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Actions for children


adventure tours

We offer guided tours for kiga groups and school classes from Monday to Friday.

Cost: € 2 per nose (minimum € 40)
Duration: about 1.5 hours

Register early due to the huge demand! 07231/39 33 28

Children’s birthday parties, of course …

How about an animal natural children’s birthday in the wildlife park?

The children are our keepers on this special day. Together with the children, we are on a feed round. In addition to many discoveries, we also do nonsense.

The mini animal keepers learn in a playful way and are allowed to do things that they most likely have never done before. Or have you ever smooched an elk or shot a blowgun?

Cost: € 70 flat rate
Duration: approx. 2.0 hours
Age: from 7 years

When: only Mondays to Fridays

For 5 and 6 year old children we offer a shortened tour for € 50. Duration about 1.5 hours.

If you want to finish the children’s birthday with us, you can rent our nature education center (Ewald-Steinle-Haus) for an additional € 10. The wooden house is equipped with toilets, hot plates (with two pots), refrigerator, tables and benches. In the cold season, there is cozy warmth from a Bullerjan wood stove.

If you want to leave the meals for the children to us after the tour, simply contact the Wildparkstüble (07231/42 41 282 or 0171/44 46 681).

Due to the very high demand, we ask for early registration! 07231/39 33 28

Junior Ranger Training

You can become a junior ranger in the wildlife park if you are interested in animals and like to be outside. The training lasts one week and always takes place in the first and last week of the summer vacation. The junior rangers are our auxiliary police officers in the wildlife park. They have the task of educating our visitors if they feed the game park animals incorrectly or if they get lost. The junior rangers also ensure cleanliness in the wildlife park, accompany children’s birthdays and carry them out themselves or are on the go with the zookeepers for feeding or dung in the enclosures.

Cost: € 50 flat rate
Duration: 1 week (always in the first and last week of summer vacation)
Age: 10 to 13 years

Registration: by email. Registrations will always be accepted from January 1st for the upcoming summer holidays. Unfortunately there are no free places for 2019!


Contact wildlife management

Forester Carsten Schwarz

Schoferweg 106
(Postal address)
Tiefenbronnerstrasse 100
(Navigation address)
75175 Pforzheim

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