Accident insurance: not a must for everyone

accident insurance

The statutory accident insurance only provides on the way to work and during the activity performed. But much more often accidents occur in the leisure time – be it in sports, in traffic or in the home. In contrast to the statutory accident insurance, the private policy is explicitly designed to compensate for long-term consequences. Shorter timeouts, such as a cruciate ligament rupture, are not covered. The statutory accident insurance aims to rehabilitate people quickly and integrate into their profession. With pension payments between 215 and 675 euros, the livelihood after an accident can not be covered solely by the statutory accident insurance. In addition, the protection covers only a subarea, because it is limited to the professional field. Read more about the differences between private and statutory accident insurance.

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Accident insurance makes sense or not?

Now the question arises whether the legal, incomplete protection should be increased. A common argument against private accident insurance is:Nothing will happen to me“. In fact, it is very unlikely that the body will be seriously affected in the long term after an accident. Only 1.8 percent of all serious disabilities have arisen in Germany as a result of an accident.

Nevertheless, the Confederation of the Insured (BdV) takes the view not to rely on the statistics, but also to include the gravity of the possible injury. For victims, the consequences are not only physically serious – they also extend to financial bankruptcy. Therefore, the country’s largest consumer protection organization advises:

None of us is sure to crash. Therefore, you should make good provision – Federation of insured

Stiftung Warentest considers private provision equally useful:

Protection against serious consequences of accidents is important – Finanztest 10/2015

Here you will find more information on the topic of how useful is an accident insurance?

Accident insurance for children

But is accident insurance really a “reasonable protection for everyone“, as the Association of Insurers, the GDV, writes? Or, certain age groups may also forgo protection?

Accident insurance for adults

For young adults Private provision is particularly recommended: Students are protected by the statutory accident insurance in the library and on the way to the university. But the claims are even lower than for older customers. Similar to older adults However, career starters, students and apprentices should secure themselves as extensively as possible.

The accident insurance does not come up with illnesses. If you want to protect your workforce, accident insurance only protects a small part of your performance. Only one in ten who has to give up his job is affected by an accident. Much more common, however, are mental illness or chronic back and skeletal ailments. Occupational disability insurance covers both accidents and illnesses and is therefore the first choice among consumer advocates. The business magazine Focus-Money takes this view:

Who is in professional life (…) should therefore better resort to a disability insurance (BU) – Focus-Money 4/2016

Also the BdV considers the occupational disability insurance for “priority”. After all, with a separate accident insurance, customers have the advantage that they are not dependent on occupational disability in order to receive benefits.

Occupational disability insurance, on the other hand, only provides for disbursements if the work can only be exercised on a permanent basis by 50 percent. However, not every citizen can afford adequate protection. Craftsmen often pay high surcharges as a price for their occupational risk. People with pre-existing conditions have to expect exclusions or do not receive a BU contract. In such a case, the accident insurance can be an alternative – as a sole substitute, it is not suitable. Rather, accident insurance with other risk coverages in a “multi-risk policy” can offer the greatest possible protection. In addition to the accident pension, such a package often also includes a basic ability, organ and guardian pension.

Accident insurance for seniors

Seniors are considered less responsive and therefore prone to accidents. For this reason, in car insurance they have to pay higher contributions than younger customers. The following applies to accident insurance: Even if senior citizens receive a secure pension and do not have to fear loss of wages, the protection can still be useful.

However, the term is often limited to an age of 70 to 75 years. Retirees should inform themselves here exactly. In addition to the standard accident insurance, there are also special accident insurance for senior citizens. They include so-called assistance services, for example for the conversion of the apartment. But consumer advocates are skeptical and advise themselves to put money aside. The Confederation of insured persons is critical of special accident insurance for senior citizens, because many insurers only pay 50 percent and above. Therefore, the BdV advises:

Special senior accident insurance with assistance services, however, are usually not useful – BdV

By contrast, the NRD believes that accident insurance can be highly recommended – especially for single senior citizens who can not be assured of support from close relatives.

Accident insurance: benefits at a glance

Often consumers with false expectations are taking out accident insurance. What is insured, what is not? Most accident insurers follow the definition of GDV, according to which a customer is entitled to benefits if a customer “by a involuntarily acting on the body from outside suffers damage to health “.

Anyone who stumbles over their own feet while jogging, for example, has no prospect of benefits because the injury is not “from outside”. Someone who deliberately accepts an accident is not “involuntarily” harmed. And if a toe freezes during mountaineering, the injury did not occur “suddenly”.

On the other hand, a collision with a cyclist is secured as a passer-by, because the damage was unforeseen and involuntary, and the force acted on the body from the outside.

The private accident insurance is thus geared to long-term damage. Injuries that are unlikely to be resolved within the next 36 months are considered permanent. As prerequisites for a foreseeable disability, the insurers provide for a one-off capital benefit, which is based on the agreed death penalty. This one-off payment is primarily useful for making the home or car accessible.

In addition there is a monthly pension, which is to guarantee a permanent financial support. It can be used, for example, to …

    To compensate for the loss of salary To be supported in the home by physiotherapy or therapies

In addition to this, the sum of death benefits for the surviving dependents. Here you will find more information about accident insurance benefits.

Limousine tax specifies accident insurance benefits

Payments in private accident insurance are based on the “member tax”. The harder the impairment, the higher the company‘s performance. The GDV defines a level of disability for each failed body function. Through this section of the articulated tax the gradations become clear:

Source: GDV, as of: 2014

Most insurers already provide benefits from a 1% disability benefit. Thus, the accident insurance does not work on the “all or nothing” principle, after the payments are provided only from a certain limit. In the statutory accident insurance, members only receive a pension from a diminished earning capacity of 20 percent. In the case of occupational disability, at least 50 percent of the work done so far must not be exercisable.

Accident insurance Checklist of services

Accident insurance is not the same as accident insurance – the individual insurers set different standards. With the help of our checklist, customers can find out which services they should not give up.

Accident insurance checklist

    Benefits from 1 percent Inval >High insurance sum: Focus-Money advises to cover at least 100,000 euros to 150,000 euros. According to Ökotest, even 200,000 euros should be targeted for children. Demand can be reduced a bit in old age. As a rule of thumb, consumer protection is 6 times the gross annual income. This considers the BdV for 30-year-old customers for appropriate. Further guideline values ​​are 5-fold for 40-year-olds and 4-fold for 50-year-olds. of progression: The heavier the invalid >performance enhancementsVery good insurers expand the definition and, for example, provide benefits if the injury has been caused by an “increased effort”. Thus, some damage, which emanated from the customer, including. Also, disturbances of consciousness, for example caused by alcohol, should be interpreted in favor of the consumer. Likewise, expansions of heart attacks and strokes are useful. Further advantages: Services in case of infections, radiation damage and frostbite and in the rescue of an animal. Death Benefit: Consumer advocates recommend 10,000 euros as a minimum cover for the survivors. The same amount is payable to the customer as an advance payment, if in the first 12 months after the accident an invalid >Worldwide validity useful, but at least EEA (European Economic Area) and USA Unlimited / as long as possible According to the magazine Ökotest many contracts run out at the age of 70 to 75 years. Co-insurance of risky hobbies, for example mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing or horse riding Low benefit cuts for people who know certain pre-existing conditions. If disability benefits, a reduction of 25 percent is acceptable.

On the other hand, there are also contract contents that customers can do without:

    No dynamics: The BdV advises against adjusting the need for inflation and thereby accept rising premiums. After all, less protection is needed anyway in old age. No additional insurance: Consumer advocates agree that the accident insurance should not be coupled to additional insurance such as the pension insurance. For their age, customers should rather provide separately. Transitional benefits and daily sickness benefits can also be waived by customers. No contribution refund: Insurers offer to invest a portion of the contributions to saving – similar to a life insurance policy. As a result, customers should not go out empty-handed, but at least receive their saved capital at the end of the term. However, this model makes the whole policy significantly more expensive. And the benefit is doubtful according to the calculations of Ökotest from January 2016: The magazine called accident insurance with premium refund as “expensive nonsense”. In the best case, the return was 0.76 percent, often made the customers even a minus business.

Accident insurance: costs per year

The costs for the accident insurance are much lower than for an occupational disability insurance. After all, it is unlikely that you will have a serious accident than having to give up your job.

In the low risk group, customers can secure themselves from 10 euros per month if they choose a company that has been rated “good” by Stiftung Warentest. For more expensive rates, the contributions are usually 1.5 times or twice as high. The most favorable is the special accident insurance for children: Until the age of majority, only five to six euros per month for good or very good deals must be planned. The contributions are the same for all “small” customers because the distinction between occupational groups is eliminated.

The different costs can be exemplified by the invoice model of Concordia (tariff P 500 Carefree):

    Low risk group for adults: 14,92 € Monthly contribution High risk group for adults: 25,25 € Monthly contribution for children: 7,25 € monthly fee

The premiums are much cheaper for direct insurers than for companies with a branch network. The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) comes to this conclusion in a study from May 2014. Anyone who wants a local contact person pays an average of 15.42 euros per month for a branch insurer per month. The direct insurers will pay 11.92 euros – after all, a saving of 42 euros per year is possible.

By the way, they pay out about 80 cents to each recipient of every euro that insurers took from all their customers. This is informed by the German Insurance Association (GDV). The association annually compares the rate of damage and costs with contributions received.

Best accident insurance in 2016 in the DISQ test

On behalf of the TV channel n-tv, the German Institute for Service Quality has tested 43 accident insurances. In March 2016, a large gap between recommended offers and defective products becomes clear. 13 insurers did not get over the mark of four. On the other hand, 13 companies scored top marks. This confirms that a comparison of accident insurers is highly advisable. Customers can not only rely on their insurer in case of emergency, but can even save up to two thirds of the costs. A saving of up to 333 euros per year is possible.

For the test, the experts assessed the contract contents and the costs by 50 percent each. Under the microscope were particularly powerful top rates for demanding customers. With a particularly strong price-line ratio, the test winner Interrisk attracted attention. The excellent protection is to have good conditions. In the second-placed Hanse-Merkur, the contributions are also very low compared to the strong performances. The GVO is a little weaker with a very good performance rating, but by far the cheapest provider from the top 3. The premiums are much lower than in the industry average. The price advantage over the most expensive provider is more than 200 euros.

Best accident insurance 2016 at a glance:

  1. Interrisk 93.9 points Concept XXL with standard tax
  2. Hanse-Merkur 91.8 points top protection
  3. GMO 89.9 points Top Vit

Other very good providers:

  • Barmenia
  • Helvetia
  • Janitos
  • Hannoversche
  • VHV
  • Ammerlander V.
  • Inter Lloyd
  • Liability insurance Darmstadt
  • Swiss Life

Accident Insurance Test 2016 at Focus Money

The best accident insurance from the tests of recent months can make the decision for a particular company easier. In 2016, the business magazine Focus-Money presented the first comparison in its issue 4/2016. In cooperation with the rating agency Focus-Money examined the price-performance ratio of over 60 accident insurances. In particular, it was important for the experts to have the best possible protection so that the benefits were weighted at 70 percent. The amount of the contributions made up 30 percent.

The offers in the accident insurance test of Focus-Money grant a 500 percent progression. Adults need to budget for the top three products in the low-risk group between 8.50 and 11 euros per month. In the higher danger group a very good accident insurance costs between 14 and 18 euros. The test winner Interrisk, like the second-placed Hanse Merkur, offers outstanding performances (highest rating grade FFF). Due to the somewhat low contributions, the Interrisk prevails in the competition for the first place. The GMO is a cheaper alternative – their achievements received the second best grade (FF + = very good).

insurer tariff grade costs per month
InterRisk Concept XXL with Standard Taxe Progession 1.4 10 or 18 €
Hanse Merkur Top Protection 1.5 11.33 or 18.42 €
Mutual insurance Oldenburg Accident insurance Top Vit 1.5 8,50 or 13,92 €

In addition to the best accident insurance for adults Focus-Money presents the best products for children. The hedge costs for minors at the three best providers about 5.50 to 6.50 euros per month. The Hanse Merkur takes first place because it offers the most favorable accident insurance for children among the insurers with outstanding benefits.

insurer tariff grade costs per month
Hanse Merkur Top Protection 1.3 5,50 €
Janitos Best Selection Trend 1.5 6.25 €
DOMCURA UV Domcura top protection 1.5 6,33 €

Accident insurance in comparison of Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest found in its test of accident insurance large performance differences. Only five of the 124 tested products awarded the experts the highest mark. The results were published in the financial test 10/2015.

The consumer advocates rated only the benefits, but not the cost of accident insurance. Half of the quality assessment is made up of the capital payments, 40 percent from the insurance conditions and 10 percent from the processing of the applications. All insurers had to meet certain minimum benefits depending on the disability >

    a sum insured of 25,000 euros at 25% 100,000 euros at 50 percent Inval > 500,000 euros with a 100 percent impairment

Like Focus-Money, Stiftung Warentest also awarded the best accident insurance for adults and children. Another parallel between the two tests: the Interrisk takes first place in adult policies. The second-placed Swiss Life even provides for higher capital payments, but can convince less by a consumer-friendly application processing. The SHB stands out in third place with a strong price-performance ratio: The premiums are hardly more expensive in the higher hazard group than in the Interrisk in the low-risk group. In an emergency, however, customers receive less capital than the competition.

Stiftung Warentest: Best accident insurance in the test

insurer tariff grade costs per month
InterRisk P 500 (XXL MaxiTaxe) Very good (1,3) 22.17 or 39.92 €
Swiss Life P 350 (Primus Plus): Very good (1,4) 20,25 or 29,17 €
SHB P 500 (comfort) Very good (1,5) 16.00 or 23.17 €

Stiftung Warentest also gives tips for price-conscious customers. The consumer advocates point to cheap insurance, convincing at least with a good overall rating. HanseMerkur is one of the cheapest providers for both adults and children. The subsequent costs relate to the low hazard group.

Cheap accident insurance for adults:

    Cosmos Direkt: P 500 (base) from 9,75 € per month Hanse Mercury: P 500 (basic) + articulated tax I from 9,83 € Häger: P 500 (compact) from 10 €

In the higher risk group, on the other hand, the GVV makes a lucrative offer. In tariff P 500 (Premium) the difference between the two occupational groups is low. Even craftsmen pay less than 15 euros a month. For many competitors, contributions of more than 20 euros are the rule.

Underage insured persons receive a much better insurance on favorable terms. Two providers stand out particularly strongly from the competition:

Cheapest accident insurance for children:

    Hanse Merkur: P 500 (basic) + articulated tax I for 4,75 € Volkswohl Bund: P 500 / comfort with XL articulated tax for 4,75 €

Accident insurance in the DISQ test 2014

Not only contributions and benefits are relevant when comparing accident insurers. A good service also makes a consumer-friendly offer. The test by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) provides insights into which insurers are particularly customer-oriented. 23 Accident insurers scrutinized the experts of the DISQ for the accident insurers’ test. The comparison on behalf of the television channel n-tv is based 50 percent on the service and to an equal part on the services of insurers. Not only the product quality, but also the amount of the contributions flowed into the evaluation of the services.

Every second accident insurance achieves an excellent or very good rating – the testers, however, only perceive the service as “satisfactory”. The accident insurance test also shows that customers can save a lot of money by making comparisons – up to 62 percent of the premiums were the cheapest provider cheaper than the most expensive insurer. At the time of the test, direct insurers were on average around 3.50 euros cheaper than branch insurers.

However, anyone who attaches great importance to on-site advice is well-insured, according to DISQ at Huk-Coburg. The company offers the best service, which is also expressed in a quick email processing. The benefits are very good for a low contribution. However, Swiss Life and the VHV provide the most extensive protection.

DISQ: Best insurer with branch network

    Huk-Coburg * Axa Swiss Life

Those who prefer a cheap direct insurer need not fear bad advice. The test winner Cosmos Direkt shines with a good service and an informative website. The most powerful is the third-placed HuK24.

DISQ: Best direct insurers

    Cosmos Direct Europe Huk24 *

Change accident insurance and cancel

The accident insurance tests are a good basis to find a suitable provider. In addition, however, it is advisable to compare the accident insurers individually. This is possible with the help of online comparison computers or in conversation with an insurance expert.

Anyone wishing to change their accident insurance must observe a three-month notice period. A change is possible at the beginning of the insurance year. If the accident insurance starts on 1 January, the customer can cancel until the end of September. For example, if the policy was closed on 16 August, the notice must be given in good time by 15 May. The letter must be available to the insurer at this time – a postmark will not be accepted as proof of timely termination.

If the accident insurer increases the contributions without adjusting the benefits, there is a special right of termination. After having been informed by the accident insurer, customers have one month to terminate the contract extraordinarily. The termination becomes effective from the month in which the insured person has to pay the increased contributions for the first time.

Accident insurance:
3.86 of 5 points, based on 7 votes cast.

* HUK tariffs are not represented in our computer

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