A few thoughts for Mother’s Day

A few thoughts on Mother’s Day

I’ve been thinking for a long time about writing a post on Klick.Kind for Mother‘s Day. Advertising has been telling us for days that Sunday is Mother’s Day. And you can certainly read enough beautiful texts from other family bloggers for Mother’s Day today. So why another article …

But now I’m sitting here on the train on the way back from the Blogfamilia – an incredibly nice meeting place of many wonderful mothers (and a few fathers) who blog on the net about a wide variety of family issues. And while I click here on my computer through the family photos in Klick.Kind magazine, my heart beats faster. Is the family life still so exhausting, loud and chaotic – in these photos I only see love. The infinite love of mothers who can no longer imagine a life without their children. And this unconditional love of the children, for whom mom and dad are the whole universe. And hopefully stay for a long time.

Of course, everyday life with children is a challenge every day. There are teething troubles on the conveyor belt, never-ending defiance phases and also the daily stress to get work and family under one hat. I know that. I live it every day. And yet they are there: the little daily moments of happiness. Where the little child looks out of bed happily in the morning and the sun rises for you. Where the big child brings out a new word from nothing that drives you and your husband into a marvelous fit of laughter. Where the child takes the first steps, which almost bursts with pride. Where in the evening you lie in bed next to your child, caressing your back a little and realizing that everything does not matter as long as the family is healthy. At the end of the day, we mothers are tired but happy. And thankful. For every kiss. Every smile. Every hug.

And it is precisely from these moments of happiness in your family you should take pictures, no m-s-s-t you! Absolutely! Because if you remember back in time in 20 years, you will hopefully not remember the nights spent and the tantrums. You should remember the little moments of happiness. To this incredible love and warmth.

So damn it, take pictures. Many photos. I do not care if you use a smartphone or SLR camera. At Klick.Kind we want to motivate you to take pictures with the tips and interviews. Inspire you. Inspire for natural and authentic family photos. Which technique you use for it is dizzy.

And please do yourself a favor: Come with yourself on the picture. Give your partner the camera in your hand. Makes selfies. Book a professional family photographer. But be seen as mothers in the photos. That’s so important. You will later be grateful for these precious memories. Promised.

And since I did not really want to write an article, it somehow has not become a proper Mother’s Day article and yet I have already typed 500 words, here’s a last tip from me: Why not make a 365 photo project for you and your family? A photo every day for a year. So you can have Mother’s Day every day for a year by finding and documenting the little moments of happiness of the family. Because for these moments of happiness, there really is no need for chocolates or flowers. Authentic family pictures, on the other hand, are a present for life. The basics of the 365 project we have for you for the article “Why you should do a 365 photography project! With 14 tips for your implementation “already written down. And you’ll find even more inspiration and wonderful family shots on facebook this week. Starting tomorrow, we will be able to show you daily in the context of a 365er facebook week personal reports from various family photographers. So come in and marvel at vivid family photos deep from everyday life and full of little moments of happiness!

And now your phone switches off, goes to your kids and enjoys the little moments of happiness in the family. After all, today is Mother’s Day!

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