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About me

Since 2011 I have been admitted to the world of mothers. Thank you daughter! And because that was not enough for me to be a mother, two girls were born in 2013 and 2016. Our son, who saw the light of day in 2019, concludes the happiness. Since then, I have been experiencing funny, awkward, innocent, open-mouth situations. Thank you recovery course, thank you moms, thanks better-knowing non-moms! (Thank you speech infinitely expandable) about what I may experience since then, I write. And about the naked truth of parenting.
Away with the mother-cliché and the image of the model-mum dictated by the media! Her with more gut feeling and less: “You have to!”
Here writes no “typical” mother, the budget and family throwing left, has model dimensions and casually loosely a career. I love my daughters and I am very proud of them! But I think it’s okay to say “I’m tired! The man is annoying! We argue more often! No, I bake, do handicrafts and do not sing 24 hours a day! Yes, I like fast food and a schnapps in between! ”
But the nice things are not too short. Sweet things I find on the net, helpful tips, other reading values ​​and a lot ♥

Sounds good? Then write me: [email protected]


Dear Jette, All the best for the little ones in your family and for you, especially for the two former Prenzel donors Mearlene and Flori, Bine and Peggy

Ooooooooh very much thanks! That’s nice to read from you.

Dear super mom,

I think your site is beautiful, your photos look very good and make the posts even more attractive and interesting than they already are.
You are a great family and you are great.
Chapeau and all the best for you 5!

Dear jette,
28 ss
I ended up on your blog because I have exactly the same heart stumble I’m only crying worry yesterday at the ginecologist I told him that and told me so I have no thought then some go to the house..
One day I was without these heart problems yesterday evening again for a few seconds I thought I cant call this morning again wanted to call ambulance I am so sc … .. I think I’ll call if it comes again because I already have a child at home I have really scared that something happens to me and he stands alone here&# 128557; I’m so happy when it’s all over

Dear Jette,
I’m just in the mummy-existence with 22-month-old twins and help your words. If I then know that I’m not the only mom who initiates the closing time with a schnapps, that calms me down tremendously :-)
I thank you with a hug from Osnabrück,

I ask myself why damn once again I did not discover your wonderful blog sooner! Keep it up! I’m happy to read many of your articles. You are a great inspiration.

Greetings and all the best
Wishes Janine!

Hello dear Jette,

We met at the Rookhus last year and chewed for a while. Maybe you remember?! I was ALSO the one with the three little racers ;-) Since I just started a blog (https://twineez.wordpress.com/), I would like to talk to you – if you have time & You want …

Love from,

PS: Your article for the start of the summer holidays speaks to me from the soul – very nice written &# 128077;

Dear Jette, I just found your blog!
Find your articles super-nice and happy written.
Since I wanted to know more about you, I read your “about me” and think it a pity,
that you hide your 3rd mouse there ;-) !
All the best, Cornelia

Oha then I have to read that again exactly. At some point you are simply blinded to so many texts &# 128521;

I really like and read your blog, I always wanted to get rid of it.
But now I noticed something I would like to question: is your new logo subtitle “what Jette says” between “what” and “Jette” a blank space too much?

Kind regards!

Hahahaha. Have I already told my website designer. I think there is one too many. And thanks for the praise ❤

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