A weekend in bayreuth, what can you do there? (Germany)

A weekend in bayreuth, what can you do there? (Germany)

A weekend in Bayreuth, what can you do there?

I am supposed to accompany my husband to Bayreuth for a weekend at the end of November because he has to go to a meeting there. What can you do in Bayreuth at the end of November? Would be grateful for a good tip!

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In addition to the sights already mentioned, the New Palace with the associated courtyard garden, the centrally located city church and the baroque hospital church are also worthwhile. There are also some very interesting and somewhat unusual museums; First of all there is the German Masonic Museum, which is one of the largest Masonic museums in the world. The German Typewriter Museum gives an overview of the development of the typewriter from the first models to the computer age. The 1988 Guinness Book of Records already included Maisel’s brewery and brewing museum – the most extensive beer museum in the world.

A leisurely walk in the courtyard garden would be a very good idea. I lived at the Hofgarten for several years and found it very nice and quiet.

Bayreuth doesn’t have many, but a few very magical highlights, also next to Villa Hügel. That would be the Margravial Opera House in the first place, a very charming baroque building, in which there is also a wonderful tour! Plus the Margravial Residence and the Hermitage.

The Richard Wagner Museum in Haus Wahnfried is interesting and ‘illuminating’ for everyone – for fans and opponents of this difficult character.

The art museum has a very good reputation and maybe one of the special exhibitions at that time.

The ‘Bayreuth Christkindlesmarkt’ starts on November 27th. and runs through the city center.

Bayreuth is always good for a weekend!

Hello Roetli,
You have given some great tips here, especially the Margravial Opera House is fantastically beautiful and actually a must when visiting Bayreuth. May I still draw your attention to a small mistake? The "Villa hill" is in Essen; in Bayreuth it is the Festival Hall on the Green Hill.

Oops – yes of course! Was also a ‘hill’ or stumbling block in my head.

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