A good night story from the construction site: sleep well, excavator ben! Children chaos

oh how nice it is when you look in his letter chestnut and surprise mail is hidden there for now! That was how I felt yesterday!
And if it then also is a charming children’s book, the joy is twice as great!

This post came from Lingen publishing house, which, to be honest, was previously unknown to me – but I’m always really happy when I meet new publishers!

Especially when I see a cute children’s book when I unpack it, with a title that could not be better suited to my nephew, which is why he will get this book from me in a few days!
As a small, big excavator fan, with exactly the same name as the excavator book hero – Aunt Jenny will collect some plus points again &# 128521;

After the title and the very appealing illustration I wanted to discover the book for myself right away, but I held back!
Because I like to read new children’s books always with the children and so I waited full of excitement until all of my day children arrived at our home.
Sleep well, excavator Ben! (released on August 1, 2016) of Dörte Horn and very appropriately illustrated by Philipp Stampe was planned as an integral part of our morning circle!

On 26 pages A story awaits all small fans of excavators and construction sites!

Bagger Ben, Karla Kran, Rudi Radlader, Kiki the small tipper truck and Willi Walze are 5 friends who shared in the Construction sites Kindergarten go.

Here the youngest feel immediately addressed and show clear interest in the vehicles and what their names are.
If you encounter enough construction sites in everyday life, it is very good if you know all the vehicles by name – I mean, who knows whether we won’t meet Ben, Karla, Rudi, Kiki or Willi ourselves on our next walk?

For me as a construction site expert who is not that big, it is once again good that excavators, rollers, wheel loaders, dump trucks and cranes are presented to me &# 128521;

Of course, in kindergarten you already learn everything you need later as a large construction site vehicle!

And every now and then there are special orders, such as on the day from the voles.

Everyone is involved and everyone helps wherever they can.

Some strength is needed here and there ….

… or perseverance.

In any case, solid cohesion is required!

It is built and built.
Ben, Karla, Rudi, Kiki or Willi are busy!

But what are the friends building??

This will not be revealed here – because the best way to find out for yourself is with your children &# 128512;
In any case, I had to smile heartily &# 128521;

After such a busy day, the construction site kindergarten friends are also very tired and everyone is lovingly put to bed by their parents.
Together with the children they say here all 5 vehicles good night &# 128578;

A kiss here, a nice bedtime song there, and a load of cuddly toys … you can only fall asleep quickly and safely ♥

And of course Ben is covered very tenderly by his dad before it says "Good night, small excavator Ben "!

A consistently successful children’s book for me, which will make small building site and excavator fans from around 2 years of age beat faster!

The soft, friendly and very child-friendly drawings captivate all young readers!
The texts on the pages are short and easy to understand, so that even younger readers from the age of 2 can get their money’s worth and follow the story very well.
Anyway, Ella and my day children were very taken with the book and we have read it several times today &# 128512;
The 5 friends have found 4 new friends from my little world explorers and I guess we can go to a construction site in the near future &# 128521;

The story is very loving, engaging, exciting and entertaining!
I’m really blown away because everything fits in this bedtime story &# 128578;

I also find the idea and implementation with the topic "construction site“Just super-super-great!

A real asset to the bookcase!

Thank you for this wonderful surprise and the free delivery of the cute book! ♥
I was really happy and would really appreciate it if I could discover more adventures from Bagger Ben and his friends in the bookshop in the future!


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