A trip to Krems with children: Tips for the family

We East Austrians know Krems more as a family day trip destination. Always: A trip to the Wachau (mostly Dürnstein) was certainly once a year per family. Nowadays there is so much to see and do in Krems with children that one could easily spend 3 days or more here. Thanks also to NÖ-Card.

The Wachau. A Sunday excursion since time immemorial.

A trip to Krems with the family

(excursion tips)

My standard program in the Wachau so far has been mainly: Dürnstein – Kunsthalle – The visit and the guided tour through the Sandgrube 13 with the NÖ Card and a boat trip. In between I was mostly looking for photo motives and culinary highlights. The latter I have now found (culinary tips for Krems) and once I have even (very briefly) become creatively active in Krems.

Especially the kids don’t have to wait for the ice and the boat trip on a trip to Krems, but can experience something child-friendly beforehand.

By ship at Dürnstein The Mariandl lies lengthwise at Café Wellenspiel

Krems with children: Family tour

  • In addition to the city tour, there is also the night watchman tour through Krems, which can end with a proper snack – if you book it and want to. The night watchman leads either through Krems or through Stein.
  • For tired little legs the slow train in between offers itself.
  • There will be a completely new tour in 2019: “Ship’s man and shady figures in Krems Stein”.

It’s worth looking up

Living in Krems

  • If you stay overnight (I found the Arte Hotel Krems very stylish and pleasant), you can enjoy the local night watchman tour 2 times a week on Fridays until October incl. – that’s sure to reach the kids. (Already tested in the city of Salzburg and during the night walk Waidhofen/Ybbs: …)
  • The Steigenberger Krems is very beautifully situated (with a pool in the vineyard and lots of wellness as well as a roof terrace): Also permitted for the accompanying family dog, in addition there is ingenious afternoon tea time.

Art and Kids in Krems

  • The caricature museum in Krems offers family tours, there is also the “Family Factory” and joint reading “Picture and Book”: all information can be found here on the website of the caricature museum.
  • In the Kunsthalle you can also experience art with the whole family: Book a guided tour.

Art can be fun.

  • Krems and children and lots of time: Whoever brings a lot of time AND lots of interested children with him: The new “city companion “LUST AUF KREMS” – “not only” for children, has become a thick colorful booklet (3.50 Euro) with riddles, action and creative ideas for children on the road in Krems. You should also have it at hand if the adults want to drink a cup of coffee in peace. Or who wants to walk with its Kids times by Krems and have more than 3 minutes attention from them: With this booklet man´s creates perhaps.

  • Very practical also the small booklet “Essen.Kunst.Einkauf”, available at the tourist info or here as download – I like the order. And realistic for day trips and Krems with children.
  • In the museum KREMS (Gozzoburg, Dominican church and above all the underground variant) unfortunately has no explicit child offers inpeto, as far as I know.

  • KunstMeile NEW. The project we talk about in Krems. More about this in my article about Steigenberger Krems: Meanwhile the new Landesgalerie is almost finished.

The inevitable boat trip, which belongs to the Wachau like Mariandl

On my last boat trip through the Wachau I was allowed to take a “break at the river” with Brandner Schifffahrt, a proper snack included. It was a very comfortable trip to Spitz and back – just at the right time after the coffee (in the coffee Wellen.Spiel?), when everyone slowly gets tired from the day trip.

The Brandner Schifffahrt has several offers for families at the same time: once being a mini captain or the family boat trip for a whole, common day on the waves. For father’s day and mother’s day gibt´s still extra Packages.

On the ship of Brandner Schifffahrt

Krems with children and dogs – Ahoy!

Dogs are also guests on board the MS Austria, as we comfortably sail past the well-known towns of Dürnstein, Weißenkirchen and St. Michael. Tired children will surely wake up again on the family trip (April to October): one large pirate ship per child wants to be made up and painted and also a mini-captain’s patent including a visit to the bridge beckons.

I know some small potential guests, who would be awake with the thought “to be captain” immediately again. Shortly before 18 o’clock one is then again back in Krems and then probably enough also for a Sunday trip with family – Krems with children.

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Playground in between for the kids in Krems

  • The family portal Mamilade recommends the playground in the park “Bienengarten” in Krems.
  1. And another cool tip for visitors to Krems: It’s essential to check out the web portal of Pamela Schmatz beforehand – she really whets the appetite for Krems and very special experiences in “her” corner of Lower Austria.

More stories about Krems

During our Blogger trip to Krems we also made the following video:

NOTE: I was invited by Krems Tourism to experience the cultural and culinary highlights in Krems for two days. I would like to thank Arte Hotel Krems and Brandner Schifffahrt for the wonderful experiences. The opinions, views and tips in this article are my own.

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