About us

Our day care centre for children is a Catholic institution which is oriented towards the Christian image of man. It is a place open to children, families and people.

The basis of our pedagogical work is the personality of the individual child. We would like to take the Indiv >Bewegungskindergarten into account. The theoretical concept “Movement Kindergarten” is based on the assumption that the human being can only be imagined as a whole: thinking, feeling, acting, perceiving and moving are interconnected activities and influence each other.

Our basic pedagogical idea

The upbringing, education and care of children is first and foremost the right and task of parents. In order to carry out this task, they are entitled to the support of society. We as a Catholic day care centre for children and an active kindergarten therefore see ourselves as a family supporting educational institution and orient ourselves towards the principle of educational partnership.

It is the challenge of the community to give the individual child the space to experience and develop himself/herself in the diversity of the offerings. The child with its needs is in the centre and finds room for its individual development. It determines the play and the daily togetherness.

The development of the self in a child is essentially shaped by the body experiences it makes in the first years of life. Movement experiences can thus be regarded as the basis of the child’s development of identity. Movement is necessary for human development and fulfils various functions.

“Children perceive the world less with their heads, they perceive it above all through their senses, with their bodies.” (Renate room)

In our facility we offer the children a variety of possibilities to try out themselves, to find out their physical limits and to experience perception through all senses. Every day the children have the opportunity to experience a variety of movements:

  • in the movement space (with and without the accompaniment of an educator)
  • in the hall area and on the outdoor area
  • for excursions and parent-child activities
  • at the mini sport badge, the water acclimatization or the movement kindergarten competition

Our day care centre is to be a place of faith, we would like to convey a Christian image of man to the children. We see the work of religious education as a holistic education. By telling biblical stories, we try to connect the children’s situation in life today with this. We live Christian values such as trust, forgiveness and love with the children.

Through different offers we live the Christian faith:

  • Praying before meals
  • Showing picture books and slides
  • conversations
  • Songs and stories
  • Visits to the church
  • common celebration of the church festivals
  • early religious education with our pastor
  • Implementation of the Children’s Bible Week

“Children must learn to play so that they can learn to play.” (Axel Jan Wieland)

For the child, playing is not a “gimmick”, but a serious activity, the meaning of which can be equated with the work of the adult. In play, the child opens up the world, with all its secrets and rules. It tests its abilities and limits. The whole child is always involved in all activities – there is no movement and no play without mental processes and vice versa.

Children need the community to learn from each other. This is where friendships develop and the children support each other. They can learn to deal with failures and express feelings.

Free play has a high priority in our day care facility. In free play, children choose their own play material and play partners. They set their own goals and play tasks, they determine the course and duration of their play themselves. Our facility not only offers the group rooms and adjoining rooms as free play areas. The gymnasium, the corridor area with the niches and the outdoor area are used by the children for their free play.

We also make it possible for children to participate in the child’s portfolio folder, not only in free play. Here, the strengths and abilities of the child are individually discussed >Parent talks . For the welfare of the child it is important to us to maintain a good exchange and a good togetherness with the parents. The registration and admission interview, the individual >educational partnership.

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