A good and affordable dentist in cologne?

A good and affordable dentist in Cologne?

Good and affordable dentist area Cologne?

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Dentists have fixed rates that they use to settle accounts,

You should also know what you want at all.

Incidentally, many things are covered by the health insurance.

You have to reveal what you actually want here.

Good and cheap doesn’t work.

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Dental Auxiliary Dental Care?

I read that Dentolo offers this insurance. 2 times 70% reimbursement for PZR at a dentist .. Plastic fillings cheaper .. Does anyone have experience with it? PZR is partly quite expensive.

Dentist Dr. Z – cheaper dentures – who has experience with Dr. Z?

For many years there have been dental practices Dr. Z. They offer cheap dentures. Who has had experience with it??

Hello, can someone in the Upper Bavaria area recommend a good dental implant dentist that is affordable?

I need min. 5 implants, and I’m only a patient with the technician, i.e. almost everything has to be paid for by myself.

When does a dentist recognize whether you smoke?

I am 13 years old and smoke a few cigarette butts every day for about 2 months. I have to go to the dentist in a week and my mother comes with me to the room too. Since the obligation to maintain confidentiality does not help much. Will he recognize it? And do you think he speaks to me in front of my mother? Are there any excuses or something??

Thanks in advance

In which fitness studio in Cologne are courses and fitness training for senior citizens offered??

My parents are 62 years old and still want to do sports. Coming from the Cologne area, can the athletes say in which fitness studio special courses and training programs for senior citizens are offered? So far we have searched in vain. Thank you and a nice weekend :-)

Brushing teeth before the dentist appointment IN practice?

I just made an appointment with my dentist after work because of a huge toothache.

Now I do not live here (but I have my standard dentist here) and want to brush my teeth beforehand, I can usually do that in practice, is there such a room and the utensils provided or do I need to quickly get in Buy everything in the city and scrub again here in the office?! ^^

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Heyo :)
So I would like to have a helix stuck. Does anyone have experience with it and can tell me how it is with the pain and what I have to consider and so? :) and does anyone know a good and trustworthy piercer in the Cologne area? :)
Thank you in advance:)

I have a big problem that I’ve been carrying around for many years. I am missing a piece of my canine in the front of my dentition. Other teeth have already broken off. The problem now is not that I’m afraid of the dentist. With syringes before the treatment, everything is half as wild.

There are two other reasons why I don’t go to the dentist. I’m afraid of the cost. Perhaps dental treatment abroad would be cheaper? The second reason I don’t go to the dentist is that if I opened my mouth I would be totally ashamed. But not in front of the dentist, I would be ashamed of the dental assistants in the first place. I would be totally embarrassed. I would have an enormous sense of shame.

Are there any dental practices that specialize in the patient’s shame? I had also been to a dentist in 2006, but he only did a check and told me that there was a lot to do and insulted me so much that I no longer dared to see a dentist.

Maybe someone can recommend a dentist in Neuss, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Mönchengladbach and surroundings !? I would also like to say the cause of my bad teeth: I have had eating disorders for about 12 years.

Hi there ! After an assessor has determined that my partial dentures have now been incorrectly adjusted or made twice, I have the approval and can have the denture done by another dentist. Who in Cologne, Hürth or Brühl has had good experiences with their dentist who has civilian prices

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