9 Tips: overnight stay in a hut with children, mountain worlds

9 tips: overnight stay in a hut with children

Spend the night in a hut with children on the mountain? Sounds stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Riki Daurer recently spent the first time in a hut with her two boys and put together her tips for a perfect child-friendly experience at the hut.

1. Find the right hut

Finding the right hut is not always easy. Tips from friends or restricting the search using the criterion “With children in huts”, as offered by the alpine associations, are helpful here. Important cornerstones of a child-friendly hut include: easy approaches and child-friendly offers (for example: children’s playground, board games, children’s dishes,.).

2. Get weather data

It is mandatory to call up the weather report in advance – even more so if children are involved in the tour. The ascents and descents must be suitable – and fit the weather conditions.

3. Obtain price information

Such a hut experience as a family can quickly turn into money. In contrast to other overnight accommodations, hut prices are not always shown transparently. It is therefore important to find out about accommodation and meals in advance and to ask whether, for example, discounted children’s menus are available. At least at the Alpine Club huts the overnight prices are regulated: Here you will find the corresponding tariffs. In addition, meals and drinks are offered cheaply for members at the Alpine Club huts.

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4. Reserve

It doesn’t work without a reservation. The number of beds in huts is limited, especially since as a family you can quickly reach group size. Especially with children, you cannot simply descend into the valley quickly, so the hut should already be full.

5. Pack correctly

Of course, the backpack also needs to be properly packed without children, but when accompanied by the little ones, it is even more important to have all the essentials packed. The basis of every mountain adventure includes:

  • First aid kit
  • beverages
  • snack
  • change of clothes
  • Torches / Lamp
  • Hygiene products
  • rainwear
  • Additional layer of warm clothing
  • Sleeping bag

6. Timing

A night at the hut is an adventure for children and an organizational challenge for adults. Time plays a decisive role here – and that means above all: start early and plan enough time for boarding.

7. Luggage and time

When planning an overnight stay at the hut, it must be taken into account that the children’s backpack is also heavier than normal. Of course, this is also noticeable in the pace. If an hour is given as the walking time, you can be sure that it will take longer.

8. It’s funnier together

Friendly families with children of the same age increase the experience value – both for the children and (so honest one has to be) for the parents.

9. Plan tours around the hut

The hut alone will usually be enough experience, but a small summit near the hut crowns the adventure. It therefore makes perfect sense to explore some child-friendly tour options in the immediate vicinity beforehand.

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