Accident insurance test 2019

Around nine million accidents are recorded in Germany every year. In some cases, health problems remain. Financial problems that result from this can be covered by private accident insurance. The expert testing team has subjected the accident protection to a test and comparison and compiled all the necessary information for you.

What is accident insurance??

The test first examines the question of what a accident insurance is at all.

This is a insurance, which protects the consequences of an accident (e.g. acute and long-term mental and physical impairments, mild to severe disability, sometimes even death).

Basically there is in social Security system the legal accident insurance, which, for example, pays for accidents at work or on the way to work. However, the expert testing team looked at the private one in the test accident insurance which closes the legal protection gap. Because while the statutory accident insurance only covers accidents at work, the private one protects accident insurance also reduce the number of accidents that occur in the private sphere (e.g. at home, during leisure time, during sports). It applies – unlike the legal one accident insurance – worldwide. Regardless of the question of guilt, only your own damage or that of the co-insured are covered.

How does accident insurance work??

The private one accident insurance usually covers in addition to the purely medical costs such as primary care, medical treatment and rehabilitation also costs directly related to the accident connection stand. This also includes Patient transport, transitional- and care funds as well as retraining. Also disability pensions and death grants for the Bereaved are paid according to contractual agreements.

To benefit from the accident insurance to get one accident available. This is the case if the insured person has one damage suffered from an external event on the body. in case of a accident report this to your insurer within a period of usually seven days. If consequential damage such as disability then occurs, the doctor treating you will provide you with the appropriate information Certificate for insurance and the contractually agreed amount is paid out.

When and for whom is accident insurance useful??

The test also examined when and for whom a private one accident insurance important is.

Are you also of the assumption that statutory accident insurance is optimal protection in the event of an accident??

But then you are subject to one misconceptions, because that’s only partially the case. Statutory insurance protection only applies to certain groups and only if you work in it or with children in Daycare / Schools an accident occurs. In the event of accidents during leisure, which are loud Bundesanstalt For occupational health and safety and medical care make up the majority, the legal protection applies accident insurance Not.

It is particularly advisable to take out accident insurance for the following groups of people:

  • Freelancers and the self-employed without protection from an accident insurance fund or professional association
  • Housewives who would not receive benefits from statutory accident insurance
  • Children, as there is no protection from statutory insurance, especially when caring for them at home, and their benefits are too low
  • Employees and workers for the time outside of work

The following Examples show you why private accident insurance is so useful:

  • You go on a winter holiday in the mountains and suffer a broken leg while skiing, which leads to a permanent impairment of your walking ability.
  • When playing, your child falls on a sharp branch that hits the eye and permanently or partially affects vision.
  • You are a housewife and fall off the ladder while cleaning the windows. You break several bones, which results in a permanent restriction in everyday life.

In these and many more make you can apply for the benefit.

There are these types of accident insurance

Different types are shown in the test of the numerous accident insurance schemes:

  • statutory accident insurance
  • private accident insurance with premium refund
  • private accident insurance without premium refund
  • Special forms (e.g. occupant accident insurance, occupational accident insurance)

Any of these accident Insurance was tested on their In front- and disadvantage taken a closer look. In addition to the individual options, there are within the private accident prevention also numerous special tariffs (e.g. especially for children or senior citizens).

Statutory accident insurance


  • Benefits in the event of accidents at work and on the way to work as well as occupational diseases that may be excluded under private protection
  • Benefits for accidents that happen to children in day care centers or schools or on the way to / from there
  • Funding is provided through contributions from the companies, and the protection is free of charge for insured persons


  • limited to the professional area only

Private accident insurance with premium refund


  • Accident protection and pension provision in one contract
  • At the end of the term, contributions plus possible interest are paid out


  • high contributions
  • long contract
  • usually lower interest rates than with other investment options

Private accident insurance with no premium refund


  • cheap contributions
  • Disability benefit is paid even if the degree of disability is low
  • Good alternative for anyone who cannot take out occupational disability insurance due to health conditions


  • protects only against the consequences of accidents, not against diseases
  • Depending on the impairment, the sum insured may not be sufficient to maintain the standard of living (an additional accident pension is then recommended)

Special forms: occupant accident and occupational accident insurance

Personal Accident Insurance


  • provides benefits in the event of accidents in which the person responsible has no liability insurance or is fleeing and cannot be determined
  • can compensate for the gap that often arises due to lower insurance coverage abroad
  • if the driver caused the accident himself, he pays for permanent damage


  • General accident insurance includes traffic accidents, so occupant accident insurance causes additional costs

Occupational accident insurance


  • The company pays contributions for employees
  • suitable for freelancers and the self-employed
  • can help you to keep your job despite health impairments (e.g. by reconstruction suitable for the disabled)
  • a good opportunity for employers to retain qualified employees


  • is subject to the individual taxation of each employee as a wage replacement
  • if there is no taxation, the benefits will be taxed later

Which benefits are covered by accident insurance and which are particularly important?

The expert testing team has to in this test accident Insurance the most important services summarized for you.

Immediate benefits for serious injuries

Have a serious accident injury (e.g. paraplegia, amputation, craniocerebral injuries, multiple injuries, second and third degree burns, blindness), then an immediate benefit equal to the contractually agreed insurance paid.

Disability benefits

Inval occurs within a year of the accident >

Benefits in the event of death

The dies insured in the aftermath of accident or within a year after that, the agreed Death benefit paid. The insurer must be informed of the death within a specified period.


In addition to the disability benefit, there will also be a Accident pension payment agreed, you will receive in addition to disability benefit also a monthly pension. The accident pension is particularly useful for children if it is due to the accident can no longer learn and practice a profession.

Transition services

The statement one disability is hardly possible for the doctor immediately after the accident. Will one Transient performance agreed, the time can be bridged until the determination. Payment is made when six months after the accident permanent physical or mental impairments of over 50 percent. Improved transition benefits will be available after just three months impairments paid by 100 percent.

Accident sickness allowance

The Accident sickness allowance According to the test, it is particularly suitable for freelancers and the self-employed to secure loss of earnings.

Accident Hospital Cash

As the name suggests, it will Hospital Cash for each calendar day a stationary medical treatment paid.

recovery of money

Recovery money can only be combined with the Accident Hospital Cash complete and is paid when the full inpatient medical treatment has been successfully completed.

rescue costs

Organized under private law or public law emergency services usually take over after an accident Search, rescue and recovery operations. In an accident insurance salvage costs are usually insured with 2,500 to 5,000 euros. Even transportation to a hospital or a special hospital is also insured. In addition, depending on the tariff, costs for home trip or accommodation accompanying persons and overpass reimbursed in the event of death.

Cosmetic operations

Were the Medical treatments completed, the outer appearance nevertheless look different and are perceived as disturbing. If there is no obligation to compensate others, the Reimbursement up to the specified sum insured by the insurer.

Aid to spa costs

Aid to rehabilitation measures

The rehabilitation measure is based on a accident and the resulting consequences for at least three weeks. According to the conditions Follow-up treatments are not considered rehabilitation. It must also be a medical one proof about the need are provided. The aid is paid regardless of the amount insured.

Additional services

Co-insurance of the following additional benefits is possible for a corresponding additional contribution:

  • Infections (e.g. from insect bites, virus infections such as chickenpox or measles)
  • Health damage due to vaccinations
  • frostbite
  • radiation accidents
  • Food poisoning
  • Choking and drowning under water
  • Poisoning from vapors / gases

These services make sense

As the test shows, there are a variety of possible services. Many of these Features are not mandatory.

Above all, they prove to be useful instant power, the power in the event of disability or death, the accident pension, transitional benefits, daily sickness allowance and daily hospital allowance and rescue costs.

Whether all others Services it is up to you to decide. Are the respective Services automatically included in the insurance cover, then you can options naturally maintained. Is that a more Post combined, carefully weigh up costs and benefits.

Which benefits are not included in the accident insurance?

The bearer of the legal accident insurance work in relation to the entitlement according to clear guidelines.

If there is no specific and also demonstrable connection between the accident and the insured activity, then this does not apply liability by the accident insurance institution.

But what does the test of the expert test team say about the regulations in private accident insurance?

It makes sense in private Area always as comprehensive as possible insurance cover. However, the policyholder’s economic situation also plays a role. This means that risks should be insured as calculably as possible. Nevertheless, there are also private ones Accident insurance exclusions, which can often be found in the general insurance conditions of the providers.

A very obvious exclusion is that causing of health impairments through diseases.

If it comes as a result of illness but to an accident and she is not the only one root cause, the insurance benefit is then reduced by the proportion of the illness.

The insurer is also not obliged to pay benefits in the following cases:

  • Accidents due to impaired consciousness and mental disorders
  • Accidents due to the deliberate commission of a crime by the insured
  • Accidents related to war events (with exceptions)
  • Accidents caused by the driving of aircraft
  • Accidents due to active participation in motorsport events
  • health damage to the intervertebral discs
  • Health impairment due to internal bleeding
  • Health damage caused by infections and poisoning

at war events also exists within a period of seven days insurance cover, if the insured person was surprised by the events or happened to be in crisis areas.

Breach of contract leads to refusal to perform

The test too accident Insurance also shows other reasons for one denial of Service on the part of the insurer.

For example, this is the case if you are facing the insurance false information about the risk circumstances do. If these become known only when claims are made, the insurer can refuse the benefit.

Refusal of performance is also possible if you are a insured Their Duty obligations do not comply. This is the case if, despite the instructions, you do not consult a doctor. In the event of gross negligence, the insurer can also reduction in benefits make.

What does private accident insurance cost??

If you have one comparison of accident Insurance you will quickly find that such insurance does not have to be expensive.

The following factors influence the contribution:

  • Age of the policyholder / insured person
  • Type of professional activity of the policyholder / the insured persons
  • desired services
  • Duration of the insurance contract
  • personal factors such as dangerous hobbies
  • desired additional options
  • Number of all insured people
  • Sum insured for the individual benefits

The test too accident Insurance also shows that the most expensive tariff is not always the best. When making a comparison, you should therefore pay particular attention to the services included.

Tip: Would you like the cost of accident insurance you can use the annual payment method instead of monthly or quarterly and save about five percent. A saving of ten percent is possible if you opt for a 3-year contract instead of a 1-year contract.

This is how the comparison of providers for accident insurance was carried out

Severe physical impairments after one accident can sometimes cause extremely high costs. A private one accident insurance can offer protection against the costs.

But only in one comparison show the actual performance of the respective provider. On comparison should provide information on the following criteria:

High sum insured

The insurance you should compare from accident Insurance attach the highest weight. An important factor for their amount is the usual standard of living. The sum insured should be sufficiently high, five to six times that annual income is recommended as the basic disability sum.


Basically, you should have a tariff with progression choose. In the event of disability, the principal amount increased to a multiple of the agreed basic amount. If there is complete disability, depending on the progression, the insurance increased by the corresponding factor. Since the progression only takes effect from a certain degree of disability and also the progression curves of insurer are different from insurers, you should contact comparison also include several degrees of disability.

limbs tax

For a meaningful comparison plays alongside the progression also the limbs tax a role. This is a table in which the inoperability or the loss of certain parts of the body in relation to the degree of disability is set. After all, there is a big difference between the loss of the little finger and blindness in one eye. The limbs tax can differ significantly depending on the provider and tariff.

Worldwide protection

You travel a lot and spend yours vacation like abroad? Then pay attention in comparison also insists that there is worldwide insurance cover. Statutory accident insurance also pays abroad in the event of an accident context with professional activity, accidents in leisure time do not fall within the scope of their services.

Round-the-clock protection

additional services

Additional services should also not be neglected in a comparison. Rescue costs are usually already insured in many tariffs that insurance should be around 5,000 and at best 10,000 euros. So are search- and rescue operations covered. The takeover of costs for cosmetic treatments, extended deadlines in connection with the determination of the disability by the doctor and their notification as well as the lower participation of illnesses in accidental cases damage are also useful additional modules.

Insurance costs

Last but not least, you should visit the comparison also pay attention to the costs. There is one accident insurance usually not expensive, but the price-performance ratio should fit and of course you have to be able to afford the contribution.

When does accident insurance pay off??

An accident in the leisure or even within your own four walls can cause health damage to the end of your life and the resulting financial worries. However, this applies accidents not the legal one accident insurance and you might face big problems.

The private one accident insurance then jump in Private- and also industrial accidents a – around the clock and also worldwide. A degree is always worthwhile if certain accident risks are to be secured. Especially people who are not within the legal framework accident insurance secured, benefit from private accident insurance.

If you pursue high-risk hobbies in your free time, this is it accident insurance definitely appropriate, although here due to the risks exclusions or at least additional contributions are often possible. The private one accident insurance can also pay off if you are a risky job pursue one Disability insurance but is too expensive for that reason.

You must pay attention to this when taking out accident insurance

Would you like a private one accident insurance complete, then take your time. After all, this should provide adequate financial protection in the event of disability. An in-depth insurance comparison will help you find an optimal one based on your individual situation tailored insurance cover to find.

The following checklist shows you what you do with graduation one accident insurance should note:

Scope of services

Before concluding the contract, check which ones Services Are important to you and what protection you already have. If there is already a life insurance to protect the bereaved, there is none Death benefit necessary. If children are insured or co-insured, you should pay attention to corresponding benefits.


health issues

As a rule, the contract with questions about your health status associated. You should answer all questions truthfully so as not to risk not refusing to perform.

Reporting deadlines in the event of disability

The deadline for that report one accident is limited and starts on its day. Report the accident immediately after it occurs. There is usually a notification period of 15 months for disability. With some tariffs they are registration deadlines also extended if the disability occurs later.

Contract term and payment method

Contracts are generally cheaper if they are paid annually and have a term of three years. Look for appropriate providers.

The seven leading providers of accident insurance

In the test for accident Insurance did that expert testing Team the leading providers for the Insurance looked a little closer. Here is some information to serve you now.

  • AachenMünchener
  • alliance
  • ARAG
  • Basler
  • DEVK
  • InterRisk
  • VHV

Focus Money chose AachenMünchener as the fairest accident insurer in issue 30/2018 and as fairest claims adjuster in the area of ​​accident insurance in issue 05/2019. Even in the morning & Tomorrow’s rating was AachenMünchen’s “Unfall Aktiv” five Stars.

Allianz shows great commitment in accident research and loss prevention. The aim is to develop optimal products that are intended to protect all risks for private and corporate customers. In 2011, Allianz launched so-called modular products that offer protection that can be individually configured.

Allianz Unfallversicherung received several awards. For example, the product “UnfallschutzPlus mit Topschutz” was chosen as the test winner in the magazine “Finanztest” by Stiftung Warentest (issue 10/2018) among 117 tariff offers.

The independent and renowned rating agency Franke Bornberg is also convinced of the tariffs of Allianz Unfallversicherung.

ARAG also offers accident insurance in three different tariffs. The insurance rating of TÜV SAARLAND (edition 06/2019) rates the insurance as “very good”.

In January 2018, Basler’s accident insurance was rated “outstanding” by the independent analysis company ASCORE.

DEVK can also score with its accident insurance. The DEVK accident premium protection was rated “Very Good” by TÜV SAARLAND in June 2018. In the representative insurance market study KUBUS, customers also rated the price-performance ratio as “excellent”..

As a specialist in accident insurance, InterRisk has already received several awards. For example, the rating agency Franke Bornberg named accident insurance "Germany’s best insurance" in April 2019; in the financial test (02/2019) the accident concept XXL could score with the highest rating "Recommended". ASCORE also awarded “6 stars” for the excellent quality of the XXL concept at InterRisk.

In the meantime, the insurance company has of course expanded its product range to include property, liability and accident insurance and would like to offer above-average benefits at affordable prices.

In the financial test of the Stiftung Warentest (issue 10/2018), the “KLASSIK-GARANT accident insurance” was rated “Good (1.9)”.

Online vs. Offline – where is the best place to complete your accident protection?

The image of the serious insurance agent, who comes home and Contract documents at the coffee table filled in and with the signature of the person willing to graduate again, is still in the mind of many people.

Of course, on the subject "Insurance" personal advice is often the key & O. In view of the numerous comparison portals and the insurers, who also offer advice on the phone or in chat, that moves Online store but more and more in focus. While many consumers still want personal contact, online deals are on the rise.

The good thing about Online degree: You can do this right from home, around the clock. You don’t have anyone in your flat leave and not even in the office of the insurance agent drive. Even with more complex and advice-intensive ones Insurance this is now quite straightforward.

Without paperwork but it is also possible in Online store usually not yet: the insurers often send you the contract documents (e.g. health issues) that you have filled out and signed in an already franked form envelope can send back.

Interesting facts about accident insurance

Facts of accident insurance

The origins of the legal accident insurance go back to the 19th century, where under the government Otto von Bismarck, the forerunner of the accident insurance known today, was founded in 1884. This was intended to protect individuals from financial hardship if they lost their ability to work. Accident insurance was therefore an important cornerstone in the social insurance and still does today.

A special under the form is private accident insurance. While the statutory and employer-financed insurance fundamentally applies to occupational accidents, private insurance is voluntary and takes over costs also in the event of accidents in the leisure.

Figures, data and facts about accident insurance

It comes to case of insurance, the private pays accident insurance a lump sum and / or accident pension. Even if the accident occurred abroad and during leisure time.

In principle, accident insurance policies are contracted against one-time payment or current amounts and in contracts with capital and / or pension benefits.

As case of insurance is in private accident insurance viewed the accident. The concept of accident is precisely defined in section 178 (2) sentence 1 VVG.

Accordingly, there is an accident if the insured involuntary damage to health due to an external event.


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