A vacation day on ruebeins

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Let’s start with the breakfast together
The vacation day at Hof Rüggebein begins with a communal breakfast.

Every child gets its own care horse
Every child who comes to Rüggebein has his own care horse for the duration of his vacation.

The 10 hectare site is available to the horses
The equestrian center has an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares. Here the horses can really live like horses, because they are in the pasture all year round.

Grooming the horses is a matter of course
The right way with the Of course, care also belongs to horses. The children are taught this from scratch. As a matter of course, they do their job with fun and verve.

Get ready to ride
After this work is done, the bridle is put on and the horses are saddled.

Riding in the hall, in the forest or on the pasture
The children are then divided into different groups. Depending on the level of performance, you can ride in the hall or outside in the forest or on the pasture.

Teaching the basic techniques
The basic techniques of riding are taught to beginners in the hall.

Lunch after the morning’s activities
After all the morning’s activities, lunch is just about right. At 1:00 p.m. the food is on the table.

Lunch breaks are usually spent in the rooms
Until 3 p.m. lunch break is announced. The children then usually go to their rooms. There are a total of eight, with the largest rooms being the popular because, of course, the busiest is here.

Spring hours for all saddle festivals
Wednesday morning is then jumping lesson. Here everyone can ride, who are already somewhat stable. The obstacles are of course not yet so high for beginners.

Everything about the ponies
The afternoons are designed with pony itching, pony games, pony rides, pony walks or with a pony circus.

In nice weather in the pool
When the weather is nice, there is the opportunity to cool off and let off steam in our in-house pool.

After the last lesson
After the last lesson, the ponies are brought back to the pasture and the horses are brought to the stables.

Other leisure options in the evening
In the evening, other activities are offered besides riding. For example, night walks and campfires, rallies around Rüggebein, community games.

And goodbye .
When you arrive home safely, you will notice that you have forgotten something – a piece of yourself has remained on Rügen bone. But that’s a good thing, because now you have a reason to come back to us and the horses.


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