Abscess at the po – cause, symptoms, therapy

If you see the pictures of an abscess on the buttocks on the Internet, you will surely sometimes feel different, right? This could be due to the fact that many people go to the doctor very late with an abscess at the bottom because they are ashamed of the pus bag. In general, it should be noted that the proctologist in men as well Women and is not the most popular specialist among children. On this occasion you will also find many pictures on the web with abscesses on the buttocks, some of which look really bad. To prevent this from happening, we would like to ask you to forget the shame if the abscess is present and to obtain the necessary information here so that you know what it means to have an abscess on the butt.

Causes of an abscess on the buttocks

An abscess on the butt is usually a “pus bag” or a small “pus bump” that was caused by bacteria. This means that you may have had a scratch or other minor injury, perhaps an imperceptible one, which has been the ideal nutritional value for the bacteria to form pus and an abscess. Even a syringe like the tetanus syringe could be the reason why bacteria have caused an abscess in the open small area, so the causes really vary from case to case.

Symptoms of an abscess on the buttocks

Do you know the symptoms of an abscess on the buttocks? If not, we of course know how this abscess is noticeable in children, babies or you. Because for many it is initially like a pimple that reacts to pressure and is a small curvature. Then most of those affected find that it is swollen, red and very sensitive to pressure and touch. However, the symptoms also depend on whether your abscess on the buttocks is a superficial one or even an abscess directly under the skin. Because with the latter, an operation may even be necessary in an emergency and with the baby Likewise. But let’s not paint the “devil” on the wall here, but hope for you that it is just a mild inflammation caused by a bacterial infection without you needing surgical treatment.

Treatment of an abscess on the buttocks

First of all, it would always be good to know where you got the abscess from your bottom? Have you recently been scratched on the butt by a cat or other animal? Did the pants chafe too much and leave minor wounds? Bubbles or injections? If you know that, the explanation for an abscess is simple and depending on the extent of the abscess, we recommend an ointment. You can apply this without hesitation and of course try to leave the butt area calm before pressure and further sweat, so that the healing can take place better. Open an abscess on the buttocks yourself? Many do, but we usually advise against it because there is a good chance that you will pierce the abscess on the buttocks that you will introduce more bacteria into the abscess, which can lead to serious problems up to the operation.

Therapy of an abscess on the buttocks

We always advise against wanting to prick an abscess on the buttocks or to express an abscess on the buttocks. Because you have the problem that you can introduce more bacteria into the abscess, which you should avoid. If the abscess bleeds at the bottom, the ointment may have to wait and antibiotics would help. The proctologist is there the right one Doctor to be able to prescribe it, to be able to look at the abscess directly on an outpatient basis and to be able to rule out surgical measures. Antibiotics are one option if the abscess bleeds from the bottom and it is not contagious. However, you still have to be careful that you press the abscess on your buttocks as hard as it is avoidable to get a good cure without surgical measures to cure it.

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