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Web design agency with method

On one eye designer and web designer, on the other nerd and web developer. That’s head & Pen. This is head & Pin usually no one-man show. We rely on an extensive network of web design freelancers and service providers to provide our customers with everything from a single source.

Webdesign Agency Make complex things simple

head & Stift has already successfully designed and implemented several major web projects. I have as the founder of Kopf & Pen of course always my hand in the game. The advantage for you: A contact person who is always in the picture, where your project is currently. In contrast to large advertising agencies, we rely on short ways and above all on web developers and web design freelancers, whom we trust and with whom we have already implemented many projects.

Webdesign can be an eight-armed octopus these days. Search engine optimization, online marketing, content marketing, explanatory videos and special APIs make the Terrain web design partly unmanageable for the individual. Therefore, we believe that many resources are lost through project communication within a large team. At the head & Pen is different. Depending on the project size and complexity, the team is selected.

So there are also web design projects that we as a web design agency tackle alone – screen design and web programming. For more complex tasks we add individual competencies – but always keep track of the tasks and can assess who is suitable and what workload is needed to accomplish a task. If we can not assess this, we will advise you honestly and openly.

More than just a web design agency And otherwise?

Sure, mind & Stift offers good and exceptional web design. What also plays a big role is Honesty, flexibility and sustainability. We advise honestly – not every customer needs a huge complete solution. We I do not want to sell you anything – at least nothing unnecessary. Sustainable business relationships arise through high quality work and tailored solutions. Short-term financial success is second to us.

Our customers appreciate the open and competent advice. At the same time, web design customers could not be more different: we have already implemented many web solutions, ranging from medium-sized companies to large corporations. Names are not as important to us as communication and cooperation on equal terms.

My Master of Arts degree in the Bauhaus city Dessau (Germany) in the subject Intermedial design as well as my practical experience from the most different internet agencies and advertising agencies shaped my working and thinking as a web designer and as a person. I’ve always been a bit technician or technology enthusiast.

For us that depends layout of websites as well Programming strongly together. Web designers no longer design just for DAS Device today. Rather, it is about the structuring and the optimal display of information. In this respect, web design also has a lot to do with it Information architecture and the underlying concept to do. Web programming is an important tool for the web designer. Even in the concept and design phase, the web designer should be the technical implementation on the various devices in mind.

This is rarely the case with the conventional web designer or screen designer. Only by Experience and conversations with the programmers he can make his screen designs feasible. His experience with the technical implementation is never direct and always dependent on the programmer. Philosophically, it’s like that Cave allegory of Plato: The screendesigner never sees directly the technical implementation possibilities, but must rely here always indirectly on the Webprogrammierer. He only sees Shadow of technical possibilities.

At the head & Pen is different. Webdesign and programming come here from one source. In addition, the latest technical gimmicks can be meaningfully used in the design process.

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