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Accident insurance for children: this is what you need to know

Up until adolescence, many children are characterized by careless and reckless behavior. Parents know that playing can be a bit more turbulent. Falls and minor injuries are therefore not uncommon. As a rule, children quickly recover from their injuries.

But what if a serious accident occurs, possibly even with the child becoming disabled afterwards? If this is not covered by the statutory accident insurance, parents can face considerable financial difficulties due to the accident costs. Accident insurance for children provides financial security in the event of an emergency. Verivox’s insurance comparison enables consumers to find a cheap and powerful tariff.

Statutory accident insurance: when are children insured??

In some cases, children are protected by statutory accident insurance. In principle, children and adolescents are legally insured for accidents that occur in daycare, kindergarten or school. What many parents don’t know: Statutory accident insurance also applies to accidents on the way to and from the respective educational institutions. If a child falls on a bike on the way to school and knocks out one tooth, the statutory accident insurance therefore pays for the costs. However, the legal situation is much less clear if a child takes a detour after school to get home.

Most children get hurt in their free time

Statutory accident insurance covers a number of child accidents, but for the most part it does not work. The reason: most of the children injure themselves in their free time – for example, when they let off steam in the playground or play sports together. Those who want to be financially armed for the possible consequences of such accidents are well advised to take out private accident insurance for children.

What benefits does accident insurance offer?

Accident insurance offers the so-called disability benefit in the event of the insured person’s disability. This benefit is included in every insurance. The disability benefit corresponds to the selected sum insured. This amount is paid in the event of basic disability. If the so-called progression is agreed, the amount paid out increases depending on the degree of disability. The degree of disability is determined on the basis of the membership fee. Membership tax rates various events, such as the loss of a leg, as a percentage.

When does accident insurance make sense for your child??

It is up to parents to what extent they want to protect themselves against the consequences of an accident involving their children. So it is important to weigh financial security against the costs of child accident insurance. It is particularly useful to take out accident insurance for children, if

  • the child is engaged in dangerous sports such as horse riding or ice hockey,
  • the child is very active and is more likely to sustain injuries when playing,
  • there are no higher financial reserves to cover the accident and follow-up costs.

However, accidents rarely lead to disability. Since accident insurance specifically protects this case in particular, it is certainly not a compulsory insurance for every child.

Are there any additional benefits from child accident insurance??

Many insurers offer a lump sum payment for children when they take out accident insurance. The amount of this payment depends on both the child’s degree of disability and the individually selected sum insured. The other services differ from tariff to tariff. For a small surcharge, a whole range of useful additional benefits can usually be easily integrated into child accident insurance.

Children’s accident insurance: an overview of possible benefits

Depending on the tariff and insurer, it is possible to include other benefits in the insurance cover. Consumers should check the insurance conditions of child accident insurance for any additional benefits before taking out the insurance. Other features include:

  • Lifetime accident pension in the event of disability
  • Rescue costs if rescue of the child is necessary
  • tuition money
  • Coinsurance of infectious diseases, such as those caused by blood poisoning or a tick bite
  • Daily hospital allowance and convalescence allowance
  • One-off payments for serious injuries (e.g. broken bones)
  • Remodeling costs on a property that are necessary due to the restricted mobility of the child
  • Relocation costs to an apartment that meets the needs of the damaged child
  • Cost recovery of cosmetic operations that become necessary due to an accident.

Tips for accident insurance for children

It is important to carefully consider which benefits should be integrated into your child’s accident insurance. Regardless of the tariff chosen, the following points must be observed.

Weigh the amount of insurance well

In addition to the degree of disability of the child damaged by an accident, the agreed amount of the insurance sum determines the lump sum payment. In principle, the lower the sum insured, the lower the premiums to be paid.

It is sensible to choose the amount of the insurance sum in such a way that not only maintenance costs but also any conversion costs can be paid from the expected capital payment. A minimum coverage of at least € 150,000 and a progression of at least 225% is therefore recommended. If the sum is chosen lower, the premiums decrease, but protection in the event of damage is not sufficient. The premium for child accident insurance with sufficient coverage is available for just a few euros a month.

A comparison of tariffs with child accident insurance is worthwhile

Despite the fact that some of the benefits are similar, in some cases the prices differ considerably between the individual accident insurances. It should therefore not be avoided to carry out a tariff comparison before taking out accident insurance for children. Since corresponding contributions have to be paid over many years, even small monthly savings add up to considerable sums over time! To take out accident insurance for your child in the Verivox online calculator, select "Child" or "Pupil" under the Job item.

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