A trampoline for children in their own garden?

Trampolines for children – what should be considered?

Trampoline for children with safety net

With a trampoline in the garden you make the whole family a joy. Of course, especially the little ones are happy, because trampoline jumping is not only fun, but also challenges children properly. On a suitable trampoline children can let off steam to their heart‘s content and fall in the evening tired but happy to bed. Children benefit from the trampoline jump, because it trains the sense of balance, improves the overall motor skills and strengthens the muscles. An ideal workout, which does not feel like an exhausting sport. Often, a little more will hop out and the kids will enjoy the exercise. Children benefit enormously from a suitable trampoline.

Children’s trampolines are tailored to a lower weight

There are many trampolines on the market, but what should be considered? If you speak of a child trampoline, then this is also suitable for the really young at the age of two to six years. The spring performance of these models is designed for the low weight of children, so that they can jump well. Trampolines for children are built so that they can not jump too high, but still be able to take off. This ensures safe movement and minimizes the risk of injury.

Trampoline: Not without safety net

The second point is the safety net. Without this additional backup, no child trampoline should be purchased. Through the net children can jump on the trampoline without you having to worry. The most common cause of injury when jumping the trampoline is when landing on the edge or outside of the trampoline. The network ensures that this is much less likely. Of course it should be high enough. High-quality children’s trampolines also always have sufficient padding on the edge, regardless of whether it is covered by the safety net or not.
Trampolines for children should also be equipped with a sturdy ladder firmly attached to the trampoline. In addition, the net should be closable with a high-quality zip or Velcro closure, which poses no risk of injury. Always pay attention to the “TÜV Verified Safety Seal” to make sure that it is tested goods.

Adults should use child trampolines wisely

It should also be noted that adults should not jump unrestricted on a child trampoline, as there is often a maximum permissible weight. Dying feathers or torn seams can be the result. So, as a parent, if you go with the child trampoline, you should be careful and reduce the intensity of the jumps.
Many children’s trampolines can also be used indoors. Depending on size and space, you can put it in the house and escape bad weather. Consider, however, depending on the height, the room height.

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