premiere. Our first For example, air travel with children took us to Bulgaria. In less than 2 hours we were there and without any stress!

Relaxed at your destination

It doesn’t always have to be a flight, you can also spend relaxing days in Germany. How about the Seepark Auenhain in Markkleeberg, for example? Here is my detailed travel report!


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