Acquaintance and marriage, acquaintance with russian ukrainian women

From my own experience, I have written all reports on the topic of "Russian women and marriage" and with the worldwide work of my agency I try to enable the members to marry a Russian woman.

My name is Marina Fedorova and I am the director of Inter-Mariage (France), agencies that I opened in January 2000.

Inter-Marriage (Inter-Mariage) is an agency with a strong personality that differs significantly from the other marriage agencies.

6 letters – 6 mark for the "Inter-marriage touch" – R.U.S.S.I.N .

1) R ESPECT : We have our own face and our work system, which distinguishes us from the others! The great respect we have russian women We respect those who have the courage and who make the hard decision to live in a foreign country, to get to know new cultures and new traditions. This women are not goods that can be bought. The russian women have individual awareness, character and a lot of life experience.

2) U MGANG WITH OUR CLIENTS: From the beginning, I thought about my members that they have competent advice and a range of services available all the way to their success. Written translation, audio conference, video conference (both with German-Russian interpreter, video films of the female members, help with organizing their travel to Russia, Ukraine or Baltic countries .Administrative advice, a counselor with Russian mother tongue that you can by phone or e-mail Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. etc … in short, everything you need for your future connection with a russian woman will ease

3) SAFETY : My anti-fraud section and the black list indicate which traps should be avoided. Inter-Marriage was and is the first marriage agency worldwide with the "antiscam recommended" trademark. Our candidate file is checked daily. The Russian women, who want to become a member of our agency are checked by strict criteria (personal interview in partner agencies, official documents etc.) and we are of course in Contact with them (thanks in part to our audio and video conference)

4) S EXPERTISE : My agency has nothing to do with "dream factory", on the contrary, it is the only marriage agency that tells the truth about international marriages. Please take my advice in buying and forget the stereotypes of Russian women who only swear by traditional values: (cleaning and bringing up the children …), are not demanding and obedient and who all want to leave their country and the Russian men (who are of course drinkers and mafiosi). Forget all of this! Don’t dream you are not a hero who turns the Russian woman out of a hellish one Life will save! We advise you honestly and seriously. Each of my advisors made this path themselves and the knowledge required mainly from own Experience is gathered. We can help to solve all specific questions and problems properly and in a targeted manner.
Therefore we say briefly: We do what we can – we can do what we do!

5) I NNOVATIVE : Do you want the competence and security of our agency use, but still act flexibly and individually? We also offer that! We will adapt our services to your personal wishes and needs. Find out under the heading "Costs" – "Special".

6) N NATURALITY : Every member of our agency is accepted with heart, feeling and mind. We want to help you find the other quality of life, where you will definitely find yourself new and achieve expected harmony in family, work and personal development. We do not “fake” our work. We always welcome humor and fun! We are the one who shows you a Russian soul, temperament and quality. Naturalness and honesty towards oneself and others is a central characteristic of our holistically oriented work.

If someone has a successful relationship with a Russian girl wishes without being exploited or wasting pointless time with dubious ads on the Internet or in the newspaper.


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