About me: the-pediatrician private, professional and always with a heart

Dr. med. Snježana-Maria Schütt, Specialist in Paediatrics.


For my first name, or rather for its abbreviation, namely Snježi (for that is what everyone calls me – at least anyone who can) I could write whole novels. Even the variety of variants, in which one can bring together and pronounce these six letters, seems almost infinite. In order not to blow up the frame here, just summarized as much:

  • I abstain generously (because I usually have nothing else left) both on the long version as well as on the correct pronunciation and
  • So respond to everything that is being mumbled somehow.

Not Susanne

I have not been generous in this connection so far only once in my life. That was on the day of my church wedding, when the obviously overburdened pastor (who did not come up with the idea of ​​mumbling) asked me if he could call me Susanne ?! Of course, I have nothing against the name Susanne. But to let me trust under a completely different name, then went too far and of course was out of the question. In this context, a tip to all expectant parents who deal with the naming of their child: does not make it too complicated.

My roots

I was born in Essen in 1971, but spent the first five years of my life in beautiful Croatia. The recent story of how I found my way back to the (sold) house of my childhood and met wonderful people there, I’ll tell you here

Since 1999, I am happily married and live with my football crazy “men’s flat share” (husband, two sons and a Labrador) on the beautiful Baltic Sea.

About me – My way to a pediatrician:

Since my heart has always been beating for people in general and for children in particular, I began to study medicine at the university in Lübeck after graduation. Despite the then medical surge and the low prospect of a job in pediatrics, I was not dissuaded from my dream job as a pediatrician. I simply hoped that the situation would change in the long time until the end of my education. And that’s just how it came about: in some areas, a medical jam has become a shortage of doctors.

The study: bright theory in the Vorklinik

With the clear goal in mind, someday sweet, small Wonneproppen, wild pirates, glittering princesses and adventurous teenagers to treat, I began (quite naively) the study. Unfortunately I had to realize relatively quickly that especially the first two years of my studies, the so-called Vorklinik, had so much to do with my wishful thinking, as the name Snježana has in common with the name Susanne … During this time I encountered a lot of subjects in did not belong to my favorite subjects (for example, physics or chemistry). And also the morning anatomy courses (on an empty stomach) did not illuminate my basic mood.

Flight option or flight option:

Parallel to the beginning of my medical studies, I had applied for a second dream job as a pilot at Lufthansa and already passed and passed part of the entrance tests. Just at that time, however, the numbers of the airline fell into a dive. This resulted in a financial shortage and thus a longer training stop for pilots. Often in the hard times of anatomy learning (see here), I thought of a wild-romantic and adventurous idea of ​​pilot training in Arizona, and sometimes wished to think Texas. How good that fate has not let me take off, because now I prefer to watch the aircraft from the ground and occasionally suffer from travel sickness. Two good reasons why I ended up having to become a pediatrician.

The study: practical training in the clinic

Fortunately, the “torture” of the medical Vorklinik eventually came to an end and was replaced by the practical hospital routine. Here I was finally able to learn how all the theoretical preclinical things work in the practice of the human body. And I am still grateful for this knowledge today. After all, you spend your entire life in this one body and it really makes me happy to know how it works and what a marvel it is. Okay, I admit that with the many aches and pains of our cars so far it would have been an advantage to have studied vehicle mechanics. But that’s another topic and maybe it will come into play in my next life. Provided that I do not become a pilot then …

About me – My family:

my man

Already at the beginning of my studies, I got to know and love my husband (at one of the notorious student parties). After the end of our studies we got married and I still think today with great enthusiasm of our great multicultural wedding celebration.

Our boys

Just in time for the completion of my specialist training, I became pregnant. In 2004 and 2007 our two great-great-wonderful boys were born. Despite my professional experience, my own children regularly bring me into situations in which I wonder what I have actually studied. For the family life with children does not always follow the (teaching) plan and sometimes deviates significantly from the learned expertise. At the same time, however, our guys are constantly bringing in a lot of new stuff. Thus, they enrich not only my wealth of experience as a mother, but also as a pediatrician enormously. In principle, they are my personal development coaches. They show me daily that love turns into love.

Life at the sea

Immediately after the birth of our second son we moved from Lübeck to the Baltic Sea. Since then we enjoy our family happiness in a rural setting right on the sea. I love nature in all its forms and feel the life by the sea as a wonderful gift. And if it was just a little bit warmer up here in the north, I would definitely never complain about the weather. Regardless of wind and weather, a very special member of our family takes me outside every day. This is not always comfortable, but it has already brought me many magnificent nature experiences (usually even in the most uncomfortable weather phases).

The “third child”

Although this family member looks like a dog, he is in fact a world-class four-paw footballer. He listens to the name Figo and really just waiting for the top clubs in the Bundesliga to finally get his attention. If he does not care about football, he likes to be in the sea too. Or he controls his food bowl, which (despite his otherwise positive attitude to life) always appears to him half (no, actually!) – EMPTY. How enriching a dog is for a family, I see every day to us and our children. For my husband and me Figo is almost like a third child and for our boys he is much more than “just” a pet. They have always referred to him as their dog brother.

About me – my vocation:

In addition to my family and life by the sea, my work with children makes me happy today. I love to emotionally adjust to these little creatures and see the world with children’s eyes. But it is very convenient that I generally have a lot of nonsense in my head and enjoy life with humor. The scarf I’ve just as often in the neck, as the make-up in the face. And I find that these two qualities have helped me a lot in my professional life. Many little girls actually love my makeup on the face and the wild bullying my mischief in the neck (sometimes vice versa).

My job

Of course, the humor and fumbling around with the little patients is not why she or her parents visit me. However, the “child-remained-sides” of my nature are for me an essential prerequisite for the emotionally challenging and technically complex work of my job.

About me – my passions

Besides my family and my job, there are other passions in my life. Creativity, sociability, photography, the sea in general and the desire to travel in particular. I love reviving old things, making things, making things, photographing, cooking, baking. I love the conviviality and good food. Of course, I prefer the combination of both. I love it when the house is full of life and the table is richly set. To be at home and to have the Baltic Sea on my doorstep, I enjoy as much as traveling and showing our children foreign lands and cultures.

My way to the blog

The inspiring world of blogs opened to me only a few years ago, when I suddenly and unexpectedly landed on a new planet blog in search of ideas for a StarWars birthday party on the Internet.

Family priorities: From the idea to the own blog, however, some years had to go into the country. My children were far too small at that time and too precious the time I wanted to spend with them. In addition to family and job, there was simply no time left to design and maintain a blog. Meanwhile, my boys have become older and I have changed my career. The free space, which resulted from it, I could fill now with new contents.

Blog helper: However, an idea alone is not enough to start a blog. To help a virtual “Wonneproppen” on the world, it requires a very good “midwife”. Who inspired me to the blog, who was next to my family and friends, with help and advice to the side and who has drawn the enchanting illustrations for the blog, you can find out here.

“My blog baby”

In the meantime, the blog is the perfect combination of all the things I love and the unique ability to reconcile everything. Here I can pass on part of my pediatrician knowledge in the “Consultation” and thus perhaps indirectly answer one or the other question in the minds of concerned parents. “Consultation” in this context means: I’m talking about a specific medical topic or about “heart stuff”. With the help of the blog, I can provide you with delicious, fast and healthy recipe ideas and treat your craft fever with easy-peasy crafting instructions. When wanderlusting, I’ll make you a recipe for travel and send you to beautiful and family-friendly places. And if you need a fresh sea breeze, you can treat yourself under the Baltic Sea moments a little “vacation for the eyes“. My goal is to create a virtual space where parents can find different ideas or themes to make their everyday lives with children easier.

About me – What you can not find on my blog?

Short sentences

Because I was already notorious at school for my “box sets” and “novels”. Many thanks also to Mr. B., my former German teacher. He not only fought bravely through my page-long essays during my schooldays, but was always a positive and motivating companion. In the meantime, he has become a paternal friend for me, who is responsible for ensuring that I remember my school days as very positive.

The possibility of individual advice

Please understand that I can not provide individual or personal advice. Until recently, we physicians were even legally bound to the so-called. Fernbehandlungsverbot. Although this prohibition of the possibility of telemedicine has given way to the aforementioned shortage of physicians, I do not offer this option on my blog.

Discussions about the meaning and meaningfulness of traditional medicine

I pass on my knowledge in the field of paediatrics on this blog in the best possible way and like to collect suggestions for topics, to which I could write a post. No more and no less.

Garbage in the form of illegal content (offensive comments, defamation, etc.). The net and the virtual world are unfortunately full of it. I do not need this garbage in my real life or on my blog and will consequently dispose of it consistently. “A negative mind will never give you a positive life”.


My blog should be first and foremost a place of well-being. No matter if you visit him in the office hours, or with me through distant countries moves. It does not matter if you are working with me, walking on the Baltic Sea, or sitting down with me virtually at the dining table: feel good and welcome.

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