A relaxed vacation: family vacation by car

Vacation at last! This time, the family is going on vacation by car, and the right 9-seater has already been rented, the destination is set. What you should consider during the trip, we tell you here.

9-seater rental: going on vacation with your car

if you travel by car on vacation, you will enjoy invaluable benefits. You don’t have to stick to any public transport times, you can leave as soon as everything is packed and the kids are in the car. Your vacation will be much less stressful if you don’t have to watch out for five minutes and if you can go to the toilet before you leave (which children always need several times).

You can cope with a 7-seater in everyday life? The car is usually far too small for a vacation, because regardless of whether you are going away for five or ten days, the basic equipment is always the same and it feels like half the household has to travel with you. Now a 9-seater is the perfect solution, it leaves enough room for child and cone, mother-in-law and dog, the usual luggage and the indispensable toys. STARCAR rents out such vehicles and offers families with 9-seaters an unimagined free space.

The nice thing about renting a car: you don’t have to worry about its equipment, it complies with the current traffic regulations. It will not break down halfway because it is checked after each rental and return. Small defects are recognized and repaired. Who would be so careful with their private vehicle when it has been running perfectly so far??

You manage in everyday life with a 7-seater? This usually proves to be much too small for the vacation trip, because no matter if you are only going away for five or ten days. (#01)

you can cope with a 7-seater in everyday life? this usually proves to be far too small for a vacation trip, because regardless of whether you are only going away for five or ten days. (#01)

9-seater rental: choose child-friendly destinations

If you have decided to go on vacation by car, you should also look for easily accessible destinations. Especially popular with families

  • Lake Garda
  • Denmark
  • Baltic Sea
  • North Sea
  • Spain
  • Northern Italy
  • South Tyrol
  • Carinthia

And of course many more destinations within europe. Sweden and Ireland are also easy to reach by car. Tip: if you need a ferry crossing, it’s best to book it in advance. This has the advantage that everything is already arranged on the spot and you can simply join the queue for the ferry. There is no need to buy a ticket. Don’t worry if you don’t arrive at the ferry at the first stated departure time, you can usually just use your ticket for the next ferry. Inquire about this in good time!

not only the journey should be child-friendly, but also the destination. a vacation park usually offers sufficiently large accommodations and is preferred by many families to a hotel. The advantage: you do not need to worry about fixed times at a vacation park, because mostly there is self-catering here. Even the bread service is usually offered. If you are traveling with children, you should also think about keeping them occupied at home.

What to do in bad weather? If you are there by car, you can simply drive to the next town and take advantage of offers that do not necessarily require you and your family to be outdoors. Possibly the resort also offers an indoor playground, swimming pool and sports facilities? Perfect, the best vacation destination is found!

If you use the car from the 9-seater rental, you do not run the risk of overloading the vehicle too quickly, even as a family, because such a car can certainly move a lot! (#02)

If you use the car from the 9-seater rental, you do not run the risk of overloading the vehicle too quickly, even as a family, because such a car can move quite a bit! (#02)

Before the trip: pack your car properly

So that you relaxed travel with the rented 9-seater, this should be packed properly. This includes that you should have important things ready to hand. food for the road, drinks, small games, possibly the baby bottle and the pacifier, household paper (as a rescuer in small and medium disasters in the car), dog food (with bowl) and any medicines should be stored so that you can reach them with a handle.

If you use the car from the 9-seater rental, you do not run the risk of overloading the vehicle too quickly, because such a car can move quite a bit! You are unlikely to exceed the permissible load, but you can be on the safe side by checking the registration. subtract the empty mass indicated there from the total mass and you will know how heavy the luggage can be.

  • Heavy luggage belongs in the trunk and there down, so that it can not become a deadly bullet in a sudden full braking. In addition, the main weight should be on the rear axle of the vehicle.
  • Small parts belong in a box or a container, whereby this can be locked at best. Here you can pack supplies, baby food in a jar, laundry and everything else that has to travel with you on vacation and has been declared indispensable by the children.
  • Use nets and tie-down straps to prevent the load from shifting.
  • Plug small gaps with useful things (toilet paper, tissues, etc).) and you will also prevent slipping.
  • Do not stack your luggage higher than the top of the backrests of the rear seats. Do not pile up to the headrest!

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Plan the trip well

When you get to your vacation without stress once you have packed your 9-seater rental car properly, it is important to plan the route carefully. Enter the destination address in the navi and look around for alternative routes. The route planner on the Internet is a valuable aid here! Avoid large cities where experience shows that traffic jams are likely to occur. If you run into a traffic jam, do not try to avoid it by turning off at the last exit (like most other drivers). the next traffic jam on the highway is already pre-programmed! It is better to sit out the traffic jam literally and keep the children busy in a sensible way.

If the vacation trip lasts longer, even a vehicle from the 9-seater rental can become uncomfortable, at least for the children, who are "tied" to their seat and have much less freedom of movement than you do. It may therefore make sense to start your vacation in the evening and use the night for driving. The little ones then sleep through a large part of the journey and you can travel in a more relaxed manner. But it is important that you get a good night’s sleep a few days beforehand so that you can concentrate on driving. no amount of coffee or energy drink can cancel out the fatigue that threatens you when the other passengers are asleep and you have to sit at the wheel!

The initial planning begins once you have chosen a vehicle from the 9-seater rental. (#03)

The first planning already starts when you have decided on a vehicle from the 9-seater rental service. (#03)

Planning the trip for children

The first planning already begins when you have decided on a vehicle from the 9-seater rental service. If you already now before the question "when are we finally there??"If you don’t feel like answering several times about how far you have to go, you should think of different games for the little ones beforehand. These are of course dependent on the age of the children and whether the little ones can already read.

Still popular, for example, is guessing license plates or forming words from the letters on the license plates. Maybe they play "I pack my suitcase and take with me …" or they decide for a card game. Be sure to think about what you will do with the little ones if they get stuck in a traffic jam, because once the vehicle is stationary, it doesn’t take long for the fussing to start. When packing, think of picture books and stories to listen to. A portable DVD player can also be used to bridge longer journeys and standstill times. What’s more, the kids need something to drink and some light food, because it’s much easier to get through a long drive with a nibble.

Your child gets sick easily? a well-tolerated medication against travel sickness can help, ask your pediatrician for recommendations. Keep a bag handy, because some children get sick all of a sudden. On the highway, they have hardly any chance of avoiding the catastrophe and there can be no talk of a stress-free start to their vacation.

Try everything to keep the child or children happy and plan enough breaks. These are not spent sitting, of course, but running and romping, stretching, squatting, perhaps jumping rope or playing catch. After that, the journey can continue with the car from the 9-seater rental of STARCAR!

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