A little story about friendship – friends are like shoes

"I’m not a" good friend "or" friends are like shoes … "

..I don’t like to go shopping, even if the shop is so hip.
..I get bored when I have to listen to an hour for how great the newly purchased furniture is, but because of the delivery time it will not be there at the next demonstration (visit).
I think it’s stupid to have to hear how great others are because they have this or that … although I don’t know them at all.
..I also find it annoying to be scheduled without consulting and without considering my life.
And always just "chewing my ears" with whining, no not my thing, especially not when I said a thousand times that you look good, you have a great partner, you are healthy .. you are not hungry and yours newly acquired house ensures that you do not freeze.
No, I am not a good friend, because I spontaneously come to a coffee, even without new furniture, I call, even for a little hello, I even go shopping with you, but please only if you need something new or are sitting with you in the street cafe, so that we can talk about the people passing by (also called blasphemy)..
No, I’m not a good friend, I’m bored because I am happy and I’m satisfied, I don’t need to shop, I have everything, I don’t need a new facility, I like the old one. I don’t need a girlfriend for entertainment, I have enough … and
that our life is not a pony farm and that the only true friendship can behave like a pack of cream curd: it was just fresh, but suddenly the expiration date has expired and the taste is stale and sour. Quickly go away, what a disappointment, yes, I’ve already experienced that.
We chose our friends ourselves. That makes them precious
It’s almost a bit like with friends from all walks of life with the "Family", only with fewer obligations. The difference is that we can choose them ourselves. Of course, blood is thicker than water, the family cannot be terminated. But: "A loyal friend is worth as much as ten thousand relatives," said the Greek playwright Euripides. Indeed! If the jogging friend calls and already hears after the first sentence that we urgently need to jog to the next bar because we have to discuss one of these delicate hairstyle problems: Then it becomes clear how precious an elective relative is. Treasures are not characterized by the fact that they can endure everything. Sometimes the fragile things are much more valuable. Then you sit there in running shoes in the bar, giggling like a teen – and life is better than any TV series. ..then I’m a good friend …
A saying that I only became aware of with increasing age:

“Friends are like shoes: when you are young, you cannot have enough of them; Later provides you realize that they are always the same with whom you feel comfortable. "
… even without new furniture, without designer clothes, but with lots of laughter, crying and trust.
If you ever feel like you want to run away, come to me !! I won’t stop you, but I will run with you.

Below is a call – we find this topic very important – especially since we have already experienced everything – how have you been, do you have a best friend – or were you disappointed by your best friend in a crisis?

We net women are looking forward to this document and hope that many women will contact us.

Long-time best friends and former best friends wanted for ZDF documentary "37 degrees"

For a TV documentary in the ZDF series 37 degrees, we are looking for women who are ready to talk about their friendship crises in front of the camera.

Close friendships are especially important for women. 92% of women could not imagine doing without their best friend. She is her most important confidante in life. Studies show that friendship keeps you healthy and increases life expectancy. A lack of friendship is a health risk comparable to smoking and significantly more dangerous than obesity or lack of exercise. But what if friendship gets into a crisis or even breaks? There are many things that can shake a friendship with women – from the stroke of fate to a breach of trust. Is it that one of the two has to deal with a life crisis (illness, unemployment, lovesickness or, or) and the other is overwhelmed? Or does one of the two feel neglected, misunderstood, even betrayed? Or do they both start a project together and get to know each other in a completely different way or fail because of that? Or one of the two friends falls in love with her best friend’s husband / boyfriend or ex-husband?

We are looking for long-time best friends whose friendship has or has just passed a great challenge and former best friends whose friendship has broken through. Or you and your best friend have quarreled, you would love to bend it back and change it. Wouldn’t it be worth trying? If you can imagine telling your story on the ZDF program 37 degrees, then please send an email to [email protected].

With this in mind, we wish you Best Friends forever.
and a nice weekend


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