According to allegations: france candidate for eu commission sells shares


The composition of her commission team is not going well for Ursula von der Leyen. Three candidates for the future EU Commission President are on the brink. The nominated French commissioner has now sold his shares – in order to dispel the accusation that there are conflicts of interest with him.

In order to clear up possible conflicts of interest, the nominated French EU Commissioner Thierry Breton sold his shares. In addition, the 64th-years all of his positions in companies and companies, said a spokesman for the future EU Commission chief Ursula von the Leyen on Friday in Brussels. Breton wanted to work with the MEPs in a spirit of trust.

The Justice Committee of the EU Parliament will next Tuesday examine whether there are financial conflicts of interest against Breton as EU Commissioner. Breton was the French Minister of Economy and Finance. Most recently he was managing director of the IT service provider Atos, from 2002 to 2005 he headed the telecommunications giant France Télécom.

The spokesman also announced that there was an agreement between the Leyens and Breton. After that, the Frenchman would not take part in commission decisions that could have financial effects on his companies. As Commissioner, he should be responsible for the internal market.

The nominees from Hungary and Romania will also be examined

On Tuesday, the nominees from Hungary and Romania, Oliver Varhelyi and Adina Valean, will also be examined by the Justice Committee. If there is a green light, all three will have to answer questions on Thursday in the parliamentary committees. France, Hungary and Romania had to propose new candidates because the original nominees had been stopped by parliament.

Von der Leyen is still waiting for a proposal from London, like you Spokesman said. Because of the postponement of Brexit, she wrote to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking one or more candidates to be named. Johnson is due to respond by Monday. A commission spokeswoman said Friday that London has a legal obligation to propose a commissioner. However, due to the new election in the UK on December 12, a quick decision is unlikely.

Before von Leyen can succeed Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU Parliament must vote on her entire team. If she does not have a British representative and if the other three get through on the committees, the vote is scheduled for November 27. Von der Leyen was originally supposed to take office on November 1.


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