A poem for a child’s birthday brings happiness in no time!

brings children a lot of fun and quickly creates a great atmosphere at every birthday party.
A children’s birthday poem is a very special birthday present for parents and a way to express their love.

Is your son or daughter invited to a children’s birthday party? Then it is nice to write a short, personal poem for the birthday child on a greeting card. So your child’s birthday present stands out from the crowd of presents.

There are also rhymes for birthday games and Verse for greeting cards, place cards and invitation cards.

A poem game for children’s birthday

A short poem for each of the little guests gives the birthday party a very personal touch and is a fun guessing game.
Each child pulls one of the poems out of a hat at the beginning of the celebration. Each poem describes an object or an animal.
You make suitable place cards for the verses. The little guests now have to (maybe with a little help) solve the riddle in the poem and find their suitable place at the table.

This way you have a game right at the beginning of the children’s birthday party that is fun and loosens the mood.
You will see that the children start to thaw very quickly. (Show your card! What are you? Come on, we’ll look for your animal, etc.)

Here are some examples of such place card poems for children’s birthday parties:

Children’s birthday poems as a place card game

I am red and I have four wheels,
do loudly, then everyone hears me.
Feuersnot? I’m already there.
Tatutata, tatütata!

I’m an animal, but have no fur
and it picks quickly when you stroke it.
If someone comes too close to me too quickly,
there is only one ball left.

I used to steam a lot,
drove slowly back and forth,
it went on two tracks
from city to city, from place to place.

I spread beautiful light,
but don’t come too close to me,
because my beautiful, bright glow
can be very hot and burning.

I am lovely and cuddly soft,
Children immediately like me.
My name is Teddy or Pu –
And what is your name?

I have a lot of flowers in spring,
in the summer I have to keep fruit,
in autumn they are ripe and round
and wander – whoosh – in your mouth.

If I’m bad, then I’ll hiss,
make a hump, scratch yourself.
If you scratch me, I’ll purr softly
in my very special way.

I am your friend and make you "wow"
and know burglars very well.
I bite her in the right leg,
then they let the break in be.

Every evening, every day,
they like to lie down on me.
Covers himself very comfortably
and gives rest.

I have two wheels, brake, bell
and some cheeky little rascals
only drives me with one hand –
and doesn’t even think it’s risky.

Am an animal and love the water,
River, sea, pond and lake,
but I don’t like being on land,
it hurts to breathe.

So much for the little guests. But now back to the birthday boy himself.

Children’s birthday poems from adults to children

A child’s birthday poem is a special attention for the child, no matter how beautiful all other gifts may be. A children’s birthday poem gives your child the feeling of being someone special. And that’s exactly what you want to show him or her with it.
You will experience how the poem wants to hear it over and over again, or – if it can – read it yourself. It will be able to memorize his special birthday poem in no time.

How do you like this?

Children’s birthday poem

If you hadn’t come
exactly (x) years ago,
then we would be all over the world
drove from place to place.
We would have looked anywhere
at the North Pole with the bears
and also at the South Pole, where we almost
frozen in the ice.
We would have asked in the jungle
in tigers and giraffes,
whether someone saw you.
And all the cheeky monkeys,
we would have them with applesauce
and bribed raspberry ice cream
and would not have gone home
for many, many weeks.

Fortunately, you saved us that
and you were born.
And that’s what you get from us today
this birthday order!

Of course, a real medal is also required. With a little imagination, you can make it yourself from a beautiful cord, gold paper, and glitter to sprinkle on.

I wrote another poem for a child’s birthday from the perspective of only one parent. But it can be easily modified for both parents. Simply use "we" wherever necessary, that fits just as well. The X at the beginning of course stands for the name of the child, who has to show up so that he feels addressed:

The greatest birthday present

Dear X, I love you so much,
that there are no words for it.
I still want to try it,
in addition to gifts and cakes.

I’m so proud of what you can do,
that you ride a bike, swim, like to sing and dance
and that you are almost always happy!
Without you, I would have missed all of that.

If I consider it right,
are you the greatest birthday present!

We consider the poem by H ildegard Paganetti for the 3rd birthday to be an enrichment for the children’s birthday poems. It was written to a child from an adult perspective.

Although it was written for a 3rd birthday, it fits all children who are not yet in kindergarten. Just off to adjust "the kindergarten" "the school" make and change the year. At the end of the last stanza, you can give the child a fat one "smacker" impress. This pleases (almost) every birthday child!

love .

You are 3 years old today
and pretty clever,
come to kindergarten soon,
this will be a great time.

There you learn to paint, to do handicrafts, to sing,
and you’ll be fine.
So keep growing and thriving,
and stay cheerful every day.

We wish you luck from the bottom of our hearts
and carefree laughter,
You should have the new year of life
always a lot of fun.

You will with everything that matters,
are always close to our hearts,
because you are all over the world
not to be outweighed with gold.

Oh yes, there is still something missing at the end!
You know: the BIRTHDAY KISS!

Short poems for greeting cards & Invitations

If you are looking for a short poem for children’s birthday that fits on a greeting card, you can choose between several:

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!
You know that I really like you.
I brought you something too,
which hopefully is a lot of fun.

It’s your birthday today,
there are a lot of people coming,
they play great games
and bring you a lot-
guess what?
birthday gifts!
Happy Birthday.

Here is a little poem,
I don’t know a bigger one.
And the poem is also small,
it is all alone for you.
Happy Birthday

Finally, a few short verses for a birthday invitation that children are happy to give to their friends beforehand.


My birthday is soon.
I invite you to this.
We want on. around. to celebrate
and you should be there.

I hope you have time,
tell me soon!

There is sure to have been a suitable poem for your child’s birthday.

We look forward to further suggestions and ideas.
Just write to us if you know a child’s birthday poem that can be published here.

If you have written a poem for the children’s birthday, we are also happy to receive it.
Good verses, rhymes and poems about We are happy to accept children’s birthday parties on this page.

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