Activities for children: games, fun and sports

Activities for children: games, fun and sports

Activities for children: games, fun and sports

Organize your and your children’s free time actively: go on excursions or play together. This way you can experience the development of your children up close and strengthen family cohesion. There are many activities for children that support them in their natural development. Children are little explorers. There is something for the little ones to experience and new experiences every day. New insights are added in every development phase: You gradually get to know yourself and your emotions, your body and your fellow human beings. The parents are challenged in these different development phases. They should create incentives and stimulate the children’s spirit of discovery. For example, leave the familiar four walls with your children on a Sunday afternoon and go on a joint excursion into nature. Get some fresh air as a family on a walk through the forest and gather new impressions. The children can move more freely here than in the city and get to know the local flora and fauna. The children’s social behavior should also be trained. Solitary children in particular often have difficulty adapting because they are accustomed to receiving undivided attention. It is therefore advisable to visit crawling groups and children’s clubs before kindergarten. The little ones are interested in playing with their peers from about the fifth month of life.

Sports clubs and mother-child swimming are also good activities for children. In addition to the contact with other children, the focus is on the group idea and the shared experience of sport and exercise. In addition, the children learn about success and defeat and can use this experience for their later development phases. However, be careful not to overwhelm your child with the activities. Two to a maximum of three fixed appointments per week are perfectly sufficient. In the rest of the free time, it is important to let the children “just” play. Children need these quiet seasons in which they process emotions and impressions of everyday life. Just as you review your day in conversation with friends or your partner, children process their experiences while playing. Television and computer games are controversial as children’s activities. It is important that the children are introduced to a moderate, competent use of the media. Establish fixed rules about what can be watched or played and when.

Family leisure: activities with children

In addition to the contact with peers, the time with the family should not be neglected. Many assume that children spend enough time in the family anyway. However, it is not the pure time that is spent with parents, grandparents and siblings that matters, but rather the "quality" of the time used. For example, plan regular activities with the children. This can be trips to the playground, visits to indoor parks or games evenings. The weekends are best for family businesses because both parents are often at home. How about an afternoon of games, for example? Parents can become absolute classics like Uno, Monopoly or Humans. grab and regularly schedule new games. Memory games are very beneficial for the intellectual development of children.

If you want to use the time in a particularly creative way, you can make a memory together with the little ones. All you need is a sheet of cardboard and some pictures and motifs to stick on. Whatever activities with children you want to choose, make sure you have a variety of leisure activities that everyone can enjoy. Play games in one day or go on excursions where the little ones have fun – and the next family days focus on the interests of the older siblings or parents. Every member of the family can enjoy their free time together.

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