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Orient yourself to independent test results: Here we offer you an overview of tests that consumer magazines such as Stiftung Warentest and Focus Money have carried out. In the search for your optimal tariff, these findings can serve as a practical decision-making aid.

You can also find the tested tariffs in our tariff calculator. So you can compare your favorites directly with each other. After just a few clicks, your calculated offer is ready for online conclusion.

In addition to the test winners presented, you will also find a variety of other tariffs in our online comparison calculator. Deliver to you there also the awarded credit points an orientation on how the respective price-performance ratio should be assessed.

Focus Money: Accident Insurance Test 2017

For Focus Money (issue 10/2017), the analysis agency Franke and Bornberg has a total of 44 tariffs from 44 different insurance companies under the Taken magnifying glass. The agency only compared tariffs in the "top protection" category. The test was split into two parts: Franke and Bornberg tested both accident insurance tariffs for adults and those for children.

Several tariffs, which you can find in our comparison calculator, scored “excellent” or “very good” in the agency rating.

Test result: The top 3 tariffs 2017

Among the tariffs for adults, two were rated "excellent", 13 were rated "very good". In the case of accident insurance for children, 3 tariffs were rated "excellent". The remaining 12 received the grade "very good". Here you will find the top tariffs from Focus Money, which you can also choose from in our tariff calculator.

  • Mutual Insurance Oldenburg (GMO)
    Top VIT (excellent)
  • InterRisk XXL (excellent)
  • Hanse Merkur top protection (very good)
  • Volkswohlbund Easy KomfortPlus (excellent)
  • Mutual Insurance Oldenburg (GMO)
    Top VIT (excellent)
  • Hanse Merkur top protection (excellent)

Further information on accident insurance

Stiftung Warentest: Accident Insurance Test 2015

Stiftung Warentest confirms: "Protection against serious consequences of an accident is important." In October 2015, the foundation tested private accident insurance in the "Finanztest" magazine. Two tariffs, which you can find in our comparison calculator, did very well (1.3 and 1.4) in the test. Many more of our tariffs have also received top marks.

The top 3 providers of the best accident insurance in our comparison calculator at a glance:

Interrisk (very good)
Swiss Life (very good)
Janitos (Good)

The test results confirm: The independent comparison at is worthwhile. "Finanztest" writes that the accident insurance market is flooded with tariffs from the providers. When choosing, it is important to select offers with certain minimum services in order to exclude bad offers from the start. These requirements can You enter it in our comparison calculator immediately and receive offers that are tailored to you.

These tariffs are test winners: Top 10 – also in our comparison calculator

In this table you can see the test winners, which you can also find in our comparison calculator.

insurer tariff test result
InterRisk XXL Maxi tax Very good (1.3)
Swiss Life Primus Plus Very good (1.4)
Janitos-Best Selection Good (1.6)
Hanse Merkur Top Good (1.7)
VHV-Classic (with block Exclusive and Progression 500) Good (1.8)

Our tariff calculator: Compare individually

For an overview of all tariffs in our comparison calculator, simply enter your individual insurance requirements. You can then compare all tariffs and their services.


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